AVG Anti-Virus Or Kaspersky Internet Security Software For Free From Newegg After Rebate

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-AVG Anti-Virus 2015
Less $14.99 promo code: EMCANNW43
Less $25 mail in rebate.
Select free shipping and you’ll have effectively paid nothing after rebate.

-Kaspersky Multi-Device Internet Security
Less $34.99 promo code: EMCANNW38
Less $55 mail in rebate.
Select free shipping and you’ll have effectively paid nothing after rebate.

Newegg promo codes can be entered in your cart after typing in your email address.

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24 Comments On "AVG Anti-Virus Or Kaspersky Internet Security Software For Free From Newegg After Rebate"

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Just in time! Thank you!


Warning Message
Sorry, the promo code EMCANNW38 you’ve entered is invalid.


Works for me.
Are you using it for the right product?


do you know the difference between the 2?


EMCANNW38 just worked for me. Thanks dan!


Im not 100% but I think kaspersky is better. So does DanH in the forums http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=3331.msg1078685#msg1078685


Thanks Dan! Got Kaspersky for 5 devices.


BTW still will be charget tax of $3.85, at least in NJ.


Newegg charges sales tax if you’re lucky enough to live in California, New Jersey, or Tennessee.


From my IT experience, AVG is a really low-quality antivirus. Kaspersky is ok if you can get it cheap/free. People who want good free antivirus/antimalware software should download Microsoft Security Essentials (comes built in to Windows 8 and is called “Windows Defender”), and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Between these two, you can be confident that your computer is secure, as long as you practice safe internet habits.


Would you say Kaspersky is better than Avast?


It’s 5 licenses! Would someone care to list one code for me?


I will buy a license…….

David R

This is the version that you can install on Android devices.


Both worked for me. Hope the rebates aren’t trouble.


@Ash: I have done many Newegg / Kaspersky rebates without issue. Just be careful with the paperwork and then patiently await your check.


Kaspersky is based in the Soviet Union I mean Russia….It’s a case of the fox guarding the hen -house.


Awesome find. Once you enter your email address and enter the code given above it takes off $14.99 instantly. Just hoping the mail in rebate works.


I have to agree.
A Russian company will only be loyal as long as it make financial sense. The minute that it will make more financial sense to switch sides, they will.
America on the other hand, I would hope has higher moral/etiquette stander and better regulations.



I was using it for kaspersky. It worked when i used the desktop website, but was receiving the error message on the mobile site.


how do I et the free shipping on newegg I put the “Kaspersky software” in my cart and I registered for newegg account & I put in my zipcode and it only offers me the cheapest shipping as $2.99 where is the free shipping u are talking about that we should select?


its saying EMCANNW38 promo code is no longer valid


You can get 3 pcs for just the 2.99 shipping charge.
Use promo code EMCANNV76
plus the mail-in rebate.

This will subscribe you to newegg promotions.


still waiting for my darn $60 rebate from kaspersky submitted Dec 28, 2014..
expect to have to contact them ..
this doesn’t just come without a hassle