US Adds Vaccine Requirement For Land Entry By Foreign Nationals

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Since November 8th, foreign nationals 18 and older have been required to be fully vaccinated to enter the US by air.

That allowed for a loophole to fly to Canada or Mexico and drive into the US, but that has now been closed.

As of last Saturday, foreign nationals 18 and older need to be fully vaccinated to enter the US by land as well. Upon driving to the US, foreign adults will have to show proof of an approved vaccine and attest to be being vaccinated.

Essential workers also need to be vaccinated.

Children under 18 are exempt from the vaccine requirement by air and by land.

Fully vaccinated means that it has been 2 weeks since your single dose J&J vaccine or since your 2nd dose of other vaccines.

It’s worth noting that while you need a negative COVID test from within 1 day to fly to the US, you still do not need a negative COVID test to enter the US by land.

US citizens, US nationals, and US permanent residents are exempt from vaccine entry requirements.

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Southern Border is always open






Southern border to be closed Jan 2024.






Do you need a covid test to enter Mexico from the US?


by air yes, by land no


Not true. They’ve even removed the requirements to fill out health questionnaire


Where can I get a vaccine card?


Check the trash cans.


Wasn’t exactly a loophole from the north since you had to be vaccinated to fly to Canada as a foreign national.

Dan\'s the man

Not to Mexico. Also let’s say you were in Canada.

Charles schwartz

do you need vaccine to fly within us if you are us citizen? like from dallas to NY


Not yet…..

Uncle Runkle

Of course not! What the heck? This is America.


What about if someone had covid and has proof of positive test but is not vaccinated. Is that OK to enter? Canadian to come to usa


If I’m a Canadian citizen but am a student in America can I get into the US without a vaccine

Beandon’s friend

Illiegal aliens are exempt from this requirement.

Hypocrocy 101

So when President Trump closed the borders, he was immediately branded a racist by the main stream media, but now that Biden is doing it, oh he’s such a hero and a savior.


I am sorry but Trump closed the borders just because he wanted to, there was no science backing it up. Also why would it help to close the border if the virus is already in the country? Before yes, makes sense, afterwards… you tell me. As an example, you partner gets covid, and then you close the door and dont let anybody else in. How does it help you?

Now the borders are not even closed, you just need to show proof of vaccination and you can enter, is it so difficult?

Uncle Runkle

Well that’s absolutely irrational. Why are the people in charge so stupid…

Big Ben

Does a foreign national spouse of a us citizen also need to be vaccinated?


Just to clarify (I believe) – the land border has been pretty much closed to all non-americans since day 1. For several months on and off, they let in spouses and children of Americans at the NY/Ontario border (sometimes Quebec border too).
For some weird reason (bh!) non-Americans could always fly in from Canada.
Then they let in all vaxxed foreigners (by land and by air), with their under 18 kids, vaxxed or not. Unvaxxed now could not enter at all.
The change now is that those unvaxxed with exemptions, like student visa, etc (who were let in before) now can’t enter.
So there wasn’t a loophole to drive, for non-vaxxed non-americans, ever.