We Will Miss You Nadiv

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I woke up in Israel this morning to the shocking news that a former yeshiva classmate of mine, Nadiv Kehaty, had suffered from a heart attack and passed away while attending his son’s siddur party at school.

He was my age, 30. And now there’s a young woman with no husband and 4 small kids without a father.  He lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, but you could tell that his heart was still in his hometown of New Orleans from his avid coverage of the NFL scene there.

Nadiv had a true heart of gold, always expressed appreciation, and was always positively encouraging everyone to live life to its fullest.  He was always in a good mood and his smile was contagious.

From my very first blog post, my father may not have approved of my latest hobby, but Nadiv was all for it:




His encouragement and hakaras hatov (roughly translated as gratitude) knew no bounds.

It wasn’t anything I did for him in particular.  Quite frankly I’m most certainly not worthy of his level of thanks.

But perhaps the following will give a small glimpse into how this man lived his life.  How he interacted with everybody he came across and why he touched so many people.










When I thought I was going to visit Israel for the first time but the plans were falling through…



And when the site hit a milestone:



The only happy Purim response:



And from before a fateful trip to Brazil in which I was nearly killed…



To a post referencing a move to a new apartment:



Not even a post on the forums without a thanks:



From trip notes to Israel:



To my corny engagement post:



And on a 5 hour trip to Chicago post that had others up in arms…



When there was a $19 hotel room deal in NYC in 2007 I asked my readers if anyone had an extra night for me and Nadiv emailed me right away that he had a room with my name on it:




While at the hotel I got to chat with many other site readers, and I shared with Nadiv how neat the experience was:




Keep in touch, and have fun.

And keep having fun.
Life is too short to be down.
Too short to be overly critical.
Too short to judge others.

Far too short not to hug your family one more time. Too short not to be able to take off of work and spend one more vacation creating memories with your family that will never be forgotten.

Nadiv lived a life of caring and appreciating everything and everyone around him.  The world would surely be a better place if everyone strived to live the same way.

Goodbye from Jerusalem, my friend. I have no doubt in my mind that you’re putting in a good word for us with the One above right now.

You can make a donation to his wife and 4 kids via GoFundMe or via a Charidy matching campaign.

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mendel korf

Amazing dan. Your best post on this site and your doing a tremendous amount of good.


Thank you so much for taking your time remembering such a special person. we should always and only here good news and good deals on the site from now on!


Thanks Dan for doing this you really are the man as Nadiv has said!


I’m nothing, take my word for it.
Nadiv, he was the man.


bd”e terrible news.


watching the money go up from when this was posted very nice to see. may his passing be a atonment and speed the bringing of moshiach “vyomar ltzarosainu day”

tony cappuccino

im sad. glad to make a donation. I think everyone should try and make one, at lease some measure of thanks for Mr Dan. He would appreciate it im sure.


You should ht nadiv…
donation done


What a beautiful tribute. Bde. Vehakitzu veranenu shoichnei ofor.

yossi bryski

Dan, you managed to summarize the epitome of Nadiv’s contribution to the world. You are both truly blessed to have had that relationship. Thank you so much for posting. Will definitely donate and show his family how much they mean to us…

And, oh yeah,this is my first time commenting on your website but Nadiv has just impacted me with his life lesson of showing gratitude, so i’ll say for the first time, thank you, Daniel, for helping so many people like myself and Nadiv for so many years…
Life is too short to put off thanking you…


bd”e terrible news.
Dan this is really special of you to dedicate a post to this worthy cause, we shall all learn from you from all the time you dedicate to help everyone make ends meet! Thank you Dan!

Sion from NOLA

Today on my way to work i head the most depressing news in the world, my best friend from childhood passed away at 30!! i grew up with Nadiv in New Orleans and i can say that he was by far the most full of life person i have ever met in my life. Whenever i thought of someone who made people around them happy, it was him that came to my mind. Thank you dan for posting this, even though it kills and brings tears, its comforting seeing how many people he touched with his special view on life. When the world seemed dark, he always saw light. I will miss you a lot Nadiv, and whenever i think of how one should live life and enjoy it, i will still remember your smile, that ear to ear smile, and i will remember that you would want me to smile just as big! i love you and will always miss you!!

