On The Road: Detroit Edition.

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I spent the day today with my dear wife at the Cavs-Pistons game at the Palace of Auburn Hills where the Cavs finished their 1st round playoff sweep of the Detroit Pistons. (12 more wins to go for Cleveland’s first championship in 45 years!)

The coolest part?

The place was packed full of excited Cavs fans! Cavs’ play by play announcer Joe Tait even said that in his 39 years of calling basketball that he had never seen an opponent’s arena so full of fans of the visiting team! The “Lets Go Cavs” and “MVP” cheers easily drowned out any “Lets go Dee-troit” attempts… According to ESPN Joe Tait even joked that “It’s great to be in Cleveland” and the Pistons’ Antonio McDyess said about the Cavs turnout and chants that “It was just embarrassing.” How awesome is that??? 🙂

The mood after the game all around the arena was breathtakingly celebratory, it’s truly hard to describe the scene, but it was basically a road game with ecstatic Cleveland fans and Ohio license plates everywhere you looked.

It was well worth the 3 hour weekend drive to experience.

Even Sarah’s Deli, a sweet little Detroit kosher restaurant, had at least 4 tables full of Cavs fans by the time I got there. If you find yourself there, ask for a Bubba Burger with Pastrami (A burger with 3 slices of hamburger buns and excellent breaded onions with bbq sauce) together with their famous ranch dressing, it’s truly outstanding.

I’ll be back in Cleveland tomorrow evening, but do any readers have any good Detroit tips for the daytime? Any good kosher groceries to pick up in Canada in case we take the bridge to Windsor? Post ’em now!

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man on man

if you’re just looking for food – the bagels in Jerusalem Pizza is quite good in my op. otherwise there aint much.
For ent. – do not miss Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum. Both expensive but quite cool – warning – it’ll take u at least four – six hours to cover them to any degree of thoroughness.




Well if anyone wants to sponsor some lakers/cavs tickets come June time I’m sure I’d be able to share a few state secrets that cant be/aren’t posted on public websites 😉


Veggie Burger from Jerusalem Pizza by far the best sandwich ever!!!


Ruffles all dressed chips (the best chips ever) are only available in canada.


Obviously you’ve never had Maui Onion kettle style chips 🙂

Indeed though the Ruffles are good chips, any more Canadian food tips?


Alpha-bits, honeycomb, capn crunch, and all those other cereals that have gone dairy over the years in the US.


Souunds good…will have to try them,I cant think of anything else besides maple syrup and molsons beer ;p Unfortunatly i live in canada and am used to shopping the other way around(what to buy in u.s. that we dont have here in canada).


Zeman’s 7 layer cake and Cheese Danishes are out of this world, and not to mention there bagels out do Jerusalem’s by a mile (even with Double EQM’s Jerusalem can’t catch up:-)
Mention to the owner/manager Daniel that I sent you there and he’ll throw in some extras on the house.



are you staying at the Westin Cadillac? I’ll be there on Friday, wondering how it is


Thanks for the tip, but surely the owner knows more than 1 dovid, no? 😉


Dan, are you sure you want those Lakers/Cavs tickets? You might be a little embarassed over the outcome. 🙂



You didn’t fly to Detroit from Cleveland?? I am very surprised!! Anyway go back to sarah’s and get the skins & ranch they are unbelieveable!! BTW where are you staying in Detroit?


Kokanee beer in Canada – the best! Jerusalem Pizza is fabulous also.. try any of their specialty pizzas!


I’m glad to hear you took my advice and went to Zemans!:-)


Kokanee is the best beer by far.


Hmmm….Did you meet anyone interesting at the game? 🙂

ex detroiter

its a mitzva to support j pizza in detroit cuz u know how detroit is to nerdy to hold up a decent food establishment. but i gotta warn u, AVOID their bagles just get pizza, tuna malt, or cheese sticks!! at zemans anything u want!!! tell him i sent u and he will chatge u doubble. u must do 7Eleven as any detroiter will agree with 🙂 all u detroiters smiling now and wattering as u read this. AVOID that hamburger place near 7eleven.


hamburger place next to 7 Eleven – Ramis has the freshest and tastiest chicken. They make it for you right before you get there so it is “right out of the fryer”
Their spicy chicken shnitzel sandwich is great too
Reasonably priced and friendly.