On The Road…

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/begin rant=feel free to skip over my moaning and groaning…

Today was supposed to have been the day when I was to start a whirlwind itinerary that was to be able to hold its own with past itineraries such as
my insane 36 hour/14 flight AA/Dallas marathon itinerary
my free AA trip from Brazil-Dallas-New York-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Miami-Brazil.

Here was my planned trip:
01/03-Drive to Toronto for a high school classmate’s wedding.
01/03-Drive back to Cleveland after the wedding.
01/04-Fly from Cleveland to Israel via Newark on Continental (1st class, of course, what better way to burn 100k CO miles?)
01/21-Fly from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles via Newark on Continental (all in 1st as part of the 100k miles ticket)
01/28-Fly from Long Beach, CA to Chicago on Jetblue (Bought back during the crazy $36 sale)
01/28-Drive to Cleveland
01/29-Start the next semester in Graduate Business School in my quest toward earning my MBA…

However just a couple days ago after months of planning out each detail and helping him earn the miles for the trip-my traveling companion cancelled out on me-and I just don’t think it would be wise to go to Israel by myself…so there goes that plan.

At any rate I’m off to Toronto, but I’ll be back all too soon 🙁

/end rant=now back to the regularly scheduled programming…

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lol! dan,just do it, go.
Israel is Israel.
I wiiiiiiiiiiiiish…..
Wanna Trade?

the pitts

thats too bad. why would he cancel on u with such short notice. thats terrible.


>01/04-Fly from Cleveland to Israel via Newark on Continental (1st class, of course, what better way to burn 100k CO miles?)

Isn’t business class 100k, and first class 150k?


which wedding are you going to?
Maybe I’ll be there and we can say a nice lechaim together

H-Eshkol 583

Hey. You can come by yourself… There are plenty of your fans here in Maalot Dafna in Yerushalayim. We will gladly host you here and hang out.


Few things dan,

First, I enjoy your trips they’re more exciting than any trip Ive been on.

Second If you are ever in chicago, I can easily get you a place to stay if you need one.

Third, can i please have the Sprint corporate office telephone number? I am having many issues with Sprint and I want to talk with someone who will help me and perhaps even give me a better deal. The service is awful and I feel like leaving them!!

Id very much appreciate it



Go, enjoy. You have two 1st cousins there, I am sure they would be happy to take a day or two off(each) to tour around with you.

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Dan, once again you were right.
On my third time applying for the AMEX $250 cards, it finally went through. I hope I get accepted…


dan why dot u announce spiritairs 5 cents each way deal????!!!!
You must be really soakin it up!!



Because, mr. anonymous, Dan only posts good deals.
Read the fine print on that deal, and i’m sure you’ll see what I mean.


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