– Sion (Siony Bird)


Thank you Dan.
You are causing the gofundme page to crash!
Its amazing that everyone is helping out… even people who didnt know Nadiv.


To your pal and fellow reader of DD..

Peace to your soul sir, and blessing and strength to your family !

Sholom Rapoport

Thanks for sharing Dan!


Dan, thanks for posting this. Gave Chai.


May his memory be for a blessing


Thanks for sharing! Its really nice of you to post this. Nadiv was so special. BDE


Wow very moving. Thanks for posting


Baruch dayan haemet!


BD”E so so sad

Like nadiv did so many time before…. THANK YOU DAN FOR ALL YOU DO FOR KLHAL YISROEL may his neshama have an aliah


I read your post with tears Dan, I never had a chance to meet nadiv, (I do know his brother) and it seems like I missed out terribly, I will try to behave, at least for a part of my day, like nadiv, and strive to be like him… The world needs more nadiv’s!
Moshiach now!


As everyone else who knew him… I’ve been in total shock since hearing about Nadiv. Dan, honestly I came to ur site for some distraction and when I saw your post I got chills. I used to work with Nadiv and he was a big fan of yours! I’ve heard him praise you numerous times and to see this is just so surreal! Thank you for sharing and now its my turn to say thank you for all the deals and opportunities you sent my way!


wow! What a lesson to be learned here. Smile, be grateful and just appreciate what you have. May the family only see good from here on out.



i had the good fortune of knowing nadiv and every word you said about him was true. he was kind to everyone and lived life to the fullest. BDE


You and all that were close to him, should have real nechama real soon!


Thanks for sharing. BDE. Tizku Lmitzvos.


May his family have strength through these tuff times. Baruch dayen emes.


Thank you for sharing these treasures.
Thank you everyone for everything.
-Nadivs family

Mi Keamcha Yisroel

Wow! $77K from 1000 people in only 6 hours! Absolutely unbelievable! The power of social media used the right way. Your huge following is definitely helpful in this situation. Kol Hakavod for your poignant post.


Just wow.
Who remebers when Jewda was nifter ?
Gave some $


Thank you Dan.


Donated to Dans friend. It’s an honor to help this man’s family




Thanks for posting this. Nadiv was someone who always made everybody around him so comfortable. He always had a smile on his face. We miss you already.


@Dan, I don’t know you however I heard some wonderful things about YOU this week end. Nothing to do with your site.from yeas ago. May there be many good people like you!


Dan, I donated since he meant so much to you. May his family not hear from more tzar and we shall all see the coming of moshiach bekarav.


Thank you for posting this Dan! And that k you for all you do for our peeps. Keep up the great work! You’re making us proud 😉

Sion from NOLA

@Tzivyah: Tzivyah, Your entire family is always an inspiration to me! words cannot do any justice, im sorry for your loss and i hope i only hear from your family for good things! Besuros Tovos.


wow. BD”H. beautiful hespid dan. What a man he was…. 🙁


Baruch Dayan Ha’emes!
I am deeply saddened by the families loss. May Hashem comfort his family and those close to him.


I just donated $180 to the family. Dan thank you for posting this. I was with in Cincinnati when he was in smicha over there. He was a very kind, happy and popular guy. ALWAYS upbeat!
So tragic! Moshiach is the only answer.
It’s our job to help in anyway possible his family so they could have as much as a “normal” life from now on.
Feel for the family, reach into ur pockets, and give as much as you can.
Thanks again Dan.


Dan a friend of yours is a friend of ours. Mi kiamcha Yisroel


Dont know if its true but heard he injured head days ago ..may it be his zechut when ppl check out head injuries with cscan.

