25 Free Hertz Points

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Update: Hertz has updated their expiration policy to require points to be earned or redeemed on a rental every 24 months, other activity no longer qualifies. This change was made at some point between 11/13/15 and 11/20/15.

Register for the Hertz Winter Promo here and you’ll instantly be awarded with 25 points.

Just register, logout, and log back in again and your point balance will be 25 points higher than it was previously.

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Please note that Hertz requires actual rental activity to extend the points expiration date–promotion points will not extend it. I know this because I previously signed up for a promotion and still had my points in my account expire shortly thereafter. I called Hertz and was told by a number of reps that only rental activity extends the expiration date. It took many phone calls and an appeal to a manager to have them make an exception and reinstate my points.


Missed the HT by 2 min!


Indeed, looks like their terms were updated in mid-November, thanks.


Thanks! Worked for me.


Now we need to see what canceling will do


Any way to see my hertz account number on the mobile site?


Even if I’m not a hertz member yet I’ll get the points?


will points transfer to spouse acct avoid expiration?


If i had previous reservations reserved for dates in the bonus period, do I need to rebook or will I get credit once I pickup and return?

Itcha Mayer

FYI- I just tried to register. It was rejected because the promotion is only open to US citizens- but I am a US citizen! I contacted customer service and they said there is a glitch with the email link to this promotion. If you get this response contact CS and they will register you over the phone or via chat.


do hertz points transfer to any cc? or other frequent flyer program?


I also ran into this issue a couple of months ago. It took several phone calls of pointing out that I had satisfied their publicly available T&Cs before they reinstated my points.


I also had Hertz delete points prior to November even though I “earned” points through an online promotion.


@Anonymous: to exchange Hertz points for airlines, Amtrak or Hotels, log in to your account and select “MY ACCOUNT” next to your name. From the drop down box, click on “USE MY POINTS”. You then see 6 options, and at the end, the option to Exchange my points. (I’ve used it to get a few extra Delta miles).