Shaken, Yes. But Thank G-d, Alive…

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Perhaps I spoke too soon about my love for Brazil…

The taxi that I was traveling in from the Sao Paulo airport to the city got trapped in a protest in middle of the highway. Residents from the slums were protesting an earlier police raid by closing down the highway and setting fire to and throwing objects at civilian cars.

We got stopped just 15 feet away from the front of the protest where a car was set ablaze. The incoming traffic trapped us in the thick of the action, where a wooden pole was thrown at my taxi, and shattered the windshield.

I was able to contact my parents (via the Nextel international walkie-talkie that I luckily had set up specifically for the trip) who sent a letter into the Rebbe’s Ohel. Thank G-d, we miraculously escaped from the entire ordeal unharmed…the full details of which I’ll save for another time.

When the police arrived (after we escaped by driving off the side of the highway) it apparently got even worse, a bomb went off and injured a number of the policemen on the scene.

Here are some newspaper photos of the violence on the main highway connecting the city of Sao Paulo to its international airport.

Front page of the Sao Paulo Newspaper:




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boruch hashem
maybe you should bentch goimel?


….oh my….


Wow Dan. Glad you’re ok.


Okay Dan, Any deals to Brazil now?


Baruch HaShem you are alright. Those protesters seem like behamos!

My Yeshiva Bochurim

Wow! Pretty amazing story… Quick thinking to call parents and send message the The Ohel. You’re lucky to be alive… Thanks for sharing!


Holy creppers!


are you staying in brazil?


I knew the deal to brazil was too good to be true. lol. Thank g-d youre alive and well.


u made it by the skin of ur teeth thank god ur okay..also where can i get the nextel intl. walkie talkie?


Dear Dan! I am happy you are alive and well to tell the story!

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Asher O

To Anon. looking for an SD card case.

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Dan, I’m glad you’re ok. Enjoy the rest of your trip. It should be eventful from now on only in positive.

Boruch Sholom


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Miraculous escape, B”H!

Bentched gomel? Made a Kiddush? Looks like life or death over there — Thankful for the brachos!