Buy McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013 For $29.99 And Get A $50 Dell eGift Card

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McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013

-This is normally $59.99 and is on sale for $29.99.
-The $50 Promotional eGift Card will arrive 10-20 days after purchase via email and expires 90 days afterwards. You can use the $50 eGift card for computer, accessories, or anything else sold by Dell.
-If product is returned for a refund after the card has been redeemed, the value of the redeemed card will be deducted from the refund amount.

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9 Comments On "Buy McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2013 For $29.99 And Get A $50 Dell eGift Card"

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So basically spend $30 plus tax on anti-virus which you can get for free with AVG or Microsoft, and get $50 in Dell funny money.


Mcaffee is one of the most disliked antivirus softwares out there; compared to Avira or avg which are btw free, mcaffee is known to let viruses and spying software to go undetected, plus it’s a heavy program taking up a lot of unnecessary room on your pc, so unless u need something from dell and would like to get it for 20 bucks cheaper, there’s no reason to purchase it, go for the other ones.


I need an antivirus on my laptop. I looked at avira and avg but they weren’t free. how do I get one of them for free? thanks!
ps: until now I had Norton. are thses just as good? I don’t know too much about this stuff!


Better deal on 2013 mcafee total pro 11.99


How is that better than negative $20??


@dan. It’s called the t’ime value of money’.


I’m very familiar with the time value of money.

If you can make the case for a $12 item to be better than a negative $20 item that will come automatically in 10 days I’m all ears.

Anyway the point here isn’t the software it’s being able to buy a $50 GC for $30.


@dan Aha got ya on the gc forgive me im a bit slow. Is there a way to monetize the GC?


Personal experience heads up – hard to find something you need for 50 on Dell, so unless you KNOW you are going to be buying something within 90 days – beware you might not get your value for your GC.

I found something to buy on the last day, but otherwise, most everything else I needed was cheaper on Amazon or other sites and I would have lost the GC.

The software isn’t worth $30.