AMEX Small Business Saturday Will Return 11/29/14; 3x Better Than The 2013 Version!

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Making my way through the news that came up over the 73 hour electronic hiatus (the first of of 3 such hiatuses over the next few weeks)…

American Express is a advertiser.

Small Business Saturday 2014 Terms And Conditions

Last year AMEX slashed the Small Business Saturday credit from $25 to $10. This year it will be $30, though it will take 3 swipes per card to get that. My local kosher grocer just gives me their machine at the checkout counter to make my way through my cards. I’ll have to allot triple the time to run through them this year, but at least the store credit will last me three times as long 😀

-You will be able to register your American Express Cards at at 12:00 A.M. MST (Mountain Standard Time) on 11/16/14 until 11:59 P.M. MST on 11/29/14, unless the registration limit is reached sooner.
-Registration is limited.
-Use your registered cards on 11/29/14 to spend $10 or more in a single in-store transaction at a qualifying small business that appears on the Small Business Saturday Map. Online transactions do not qualify.
-You can earn $10 back for up to 3 such $10 transactions for a total of $30 back per card.
-Card Member will receive a one-time $10 statement credit for that transaction from American Express within 90 days after 11/29/14.
-Consumer and small business cards are eligible. Corporate cards are not eligible.
-Bluebird and Serve cards are eligible. Other prepaid cards are not eligible.
-If the qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled, the statement credit may be reversed.

From past years’ experience this should still work with 3rd party AMEX cards like those from Citi, however if for whatever reason you do not get credit automatically getting it manually will be extremely difficult. With AMEX issued cards it’s easy to be credited manually.

As in the past this will also work with primary and secondary cards directly from AMEX, but not with secondary cards from 3rd party issuers like Citi. Of course each card must be registered separately but you are able to use the same email address.  Beware that some people have reported going through a financial review for adding too many additional cardholders to their account.

With just 1 or 2 free additional user cards you can effectively wipe out the annual fee of an excellent card like the Starwood or Everyday Preferred card!

There’s still time to signup for additional cards (and add additional users to each of those cards) to take advantage of this promotion.

Consumer cards include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express
The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express
Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express
TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express

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HT: miles lover, via DDF

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Will it work in Canada with Canadian cards?


Does it have to be swiped? Or can i call it in?


is the delta card eligible ?


I’d assume this is US cards in the US only but correct me if I’m wrong.

Calling in has worked in the past.



@dan your not scared of getting your grocer in trouble from amex by publiczing this


you can swipe your bluebird as a credit card?


So is the SPG Business card (and sub-cards under it) not eligible? How do i know if the card is considered a “small business” account and thus valid or “corporate” card and invalid?


Huh? What are they doing wrong?


It’s eligible.
A corporate card will say “Corporate” on it.


Is the Hilton card part of it


My card only says “Business” on it, guess that means I’m eligible 🙂

Shana Tova BTW 🙂


Can you purchase $30 and just ask the store to put in $10 3 times to meet the spend?


All AMEX consumer and small business cards are eligible.


Of course.


@Dan. Do you know if amex reward cards are eligible?


In the past, I have used my citi branded Amex cards and I have received the credit. Will it not work this year?


Guys, just read the post.


What is tue difference between a preferred and none preferred card ? Or where can I read about it ?

just 1 question

How many additional users make a financial review high risk?
I have 4 amex accounts….


@just 1 question:
There’s no magical number.
Several additional users is no big deal. 99 additional users is going to raise eyebrows.

If you have documented income, an F/R is no big deal anyway.


” Beware that some people have reported going through a financial review for adding too many additional cardholders to their account.”
What’s considered “too many”?


Anyone know of small businesses on the list that offer gcs?


I think it said in the T&C’s that this year there will be an offer in your Amex offers to simply register.


Will this work for Bluebird cards?


Any way to utilize this online, or only in stores?


Should the same merchant be swiping $10, 10.01, & 10.02 ?


See comment 19.

Won’t work for multiple cards.

Read the post.

Read the post.

No, $10×3 per card is fine.


No issue of getting flagged or fraud alerts if its the same amount 3 times in a row ? It was mentioned on DDF during the August mini shop small promo.

ari F

Are purchases of Visa Gift Cards on Amex cards categorized as a cash advance or regular purchase? Thinking of how to spend for sign up bonus. Thanks!


