Free Shoprunner For Life With American Express

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Free Shoprunner For Life With American Express

ShopRunner provides for free 2nd day shipping and free return shipping to dozens of stores!

HT: bubbles, via DDF

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awesome, thanks. applied biz platinum to current shoprunner account.


Good find. This means I won’t have to pay delivery charges for Domino’s throughout college.


I have Fidelity Rewards Amex. Did not work, said not eligible šŸ™


Shkoiach Reb Daniel


That’s not a real AMEX.


You need to ask for specific shipping every order?


Do you have to use the Amex to shop or is it only to register?


Oh and by the way their server is down

DH Data Recovery

Awesome find Bubbles! Thanks


is there a charge for this?


never mind. thanks dan. got it.


“as long as you keep an eligible American Express Card as your default card in Express Checkout at ShopRunner”
If i always have to pay with AMEX like costco, than I am out!


@jim: it say default card not tht u have to USE the default card


If I have ShopRunner for One year free.. Do I need to sign up again for the Life Time Benefit or it automatically renews?



If you take advantage of this offer, you will lose any other promotional membership you have with them.
If you later are without an AMEX card for whatever reason, you are left with nothing.




Great deal but not worth it to me to keep Amex as the default payment method forever. It just makes it a pain.


Mine is Citi.aadvantage amex card. Will this work?


Cool, thank you.

Bal habus

is there a list of stores which this covers?


thanks done!
can somebody please tell me whats there hit from shoprunner? are they cheap? do they have specials? or?

chana k

Shoprunner competes with amazon prime. When you’re shopping at a store that is a member there’s usually a logo at checkout. sign into your shoprunner account and get 2 day shipping free. and return shipping free.
The member stores are on the shoprunner website.
You need an amex dept as your default, 2-click purchase card. But you can change your method pf payment at the time of purchase and still keep the shoprunner membership.
I signed up an free amex card I expect to keep. At any timie you can change the amex card that is the default to a different amex and it will continue your membership.


when shopping, how do I choose the second day free?

need to go thru shoprunner and miss other points?


No, there’s a signin on shoprunner sites during the checkout process.


Is it just me or is Shoprunner’s selection of merchants unconvincingly feeble.


My Amex Blue card doesn’t seem to be eligible. Don’t know why.

Michael Bel

What effect does having the AMEX as default card on shoprunner account have?

I never shop through the shoprunner account, I just login through the shoprunner link on participating sites. When would this primary card ever be charged? Do I have to have that card listed as the primary card on, for example, my toysrus account?


1. site does not list stores clearly
2. site has bad pictures not suitable for a jewish home, no contact us to report it, but for that alone would not use it
3. when use site, you get better ship maybe, but lose UR mall.

Not worth it.


So I can keep an Amex card as my default card, use another card,and still get the free shipping?


I did a bing seach for and came up with a slew of scam and complaints comments ( and that indicate the free shipping wasn’t always honored and/or free shipping was misleading and there were bogus charges later on their credit cards. FWIW. I still intend to try out shoprunner but I will monitor my credit card carefully afterwards until I am able to determine if the comments are outdated or if just from trolls.


thank you dan! did it and already saved myself quite a lot of money! šŸ™‚ all previous posters, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it…


Thanks dan – I love fitbits and ordered 5, for friends and family…I hope they honor the orders!


Canadian cards not eligible.

At least not my Amex Gold from Canada.