Manny Being Manny…

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Preface: For some great “Manny Being Manny” stories, check out his wikipedia entry’s section on it…

The Cleveland Indians are a win away from sending Boston home and advancing to the World Series.

During game 4 after the Tribe played an incredible 7 run, bottom of the 5th inning, the BoSox came alive as Youkilis and Big Papi homered.

Then Manny knocked one out of the Jake. (Fast-Forward to -0:20 to watch his celebration)


The national media, as well as Beantown and Cleveland fans, united in criticizing Manny Ramirez for “preening” and “admiring it for a few seconds like a golfer watching a 70-foot putt heading into the hole.” You just don’t do that when you’re still losing 7-3 and about to fall behind 3 games to 1.

Here’s one excuse suggested by a fan from Red Sox Nation,
“When Manny went deep, my first thought was, ‘Quit posing, Manny, we’re still down 7-3.’ Then it dawned on me that Manny probably had no idea what the score was. In fact, he probably isn’t aware that baseball games are determined by which team scores more runs.”


Today, Manny got himself into more trouble when he was asked about the possibility of losing the series,

“It doesn’t happen, so who cares? There’s always next year. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.”

He has my forgiveness, and the reason for that takes me for a trip down memory lane…

Manny played 8 great years with the Tribe, but what I’ll always remember will be the encounter I had with him as a 10 year old at the Westin Harbour Castle (No, we weren’t there to get Starwood points, it’s simply the hotel that the Indians stay at when playing the Blue Jays!) in Toronto in August of 1995.

My brother (age 8 at the time) and I were having the time of our lives getting signatures from the players of the excellent, World-Series bound team. We had gotten everyone’s John Hancock except Albert Belle, (He was really mean and actually screamed at us for having the chutzpah to ask for a autograph) Eddie Murray, (Who simply ignored us) and Manny (Who we somehow hadn’t bumped into)

Retrospectively, perhaps many of the players were so nice to us because they were together with their families for that series…

We had some interesting neighbors, on our left was Jim Thome, who was quite friendly, and on our right was Jim Poole, whom I hated and had already nicknamed “the nightmare on the mound.” (He would go on to give up the only run scored in the 6th and final game of the ’95 World Series against the Braves.)

On the day of the last game we were in the elevator about to go up to our room when a guy calls out to hold the elevator. Well, not just any guy, as soon as we pushed the “open door” button we realized that the man who just walked in was none other than the 23 year old Man-Ram himself. We shyly asked him for his autograph, which he readily gave to us. Then he asked, “So, do you guys have tickets to the game tonight?” We actually didn’t have enough tickets for the whole family, so we told him that we didn’t. “Well, let me take down your name and I’ll leave 6 tickets for you at the box office.” He came through and our whole family was able to enjoy the game, courtesy of the “Baby Bull.”

Pure class.

So, Manny, for all I care you can act all you want when you go yard. Just don’t beat us, OK?

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Great story

Hey, that’s a great story, good for you.


great story dan.

look, im a die hard yankee fan, and kol hakavod to the tribe, i hope they wrap it up tonight (usually i would want the series to last longer but i wouldnt be able to see game 6 anyway, cus it would be friday night, no?)

im rooting for the tribe because a. i would feel better that they beat us, and b. the so redsox dont make the series…

About the manny thing, i know you had a good experience with him, but that was way out of line and when i saw it (live) i thought to myself that it was unneccessart.

Having said that i definitly think that sebathia should drill him tonight on the first pitch to him (unless it can cost big in the situatuion), and the fact that they didnt go after him last game was the right thing to do…


great story dan- Question about purchasing tickets with points. How come I can’t find tickets on delta from jfk to tlv for anything under 80,000 points? (and those are the ones with multiple stop overs)i thought 65K points would get a rt ticket to israel? why are most of the tickets 160,000 points?!?!?!



did that really happen???


I think I remember when you told us after you got back to school.


i must admit manny is the most clutch player to ever to touch a baseball bat (at least from a yankee fans point of view) therefore all the moron redsox fans that have a problem with him not knowing the score – just btw he really didnt know it cuz he never does, he plays for fun and not to win- i will be happy to take someone who is the best hitter in base ball even if he celebrates for no reason
to him baseball is fun and to the moron fan that doesnt understand- thank g-d ur from boston and not ny


red sox going all the way