Customer Service Reps Are Just Clueless…

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How many times have you called a company twice and gotten 2 different answers?

It happens to me all the time.

If I get a CS rep that doesn’t know what they are talking about, I’ll just hang up and keep trying until I get someone more knowledgeable.

Why can’t companies spend the money to educate their CS agents???

At any rate, here is an excellent example of clueless CS reps just making stuff up at Verizon Wireless.

56 phone calls, 56 different answers.

Just 1 out of 56 reps gave the correct answer to both questions asked.

Am I surprised? Not in the slightest.

Bottom Line: Take anything a CS agent tells you with a huge grain of salt-because it’s probably wrong!


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Shame on Verizon

Wow this is a GREAT video/survey! You should send this to the news or to Verizon or something cause thats just ridiculous! 1/56 getting both right, its not like its the SATs! (I wonder why they all said .002CENTS and not DOLLARS, cause they had the number right…ah well, nice work!


How true this is…


100% true

please no1 try this on me


absolutely right. people rather say something wrong then say “I DON’T KNOW” nobody wants to look stupid.but if you don’t know the answer,ask your manager!!!!!


Almost as bad as Dell phone support. Almost. Dell is much worse.


Elio- i think it said that there where an amount of pple that dident know and thy put them on hold and came back again with the wrong answer


hey dan,

do you have the inside scoop on this?


Airline mergers are always speculated about in the news…wake me up when it’s official.

TRIED this at home

after readig this post i said hey lettme see if this could realy be… so i called my cellphone provider (sprint) and i have the sero plan and asked what the int. plan would be (cnd and us) she said $15 for unlmtd data…$15 unlmtd text… and $4.99 -per month for the .long distance to and from canada plus $0.09 “dallors” per min incuding my anytime minutes… ok so i said thank you and called right back and asked the same thing and he said the plan is for $3.00 dollars a month i would get the package for unlimited calling to-from canada and roaming… and text, data they dont charge (!!!) so i told him to activate it and put a priority note on my acount that for $3.00 a month im getting unlimited, to-from… canada-usa … with calling,roaming,data,text,..etc. and he said he did so i dint confirm this yet but i will and ill let you know…

TRIED this at home

so i called back to make sure i had the plan that he gave me and of course theirs no such plan and what he put onto my account was only for voice calls to canada and theirs a charge of $0.3 per minute and the first guy put it on for my next billing cycle which is in three weeks… so now she took it off becouse i said that if theirs a per minute charge than i dont want it… than i called back again to see if maybe im able to complain and say that he offered ne this plan and i want it… and she said that i already have it and will correct it again for it to work within the next four hours for me to use and its only a $0.12 discounted charge per minute (!!!!) so illcall a little later to see if maybe they changed it again…..

TRIED this at home

well after calling about another five time and now awaiting for the superviser to return his call, i can say that i dont think sprint has any smarter reps tha verizon and actualy i got diffrent rates for the same thing and i even got a “i dont kno” so if their anyone whos got expierience with sprints long distance and raoming plans if u can please write what you had to do to get it and are you getting charged what they said?? … keep’ya posted


hey dan, if we record one of these call, can we use it to get out of a contract?