Now Live: Get One Free Small Slurpee Via The 7-Eleven App This Month

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Update: This offer is alive again for July 2021!

Originally posted 7/1/20.

Since 2005 we have been posting about free slurpee day on 7/11.

For the first time, free slurpee day has been cancelled this year to avoid crowding in stores.

But 7-Eleven is still offering a free Small slurpee valid for the entire month of July for registered accounts in the 7-Eleven app. Limit of one free slurpee per registered account.

The free Slurpee coupon will appear in the app in July.

You can download the app and register for an account here:

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Would this work with Postmates?


A slurpee, via Postmates? Umm…. I don’t think so… Unless you want a luke-warm melted slurpee

Canadian Fellow

So whereas before I could take my kids and get them each a free slurpee now I can’t?


I know capitalism is the worst, go socialism. 🙂


You can make an account here

You need a phone number and email address per person, but you can use Google voice if your kids don’t each have their own cell phone.

At checkout you just type in the phone number or you can pick up a 7REWARDS card in store and link it to your account.

You might have to log into your account online to check that the free slurpee coupon was added to your account before you head to the store.


And if I listen to the gedolim and dont have a smartphone…?


get a taged phone


Ok, thank you.
So i should get a phone tagged regardless of the fact that I could get past TAG in 3secs?


No smartphone is no smartphone….i dont compromise on my values for $$$


Nu nu. So you can buy a Slurpee

Certified Financial Planner

How many free Slurpee do you need to accumulate before your smartphone starts saving you money?


You can make an account here
All you need is an email address and a Phone number.

You use your phone number at checkout.

That is what I did/do because I don’t have a smartphone either.


Ok, thank you


Or you could actually buy one.


in israel my birthday is 7/11!

Liam K. Nuj

Is that July 11 or November 7 ?


I don’t know the situation anywhere else but in Baltimore the StarK issued a notice that because of coronavirus supply disruptions they could only guarantee the kashrus of select 7/11 and Royal Farm stores and otherwise checking the boxes of syrup for hechsher. Just a heads up


Does this combine with the 800 points on slurpee purchase?


If you sign up with the app and use promotion code: A1WEHJ you get a bonus 1000 rewards points.


Can’t bring the entire class/camp using the app


Showing me small size slurpee only


I was purchading six slurpees and they allowed four free slurpees on one account after scanning the barcode.
This seems to be good for four slurpees if being bought together.