Goodbye LeBron And Thanks For The Memories

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LeBron James has signed a 4 year max contract with the LA Lakers.

There won’t be any jersey burning in Cleveland this time around. LeBron did what he promised to do, he came home and brought a championship home to Cleveland.

LeBron and I were both born in Northeast Ohio in late 1984. I’m thrilled that I was able to use my miles to fly out to San Francisco with my brother JJ and watch the Cavs win Cleveland’s only major sports championship in my lifetime.

I wrote about my history with my love of sports in this post as the Cavs were on the cusp of victory in this post.

And then I wrote about the unforgettable experience of flying to San Francisco for game 7 in this post.

We had the time of our lives and I have nothing but gratitude for what he was able to accomplish with so little to work with. I’m sad that he’s moved on, but I can surely understand why he feels the need to do so.

But nothing can take away the good times we had in June 2016:

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Be still my beating heart… #LetsDoThis #LetsGoCavs #AllInCLE #Allin216

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#WeAreTheChampions #AllInCLE #Allin216

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Still seems surreal. #Allin216 #AllInCLE

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I went to the parade in downtown Cleveland with my grandfather and my son. What an amazing sight to see!

So long LeBron and best of luck. You’ll need it now that you’re playing in the West.

It’s great to see that this decision was posted with class on Instagram rather than how it was handled last time.


Now, when can we start talking about tanking to land your son Bronny? And will you come back to #TheLand to finish your career playing with him?

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Grown men still cheer for sports players and teams? I thought that ends at 12


Dan is the nicest person I’ve ever met online – handles everything with class and honesty. Why do people feel the need to criticize his posts (especially something as harmless and mundane as this one)?


Shilon your kidding right? Turn on a game 45k fans. Maybe 500 kids


Not necessary Shilow


Is this some sort of joke? Motzei Shiva Asar B’Tamuz, you have nothing better to mourn, then to write a whole post of utter stupidity at best? Really? Do you think the Rebbe would be proud?


Hey ‘Shock’ do you think Hashem is proud of you for spewing hatred and vitriol against a fellow Jew during the three weeks?


He didn’t read that Rambam where it says that hocheiach tochiach and speaking the emes don’t apply during the three weeks. Or whenever some random guy named “yehudah” wants to suck up to the blog-meister.


Reb Yid: Rambam allows public embarrassment as the FIRST step in Hocheiach tochiach? Wouldn’t he have expected that the first step be to contact the person privately? (Perhaps Shock did so; I have no idea. But just in case, Reb Yid and Shock, here are the relevant halachos from Rambam De’os 6:7,8)

7. It is a mitzvah for a person who sees that his fellow Jew has sinned or is following an improper path [to attempt] to correct his behavior and to inform him that he is causing himself a loss by his evil deeds as [Leviticus 19:17] states: “You shall surely admonish your colleague.”

A person who rebukes a colleague – whether because of a [wrong committed] against him or because of a matter between his colleague and God – should rebuke him privately. He should speak to him patiently and gently, informing him that he is only making these statements for his colleague’s own welfare, to allow him to merit the life of the world to come.

If he accepts [the rebuke], it is good; if not, he should rebuke him a second and third time. Indeed, one is obligated to rebuke a colleague who does wrong until the latter strikes him and tells him: “I will not listen.”

Whoever has the possibility of rebuking [sinners] and fails to do so is considered responsible for that sin, for he had the opportunity to rebuke the [sinners].

8. At first, a person who admonishes a colleague should not speak to him harshly until he becomes embarrassed as [Leviticus 19:17] states: “[You should]… not bear a sin because of him.” This is what our Sages said: Should you rebuke him to the point that his face changes [color]? The Torah states: “[You should]… not bear a sin because of him.”

From this, [we learn that] it is forbidden for a person to embarrass a [fellow] Jew. How much more so [is it forbidden to embarrass him] in public. Even though a person who embarrasses a colleague is not [liable for] lashes on account of him, it is a great sin. Our Sages said: “A person who embarrasses a colleague in public does not have a share in the world to come.”

Therefore, a person should be careful not to embarrass a colleague – whether of great or lesser stature – in public, and not to call him a name which embarrasses him or to relate a matter that brings him shame in his presence.

When does the above apply? In regard to matters between one man and another. However, in regard to spiritual matters, if [a transgressor] does not repent [after being admonished] in private, he may be put to shame in public and his sin may be publicized. He may be subjected to abuse, scorn, and curses until he repents, as was the practice of all the prophets of Israel.


Can you get off your high horse. This is not COL or some other community site. This is Dan’s website, if you don’t like his posts don’t go on. You come on for his deals and then criticise him publically, not nice and not in the spirit of the 3 weeks. You owe him an apology.


Websites don’t work that way. It’s legit to criticize the webmaster. Welcome to the real world, boy.


Keep being geshmak and the amazing legend that you are by owning everyone under your stupid, incredibly original name, reb yid.

What a fool


False. This is Dan’s site. If you think he shouldn’t talk about sports, put up or shut up. Get your deals from another site. Dan has the right to use his platform how ever he wants. If it’s not in line with your values, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Really? Motzei Shiva Asar B’Tamuz, you have nothing better to do than criticize another yid for sharing something personal?
Whether the Rebbe would be proud I don’t know but I’m sure that he would be pleased that someone was writing in a capacity to reach thousands and yet be meaningful and relevant to their lives, and without judgment.
I personally found this post to be awesome.
Thanks Dan!


We’re here for the deals and the money-saving tips. But there isn’t a yid alive who thinks that showing up at some swanky hotel or shower class suite asking for a whole bunch of free stuff is really a kiddush hashem.


