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Sure you need to put up with a lot of acronyms and being told to search before you post, but DDF (DansDeals Forums) is the place where DansDeals becomes a community.

-In a Trip Report that had me rolling with laughter, DDF veteran AJK and his wife share the most entertaining trip report I’ve ever read. I don’t think too many of us guys could possibly hoodwink our wives like this but still…just awesome. Here are the links to part 2 and to part 3.

-yehuda S writes up an awesome trip report of his own to Sedona (it gets even better in part 2) and proves you don’t need to travel far to have incredible experiences.

-You can now find hundreds of other great trip reports from different cities in the Wiki in this master thread as well as links to destination threads in this master thread. DDF takes the stress out of trip planning!

-After multiple tries to get the 3rd card of a 3BM approved Aaaron’s wife has success via a well-written SM…
…Same story for jacobgo, SM magic.

-Get 50K for the business gold card now and then get another 25K on top of that instantly with no additional pull. That’s over 100K Avios.

-A 3BM without having to make a single call just a few months after an F/R…that’s impressive.

-And yet another 3BM for someone with new credit that was approved without a phone call.

-That $100 Lincoln test drive deal that was posted last year keeps paying dividends.  HSS and others have received a Chicago city print, a space pen, and $329 towards awesome Maui Jim sunglasses for taking another drive.  Wow!

-I’m not the only one to get an Ink Bold and Ink Plus card approved in one Recon call, many others have as well.

-DDF’ers are not only getting $50 Amazon GCs from the WSJ but refunds as well…yikes.

-An AOR from different banks is nice…
…But a 4BM from just one bank and one pull is the real prize.

-Nothing like picking up a 25K retention bonus on the Plat card…
…Except for a 50K retention bonus on a Plat card opened during the 100K bonanza!

-Are approvals for business cards easier than consumer cards for people with a large mortgage?

-Almost no credit? No problem for this Chase 2BM after some HUCA is applied.

-It took perseverance but MosheP completed his 4BM as well.

-50K AMEX signup bonus honored to not cause disappointment?
And again.
-And even 68K.

-Delayed or cancelled departing Israel? You can make out quite nicely due to new laws as meir1 gets 5 grand from Delta.

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I tried posting and people were saying I’m a NOOB, I couldn’t find that in the acronym thread you linked to ???

^^ Best comment ever ^^

LOL. Hey, is that one in there?


@Help!: NOOB is an acronym for New Orleans Obstetrician. Were you posting about delivering babies is hurricane areas?


I think NOOB means Newbie, no? lol


Awesome post.


What does HUCA stand for?


@momto4 HUCA= Hang Up Call Again


Hang Up Call Again


could somebody please explain how to SM chase business reconsideration without having a chase account just a declined letter? Tnx


What does LMGTFY stand for?



@sam: You cant SM chase without an online account. If you have an online account it is on the top right hand side of the page “Secure message center”


Hmmmmmm. Joe #10 asks a good question: What does LMGTFY stand for?

Well, I’m not exactly sure. Let me Google that for you…..
Ah! So THAT’S what it stands for. Good one!

Cookie Schaffel

I’m trying to get airline tickets for Chicago-Albequerque-LA-Chicago or Chicago-LA-Albequerque-Chicago for the middle of June. Any suggestions on how to do that?


in case anyone is interested: 2 starwood offers-

Starwood Double Take: Earn double points on stays 5/1-7/31


Also, another benefit for having the Amex Platinum card:
The Crossover Program with Delta- Even if you don’t like Delta’s FF program, Amex Plat or Gold Starwood members get 1 starpoint for every dollar spent on your flight- on top of Delta miles earned! So if the best flight available is with Delta, even if you don’t like their miles, get Starpoints too! And as long as you sign up into the program 48 hrs before your flight, they say in Terms&C you get points even if you’ve already booked (which I did 🙂



How do i post on ddf from a non smart phone


Applied for Barclay and NFL extra points credit card – approved for Barclay – was rejected for NFL card (same bank issues this card).
Called up and was able to transfer some credit from the Barclay to the NFL card without a new credit check.
Now I have point bonuses from both cards.
This tactic works with Chase, as well.