Sounds like an,amazing man


What a beautiful post. I never met this man but contributed in honor of the legacy he clearly left. May his family find healing very soon in this very difficult time. Dan, thank you for this post and for all the wonderful deals you bring to our community. I’ve learned to recognize the good people do for you and seek opportunities to give back. Yehai zichroi boruch!



Unfortunately, I did not have the honor of knowing this special young man, but from the information above, and other sources, I wished I had. His name ‘Nadiv’ seems to be have been a befitting name to describe his essence and soul.

Thank you Dan, for providing me with the opportunity to contribute.


I see a lot of duplicates by the donations, is the some glitch in the system or are there quote a few people who donated twice the same amount?


@Dan:Hi Dan, Can you please provide me with the Shiva info?

Ari J

Dan; the fact that you choose to post such a personal moment in sucha public forum is a testament to the greatness of klal yisroel. Literally, mi ki’amchcha Yisrael. In today’s world of selfish social media, you choose to highlight the special neshamos which are a part of klal yisroel and go beyond to raise funds for others, selflessly. As iam sure that all those who see this post know the intent to be pure, May hkbhu feel the pain of the klal and the beauty of the yachid who make a true kiddush hashm.i don’t know what nadiv did to merit this publicity on such a level, but his neshama must be something truly unique. This is certainly one of the gemorahs of achris hayamim that will be discussed in future days.


Thanks Dan
Just donated!


Dan, thanks for posting this. It’s beautiful and he will very much missed.


I stayed with the kehatys in New Orleans for shabbos 7 years ago. Real special family. Shabbos table was jam packed with random guests.


Thanks for posting dan. I have the fondest memories of Nadiv, he was the most awesome guy ever. BDE. Gd please give him back to us together with all those that passed.


Oh how awful. I know Nadiv and his family from my time at Tulane. What a happy person he was. Always generous with his spirit. What a loss. Shattered.

mendel Plotke

couldn’t have said it better. Nadiv was a special person. I have known him since I was 11. always smiling always making others smile.

He will be missed by all


Bde. May his neshoma have an Aliyah. My heart goes out to his family. Donation done


Wonderful, thoughtful post, Dan. So sorry to you, his family and other friends for the passing. Thanks for your efforts to help his family.


Just gave $18. Thanks, Dan, for your help.Am now in Israel for my great-nephew’s wedding thanks to your info about Aeroflot tickets through Priceline, $623 RT.

Daniel Gordon

WoW. It’s amazing to see that they have already raised over $160k for the family. It sounds like a lot, but a single mother with children will go through that money in 2 years. Thank g-d the community is able to help so much.

Warren C

Thanks Dan for this beautiful post. I was lucky enough to have gone to Tulane in NOLA and know the Kehaty family and knew Nadiv – he was the happiest, most caring and friendly person ever and such a good soul has been lost. Thank you sharing your messages with him and I can just imagine how many lives he must have touched over the years; probably many more in 30 years then many of us will touch in our whole lives. BDE and RIP Nadiv and thank you for the light you brought to this world.

I am a Jets fan, but in Nadiv’s memory: Geaux Saints!!!


Bde.. What’s his full name to learn l’iluy nishmaso?

Spread Kindness

Thanks Dan for the post, and the Zchus to donate to such a worthy cause! This world needs to increase and spread more goodness and kindness, as the Rebbe said many times. And we should learn from Nadiv to appreciate life and do good to people around us… With Thought, Speech and mainly ACTION!!! It’s time for Moshiach to come NOW!


@Shauly: Nadiv Dovber Ben Uzzi


Dan a friend of yours is a friend of ours. Mi kiamcha Yisroel.


My heart aches along with yours for the lost of such a wonderful person.


Thank you Dan for this post. I Gave a small contribution to the poor family. I hope all of your followers give something as every penny counts and adds up.


It’s the least I could do.

This is the most meaningful MS a person could make. This money will go further than all the miles and points in the world.