Moreinu Reb Shock, I am sure next time Dan posts $200 tickets r/t from der heilege JFK to Israel on a fast day or Erev YT you will be a good boy and not buy anything for yourself or x number of kids. Oy we are inspired!!


Shock is just a bitter islanders fan upset about Tavares leaving.


Reb Yid, you are on a much higher level than all of us. You really shouldn’t be online looking for deals or other types or gashmiyus. Because you are on such a higher level, your days and nights should be spent in the Beis medrash and not about mundane things like travel and white shirt deals from Jos A Bank. Because I’m not on your level yet, I will still fall victim to vacations and travel, and deals on televisions. I’m sorry that the general population of the website is not really for you, you should look elsewhere. Good luck!


I think it’s a great kidush hashem showing up to a game with your yarmulka tzitziz and beard exposed and not embarrassed or trying to hide it.
I humbly think the rebbe is proud of it


Shock –
1) why did you go on Dansdeals on Motzei Shiva Asar B’Tamuz?
2) He is not “mourn”ing, but rather reminiscing
3) Do you think the Rebbe would be proud of a pseudonymous blog commenter who attempts to embarrass an innocent yid “on Motzei Shiva Asar B’Tamuz”?


We will take care of him here in LA


“ with so little to work with”. Lebron was part of the problem in that area.


He will never be back to finals lucky to get passed the first rd playoffs. This wasn’t a basketball decision. This was an after basketball decision




We will take care of him here on the West Coast – Dub style. Different uniform won’t make a difference. But in all seriousness, give the man credit, he looks after himself and his family and he a great player, though not the GOAT.

We\'ll take him in LA

Thanks for sharing, Cleveland!

Tova Nathan

❤️ Perfectly said, Daniel.


Nice post. I totally get it. Appreciate what you had and the joy that it gave you and your family and don’t ruin it with any bitterness


Hey Dan im feeling you. as you always remind your followers all great deals eventually come to an end. to drag a dead carcass the finals eight years in a row,to be the only player in nba history to be able to guard 1 through 5 and log 40-48 minutes of high level quality post season play at both ends of the floor, he is my favorite. while not quiet being mj, just to constantly be in the conversation, is a major accomplishment. i only wish the other mj will surround him with enough talent (kawhi)to take down kd and his move to gs, which Traded a Sacred Legacy for Cheap Jewelry.


I don’t get it. Why should the backstabbing selfish Lebron get such a high salary from the Lakers? He just got swept in 4 straight?!


You’re a complete moron. Seriously.


Thank you for your kind words.
Jordan NEVER missed a big shot in any playoffs EVER. Lebron missed so many, I lost count. One glaring one was in Miami, when Lebron missed crucial shots in game 6 (2103) and Ray Allen (with an unbelievable offensive rebound by Chris Bosh) had to bail out the big choker.
Lebron is an overrated selfish crybaby.


Umm. Jordan never missed a big shot in a playoffs? Ever?! Then perhaps explain to me how LeBron has managed to already appear in 3 more Finals than Jordan ever did, 45 more playoff games, AND LeBron’s going to be playing for ANOTHER 6-8 years as well.. I think you have some historical fact-checking to do. Here are a few numbers for you to crunch before you wave off LeBron’s playoff career in favor of Jordan’s..

Jordan LeBron
Games: 179 239
Minutes 7,474 10,049
Points: 5,987 6,911
Rebounds: 1,152 2,122
Assists: 1,022 1,687
Steals: 376 419
Blocks: 158 232
Triple Doubles: 2 23
Field Goal %: 48.7% 49.1%
Three Point %: 33.2% 33.2%
True Shooting%: 56.8% 57.7%
Finals Appearances: 6 9
Finals Wins: 6 3
Record: 119-60 156-83

And here’s some required FACTUAL reading before you mouth off about this particular “overrated choking crybaby”

I hope this helps you understand why LeBron received a somewhat large salary, although slightly less than the likes of current players Chris Paul, James Harden, Stephen Curry, and Blake Griffin. Of course. 😉


Which one in the photo is Dan and which is JJ?


JJ has the hat


Most overrated player in history


True. Although he’s BY FAR the most dominant athlete of all time, in any major sport, he shouldn’t be accorded the G-d-like status he sometimes is. But again, he’s the GOAT. Not just in basketball.


“he’s BY FAR the most dominant athlete of all time..” A statement like that requires more than just a single night of “sleeping on it”. What about Michael Jordan? Babe Ruth? Tiger Woods? etc…


He’s infinitely better than Jordan, and that argument has been in the making for years, not after “a single night”. I’m talking stats, records, winning, longevity, accomplishments. Everything.

Tiger? Never had nearly the sustained reign of dominance. Ruth? Hard to say this as a Yankee fan, but please. He wouldn’t stand a chance in the modern era. That’s like pulling out a Bill Russell or Wilt comparison now. We just don’t do that.

The two guys you missed who I wouldn’t be able to brush off easily are Muhammad Ali and Wayne Gretzky. But I still think what LeBron has done consistently, year in, year out, is head and shoulders above the next guy.


Will be fun to see him here. #SFO


I got chills reading this post! You are the man, Dan! So glad you got to experience with your brother Lebron bring home a title to Cleveland. To this day, one of the greatest experiences of my life was going to game 7 of the 2011 WS with my brothers and watching my Cardinals win it all.


IDK bout the haters out there,

All I saw was the Yarlmulka and tzitzis flying!


at least he wont be in Cleveland for the 2020 presidential election to criticize our great president Donald j trump!!

Aerial Dag

Super cool that you got to see them win. Great stories for the grandkids!


All the haters must be Knick fans or Islanders after losing Taveres

raging idiot

Dan, you are great. Keep up the fantastic work!!

Charles D.

Thanks for sharing!


thanks dan for the great coverage!


Ur Awesome dan!!!