Quick Thoughts On The Brand New Bose QC45 Noise Canceling Headphones

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Bose is back with a new version of their classic QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones, the QC45s.

I didn’t like the Bose 700s at all and returned them. I didn’t care for the comfort of the Sony XM4s and I was left dumbfounded by the Airpods Max.

How did the QC45s fare?

They look similar to the Bose QC35s, but they are a bit sleeker with earcups that aren’t ruffled. They weigh just about the same as the QC35s and they still fold up nicely into the case, which is slightly lighter weight than before.

The QC45s sit a little bit snugger on your ears than the QC35s, but I actually find them even more comfortable than ever before, which is saying something given that the QC35s main selling point was their comfort. You can wear them for hours without fatigue.

I love that the QC45s kept physical buttons, which are much easier to use than gestures on headphones. Better yet, the buttons have better tactile feedback than on the QC35s, making it easier to answer calls, change the volume, or skip to the next song.

The QC45’s out of the box noise cancellation is simply superb, and it blocks a great deal more noise than the QC35s without being overbearing. However, it’s worth noting that there’s just one noise cancellation level on the QC45s, versus two (high and low) on the QC35s.

Music on the QC45s sounds far richer and deeper than on the QC35s.

QC45 has aware mode and it works perfectly. You just push the big button on the left ear and have a regular conversation without taking off the headphones. It works flawlessly whether you’re listening to music at the same time or not.

The real game changer with the QC45s are phone calls. On the QC35s if there is a child crying or screaming, even a good distance away from me, the other party was able to hear that background noise clearly. With the QC45s the other caller didn’t hear those ambient noises at all thanks to its quad microphone array. This alone makes for a worthy upgrade.

One negative point for me is that I like that the QC35s automatically answer a phone call when you turn them on. The QC45s don’t work like that and if they are off, you’ll have to turn them on and push the answer button. Luckily Bose has kept the easy to use power slide button, so that’s not too big of a deal, but it’s a disappointing change.

The Bluetooth 5.2 upgrade is fantastic and allowed me to walk much further away from my phone without dropping a call or music than I was able to on the QC35s.

An auxiliary cable is still included with the QC45s (ahem, Apple), so you can still use these on an airplane or with any wired device.

The battery life on the QC45s appears to be excellent and unlike the QC35, they can be charged with a USB-C cable, with a 15 minute quick charge option.

The QC45s also have multi-point pairing that worked perfectly. I had no problem connecting to 2 phones or to my computer and a phone.

If you’re working from home or traveling and looking for your first pair of noise cancelling headphones to tune out distractions, I’d highly recommend the QC45s.

But is it worth the upgrade from the QC35s?

If you have an AMEX Business Platinum and can pick up a pair of QC45s in Black or Silver for under $100 after the $200 Dell credit+10% off AMEX Offer, then it’s a no brainer.

At $329, it’s a tougher call. A casual user who is enjoying the QC35 may not find the QC45s worth the investment. But if you’re a road warrior who will appreciate the extra noise cancellation with aware mode or if you make a lot of phone calls with background noise, this upgrade is also a no brainer.

Verdict: Thanks to its improved noise cancellation and other features along with the industry’s most comfortable design, these are easily the best noise cancelling headphones that money can buy!

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Most important for me: How is the mic quality?


i have the qc 35 and can charge it through a usb
I would assume if you can’t then i have a later model and they added that feature


Thank you Dan, this is a fantastic review- even handed and right to the point. I just scored the Q35s for $180 a couple months ago so won’t upgrade soon, but this review will be front and center in my mind when I’m pondering an upgrade.


Dayum. Many thanks for this review! Might make this my 4th Bose headphone on rotation lol.


Is it feasible to use this in bed?


I do. Only issue is I need to buy replacement earmuffs every so often, because I’m a filthy animal lol.


You could text Bose and ask them if they could do a trade in I did it for myself they first offered me the 45 for 220$ then I ask for more off and they gave me an extra 20% off so I got it for 180$ not bad for first having the 35 for almost 5 years and then getting a nice trade in


What’s their number to text?


Don’t know the number I did it on a iPhone though iMessage


You had the QC35’s 1’s or 2’s




Thanks for the idea! I just chatted with them on their website and they discounted the QC45 with the trade-in of my almost 4 year old QC35 for $209 and then an additional 20% off plus free expedited shipping for a total of $167.20 plus sales tax.


Do you have to send the QC35s back?


Yes, they emailed me a UPS label to ship the QC35 back. Once they receive and verify them then they will ship the QC45.


did you have to send in your headphones in 1st?


how is a dell offer through amex? its bose. anyone can help?


Dell sells the headphones


I think I’m going to go ahead and upgrade.

Great review!! Keep them coming.

Ed Travel

I can’t sleep with this bulky type. Do you know if they will make a new on the ear type. I love mine but they are falling apart from so much use and I would like to get the new version if they have one…I have the model with the wire…


Dan – thanks for the thorough review.
My coworkers can hear so much background noise (baby crying, others talking) on my QC35s (and since it is canceled out on my end, I can’t hear what they hear!) so I’m really thinking about this upgrade though the low and high level of cancelling is a strange disappearance.

Dan, How would you compare the apple max level of background noise for the other side of the call to the 45s?



How do you get it for under $200? With tax on dell.com it’s $360 even after the discount is still 200 and change… What am I missing?


Obviously not apples to apples but how would you compare these to the in ear noise cancelling buds?


How comfortable are they? I find myself barely using the QC35 because they are much heavier than the Airpods pro – even though the sound is better. I work from home and I find wearing the QC35 too much for me.


i wonder how long it will now take for the qc35’s price to significantly drop. From what I can remember, Bose doesn’t drop their prices that fast. As someone who purchased QC35’s just 2 years ago and they’re in mint condition, I can’t see myself spending 329 for the upgraded model, especially since I don’t use them for phone calls. Btw, the 35’s are available in Black or Silver, while the 45’s are available in Black or White. Anyone have any idea why Bose ditched the two leveled noise cancelling options for just one level ?


Dell semi-annual credit, isn’t that $200. now?


Thanks for the review! As someone who works from home, I’m sold!
I used the earbuds (neater for answering calls on the street) until recently but one suddenly went dead. 🙁
(I still plan to cash in on the warranty, but this seems better for at home)


Black is now backordered for Feb, 24
White for Dec 6


Is the Bose quietcomfort the same thing as Bose quietcomfort 45?
This just says bose quietcomfort so want to make sure I’m ordering the right one:

When you hit the white color on this link, it says Bose quietcomfort 45..