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I posted back in August about the opportunity to get Windows 7 Ultimate edition for free by attending a Microsoft event.

This past week my wife and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Microsoft event in Cleveland.  As the NYC and LA events are coming up I figured that a short post about what happens might be helpful.

We had registered for the afternoon event.  The event was scheduled to run from 1:15pm-4:45pm and registration was open from 11:35am-1:55pm.  We showed up at about 1:30pm and got a bag of “goodies” along with a survey that had to be completed and a coupon redeemable for a copy of Windows 7 after the event.

There were a few different presentations available, but it was plainly obvious by the monotone drone of the presenters that this was no Apple event…

There were a good number of people seen taking the side exits to return when they could pick up their copy of Windows 7

We were able to get our copies at about 3:15pm with just a bit of cajoling.  Only the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate was available on the spot, so they signed me up to receive the 64-bit version (A faster version of windows which can recognize more RAM than the traditional 32-bit, but is not compatible with some older programs) within a few weeks.

If anyone else wants to share their experiences or is going to an upcoming event feel free to post a comment!

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Dan, 64-bit Windows is not necessarily any faster than 32-bit. It could actually be slower. It depends on the hardware you have and the programs you run. Having said that, if your processor is 64-bit capable and you have at least 4 GB of RAM, I would typically recommend going with 64-bit Windows.

One big exception is if you have an older Palm OS handheld; Palm refuses to release 64-bit drivers for its Palms so the only way to sync is through Bluetooth, if you’re up to doing that workaround.

As for compatibility with older programs, you can download the free (32-bit) Windows XP Mode (virtual machine), from Microsoft. It is really neat and should allay most any incompatibility concern as many programs are already native 64-bit, while the vast majority of the remaining programs can run just fine in 64-bit Windows. XP Mode is available for Vista Business and above (including Ultimate that is given out at the show).


My laptop has a C2D 2.4Ghz/4GB RAM with Vista 64-bit. It runs very nicely.

I do have to use bluetooth to sync my Centro, but it’s not that big of a deal. Interestingly enough dial-up networking works just fine via USB with the Centro.


I Have been running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on my pc for the last month and it much faster then windows vista I must say and more stable it’s basicly vista sp2!


Yes! I went to the event in NY on Tuesday and stayed the gosh darn whole time! I was never at such a more boring presentation in my whole life (at least, I don’t recall any others that were this boring).

Got my Win 7! Not sure which computer I’m gonna put it on yet. Too bad the Server 2008 R2 is only a 180-day trial.

But, all in all, it was a nice gesture on MMicrosoft’s part to give away the free copies…

Thanks, Dan, for posting the event!


i was there as well.
Pretty boring presentation, I picked Windows 7 track.
Got 32 bit win7 DVD. Asked for 64 bit but they told me that I have to surrender my 32 bit DVD , then fill out the form and within 30-45 days I’ll get 64 bit version by mail.
So decided to keep 32 bit Win7.

Oh also , they were giving away new Xbox 360. and one guy who was sitting in the 7th row from the bottom and on the 7th seats from left got it. SO GOOD LUCK 🙂 !


Is it 2 late to sign up for 1 of the events? When I try to reg on ur site, the frame freezes up.