An 8,500 Member Family Comes Together

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The DansDeals Forums (DDF) community is just incredible.  People are constantly helping each other out, both online and in the real world.  There’s such a plethora of information that it’s criminal not to check it out before going somewhere or even buying anything.  Sure it can be a little rough for newcomers, but my best advice is to just look around and search before starting to post.  Eventually you’ll learn how the community works and become a pro yourself.

The most interesting part though is that there have been some 600,000 posts made on DDF and there are dozens of members who have posted thousands of times each on the forums, though most of us have never met in real life.  But I have gotten to put usernames together with faces on many occasions thanks to meetups across the globe.

Once you get past that 1,000 post plateau, and over 100 people have, you really start to belong to the community.  We share in each others pain and joy and it feels like you’re part of a family.

The past couple weeks have held some rough news though.

First came the news that a longtime DDF member and contributor, who has a young wife and kids, was arrested.  DDF members close to the situation have attested that he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and wasn’t involved, but he will now have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to clear his name and not spend his days in a cell.  Immediately upon learning of the news DDF members started donating valuable items to be used as an incentive for people to donate to the cause.  Prizes include 2 tickets to Israel with a free car, cell phone, and data card.  A $1,000 hotel gift card, a Sony mirrorless camera, and much more.  The raffle has raised over $13,000 (Now over $20,000!) and you can still join too.  Learn more on this website on how you can join or read more on DDF. The odds of winning this tiny raffle are pretty awesome and a single donation can get you an entry to win 15 different great prizes.

Then we learned yesterday that Jewda (a member who had posted over 3,500 times and contributed 75 deals that made the leap from DDF onto had fallen sick and passed away just a few days afterward.  He left behind a young wife and a baby born after he passed away.

He was only on DDF for about a year but he made a huge impression on everyone.

It left me crying and shaken up as if I lost a relative.  It takes news like this to remind us just how fragile life is and how we have to thank G-d for every second we’re given.  Cherish the moments you have and make them count, you never know when they will be your last.  You can read the DDF thread here and a beautiful post/online eulogy here.

Immediately upon learning the news a DDF’er set up a mishnayos signup sheet to learn for the elevation of his soul.   And I’m sure in the coming days once we take care of our friend facing incarceration that we’ll try to raise funds to start a scholarship fund for the child who will never get to meet her friendly dad who left an impression on so many, even without meeting them face to face.

The DDF community truly shines on.  I just feel lucky to be a part of it.

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BDE….i was wondering if there would be a post on the mainsite about this.
Dan you are truly amazing and selfless.


Dan, this extended family of yours is something special.


BDE :'(


Mi Keamcha Yisrael! Not sure how or why you were zocheh out of all the frum blogs/forums to be the source of such a kiddush hashem
May Hashem give you strength time and patience to continue the wonderful things you do!

Super Speed

Dan I have no words for you. You’re truly an amazing person. Thanks for creating such a family and I feel lucky to be a part of it!


While the circumstances in both cases are extremely unfortunate, it is truly heartening to see the group come together to help out.




Thank you Dan, for writing this beautiful, thoughtful post about the DDF community and how we come together. It is extremely sad that we suffered a tragedy that for a while, didn’t even know that happened, but even hearing the late news was enough to make us emotional about what we lost. BDE, yehi zichro baruch.

With Hashems help, the other DDFer should have a positive outcome in his case. The fact that he got so many people that have never met to get together and give tzedaka, should be a zchus to help him get past his troubles.

May we only partake in happy matters!


Thanks, Dan.


“Mitzvot are the frquent-flyer miles to the ultimate journey”


Dan, you get all the credit!


Wow! Moved to tears – May these families have the yeshua and chizuk they so desperately need.
Thanks Dan for a wonderful website.


Amazing article Dan!

I was moved to tears when earlier today when reading the original article on the forum.

We really are a family! So true what you say, especially about the other cause you mentioned. I just donated there again and doubled my original donation, and this time it was also L”N Jewda.

I was thinking – If I am so hurt about the loss of one DDF member, I / We really all should donate to the other campaign as much as we can.

Who knows what our dollars will do for him!

Guys – Chap Arein! “chatof viechol, chatof ushise”


This is what sets DD/DDF apart from all others, truly amazing!


Bd”e so sad to hear this news


Thumbs up Dan !


Thanks Dan. May we come together for simchas

yitzy pitzy

Dan. thanx for
the warm words, how bout you post everyday a mishna/halacha so we all can discuss it Leilu Nishmuso/Lzchiso (with their real names …..ben…..) I’m sure it can work for us too…

concerned for widow

Dan, it is very special that there is a collection with so much for legal expenses… what about a collection for a woman and young child left with no bread winner?


Bd”e so sad to hear this news


As a pretty new member to DDF, and as a name most of you probably don’t recognize, this may not mean much to most of you. However, I am a big fan of DDF and despite my post count, I am on here A LOT and have been for a long time, just reading and learning the ropes. So although you may not consider me a part of the DDF family, from my end, I personally feel like I am.

I can’t describe the feelings I had when I read Dan’s post here about Jewda. As a new member, I’ve never interacted with Jewda (although I have seen his posts), and I’ve never met him or even knew who he was. That having been said, the feelings of the loss of a brother, of Acheinu Bnei Yisrael, who has had such a strong impact here, and certainly to those who knew him personally as well, are overwhelming. Despite my feelings, I found myself wondering, “why am I choked up and crying over a person I don’t know, and hardly knew existed?”
The answer, my friends, is the Achdus that I feel goes on here. When so many people get together to run and contribute to a Pidyon Shvuim Fund for a member in need, THAT’S Achdus. When people have various different questions as to how to go about dealing with a issue they got themselves into while playing “the miles game,” and people rush to help him, THAT’S Achdus.
When an anonymous respected member passes away, and there are such strong feelings for the young widow, and for the newborn child who will never know him, THAT’s Achdus.

What a special place to be. DDF is not just where one can go to see the latest deal, but rather a place to go to be with family. And I hope to be together with this family for a long time.

Dan, you wrote beautifully on the main site today. May it, as well as the Mishnayos and everything else that comes out of this, be an Illuy for his neshama.

Baruch Dayan HaEmes.


Guys, this raffle is being closed in 2 hours.

Please help us reach 25K… We are 3K short..


what is Jewda’s hebrew name? When do the mishnayos have to be finished by for the sheloshim?


@concerned for widow:

The legal fees are for the fund started for the founder of Dansdeals and not for Rivka the wife of Yehuda a’h. Yehuda was my cousin.


@concerned for widow:
Starting soon 🙂


Dena Bensalmon

Dan, I’m sitting here with my husband Moti, Yehuda ‘s (Jewda) brother. We are astounded. We only came accross this by chance after only joining your site a few short weeks ago to book tickets for out daughters bat mitzvah to israel. We are so touched at the outpouring of support and love coming from you and your “family” and we just wanted to share our gratitude. Jewda’s real name was Yehuda Bensalmon. And his Hebrew name is Yehuda Ben Clara. We thank you for your kind words and your efforts. And we wish you and your ddf much Hatzlacha and health in your futures.