Thank you Dan for that beautiful post. Honored to have met Nadiv for the first time just a few weeks ago.


This is so tragic ! I am really sorry for the loss of all who knew him especially his family.


Thank you for the tribute, Dan. What an amazing individual Nadiv was – looks like he could teach us all a lesson in showing gratitude and living life to its fullest. Great to see so many helping with the fundraising for Nadav’s widow and children!
Also, Dan thanks if I haven’t said it before, for all you do for your readers on DDF. You could easily have kept your knowledge to yourself but chose instead to help out thousands of others.


A campaign has been set up as part of a $1 million dollar goal to create a lasting trust fund that will support the Kehaty Family.

3 generous groups of matchers stepped up to fund a 250,000 matching campaign…effectively QUDRUPLING every dollar donated.

It’s all or nothing, for these 24 hours.

Donate Now and share!



Hey Dan,

Perhaps sticky: https://www.charidy.com/kehatyfamilyfund to the home page.

Bsuros tovos


A friend of Dan’s is a friend of mine. My donation is in your zchus. May he be a malitz yosher for his family and all of us


Dear Dan,

Chazal say

גדול המעשה יותר מן העושה!

You surely have a very big זכות.

May Hashem console them & give them strength to cope with this great loss.


This post is so meaningful and heart warming. One of the greatest displays of pure love for one Jew to another. Thank you for this and for everything else.


Thanks for posting Dan. It means a lot. I knew Nadiv for ten+ years and the last 8 as my bro in law. Nadiv was so amazing as a person, a husband and father. The Kehaty’s are one amazing family. He will be forever missed but always with us.
Thank you for your influance and contribution to this cause.


This is of course such a tragedy and I want to donate but I’m wondering if those who started the charity funds for the family are aware of a specific need or whether they’re just assuming there is a need (ie, for all I know, he had sufficient life insurance, and as such my tzedakah dollars would provide more utility going elsewhere).
Anyone know?


Baruch Dayan HaEmet, So sorry for your loss and Nadiv’s family’s loss. May his neshama have an aliyah in shamayim


@SincereQuestion: thanks for your concern. There are no assumptions. This is not the right forum but this is what ia needed urgently. Please donate with an open heart. תזכו למצוות. Only Silvia’s by all.

light and happiness

Thanks for sharing Dan. Sounds like the world lost a huge light. I will do my best to add as much more as I can. Hope we can all see/ meet each other soon with the final redemption.

Dan – you are the man! Thanks for all your constant thoughtful efforts to help people out.

– Peace! Nechama G.


@SincereQuestion: there is a group of trustworthy people taking care of all the funds coming that they should be used in the best way possible and help the widow and orphans for the years to come. These people can be trusted, they are well known honest businessmen in the community.
Re:life insurance, some things are better not spoken (especially on a public forum) about after death, out of respect to the deceased and his family. Perhaps we should all take this as a calling to make sure we have adequate life insurance (if you needed a calling).


Wow, just wow. I’m speechless. May nadiv have a humongous aliya, he had a heart of gold

Dovber Werdiger

@yossi bryski:
I second that, Yossi, hope you are well. Nadiv was a one cool guy, we had some great times. Simchos for alle yiden!


I did not know Nadiv but a family member was very close to him. This was a touching article and as more people post amazing things about him, it makes me get to know him better.
As they say- Only the good die young (I’ve lost a sibling way too young)


dan you should update this post and sticky on top of site until you reach the goal. if he was one of your boys you should keep on pumping it until his family has what they need. be well

Its Me

BD”E, so sorry to hear. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the life of this special Yid and thanks for everything you do for all of us, every single day!! Hashem should bless you with health and strength to continue!


RIP Nadiv


@ dan

baruch dayan haemes
I am sorry that you had to lose a friend, it must be very difficult.
“hamakom yenachem eschem besoch shaar avlei tzion veyerushalyim”


Unbelievable how much Chessed can be done!!!!