Does the bluebird card need to have money in it?


Going to be in Israel that weekend, do you think this would work swiping my cards with my Amex register while I am there?


Just because something is mentioned on DDF doesn’t mean it’s true.

@ari F:

Of course.

Swiping your cards on your own register sounds like a recipe for disaster.


Dan we need to verifiy if Amex wont require the 3 swipes be in 3 different stores.


No, we don’t.

They didn’t for the August SBS promo and there’s absolutely no indication that they will for this either.


Do you think will work for a few cards on a account usually when you select a offer on one it disappears from the others?


It will work via the registration form just fine as it always has.


Can I also register my Serve Subaccounts?



Ari f

If I don’t have any Amex cards yet and looking to get. Should I start with a 2bm of the Starwood preferred and everyday preferred?


Do I need to have money on my serve account to get the promo? (does it need to charge 1st then refund)?


@Dhud: yes


What’s the fastest way to add additinl card users


Can I add aditinal users without a ss number


Dan, will it work in Israel?



Can you post a reminder to register your card?


I used my 99 additional users Nov 2012, and when I had a financial review they asked me why? I explained them that it’s for small business Saturday, with no problems, after that I used it on Nov 2013 and so far so good!!!




Each swipe costs the merchant more. 3 swipes of $10 eache are more than a single swipe of $30.
This should in no way effect the customer.


@Anonymous So they send you 99 cards for those AU’s??


Dan do u believe anon 99 au story?


Does this work with the platinum delta card?


will this work for AU’s to a Macy’s AMEX cc?


would AU on Macy’s cc work?


@Dan Will it work if i have the merchant type in the card # because i don’t have the physical card? (i.e. my brother has the card with him in Israel.)


Can i add multiple additional users for my bluebird or serve card?
Do i have to load them(since they are debit) separately or i just load the primary account?


@corley: yes


@E: If you believe it or not for this year I already have 250.


I have 85 cards across about 10 accounts betwean me and the wife. Still adding more.


Which Amex cards don’t require SSN to add authorized users?


Mind telling me how to get around the SSN which you obviously have done adding that many? So I go to account management and click on “Apply” which then takes me to add an “Additional Card Member to your account page.” From there they want SSN and DOB with address info. I guess I’m missing something here.


If I’m a business that accepts amex through square up, how do I register to be part of small business Saturday?


it used to be if u called in you could add a card without an ssn. You can still do that, but they now require ssns to activate them, which kind of messes up any plans of mass AU addition.


Starwood Business card allows you to have a maximum of 3 cards with your name on it. So agent added that without a problem. With the others you can add over the phone and he said when activating the users will need to provide info.


Could i add an AU on my account for someone who owns the same type of card on his own?


So is there a way to not have to give the ss on additinal cards ?


How do you swipe your card at local kosher grocery store on Shabbat?


@alle they are open after Shabbos is over.


Amex told me I will need to verify ssn and date of birth for all additional users when activating the cards. is that true?


Any1 know if any of the Bergen County kosher markets will be open on Motzei Shabbos for buying lost of $10 gift cards 🙂

Come on Cedar Market or Grand & Essex you’ll sell thousands of dollars of gift cards if you open on on motzei shabbos SBS.


does a purchase online count?


Received au cards
Can’t create on line Ac without ss no


Can you specify how much “several” AU cards might cause them to do a financial review? I have 20 AU all on 1 account, and want to know how many more I can add before raising red flags.


they are asking me to provide ssn and dob to activate for each of my au. can i just give my ssn or make s/t up or would that be fraud?


what is witz the platinum skymile card ?


does the DOB need to be valid or I can throw a date since they only need it for verification


Anybody know if you have to create separate logins for each AU before you do the AMEX Small Business Sat.? tia


do blue bird sub accounts work?


Hi Dan, I have a Chabad House. Will I be able to charge cards through my website? On amex it says only in-store. Thank you

the dan fan

How many aus can I put on a new business account with out trigering a fr?
When would the fr take effect at the time of applying or at a diffrent time?


Hi dan will a fidelipay or a americard link from a small buisness work, it worked last year any difference this year?


registered 2 cards
did square 3x, got 3 emails
did amazon payments 3x different card, no emails


I am in HI . Will SBS end at 12 am HI or MST?

y k

whats doing with this year small buisness Saterday?