Transportation Mask Mandate Will Be Extended, When Do You Think It Will Be Removed?

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On the day after he was inaugurated, President Biden signed an executive order requiring masks for everyone on all modes of public transportation and the CDC soon followed with updated rules that required everyone 2 or older to wear a mask.

That mandate was supposed to expire on 9/13/21, but Reuters is reporting that it will be extended until at least 1/18/22.

The FAA has received reports from airlines of 2,867 passengers refusing to wear a mask this year. Many of those were removed from their flight and/or banned from flying the airline.

Here is what you should do to avoid that same fate on your next flight.

While most of the world’s transportation mask requirements exclude children under the age of 6 or 12, the US has by far the harshest rule, requiring toddlers from the age of 2 to mask up. I’ve written several time about how absurd it is to expect a toddler to keep a mask on and who you can contact about changing that.

But hey, all the airlines want you to do is glue it on your toddler. 🙄

Reuters points out that the CDC mask order has no expiration date. A former Biden senior advisor for COVID response thinks we should never get rid of the mask mandate. Will that view win out? Will we see it removed before the November 2022 midterm elections? Will the courts strike down the transportation mask mandate?

I have yet to fly with my family since January 2020 and a permanent mask mandate will mean that we won’t travel much as a family until our children are old enough to keep their masks on. When do you think the transportation mask mandate will be removed?

When will transportation mask requirements be removed?

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Probably never.

NZ went back into lockdown after a single case of COVID19


More kids died of flu last year than covid.
Yet they’re forcing kids to wear masks.

That should give you a clue as to how long we will all be wearing masks.

It’s all about virtue signaling. Not science based.


I thought that was true based on its being cited in a NYMag article, but it’s not. Happy to go back and find the actual data for you if you’d like. The numbers are close, but still more deaths from Covid.


Close is good enough for our purposes


Not when you look at how many other people died of Covid vs the Flu. This isn’t just about protecting those children.


The OP was talking about kids


He was talking about how many kids have died of covid vs flu (incorrectly) as though it’s the only thing that matters with kids wearing masks, and it’s not. Just because unmasked kids spreading covid are killing other people unwittingly doesn’t mean they’re not killing people.


HOUSTON — A lot of people compare COVID-19 to the seasonal flu. Some even say they think the flu poses a much bigger risk to children than COVID.

Is that true?

To answer the question, KHOU 11 pulled data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and spoke to Dr. Michael Chang, an assistant professor of pediatrics at UTHealth Houston.

Three years’ worth of data proves the same point. The CDC reported that there have been a total of 325 deaths in children under 18 related to the flu since the 2018-2019 season.

“I think that’s false. I think the data from one year – the 2020 to 2021 flu season – shows that,” Chang said.

According to the CDC, one child under 18 years old died from the flu in the whole country during the 2020-2021 flu season.
“That’s when we were masking, physically distanced, and a lot of kids were doing virtual learning. We had a lot of mitigations in place. One death due to the flu, but we continued to have COVID deaths,” Chang said.

There were 136 pediatric flu deaths reported during the 2018-2019 season, 188 pediatric deaths reported in the 2019-2020 season and one death during the 2020-2021 season.

For COVID-19, 349 kids have died in the last 18 months, which is when the pandemic began.

Chang said that suggests COVID-19 is more transmissible than the flu, and likely more dangerous for children.

Claims that the flu is more dangerous to children than COVID-19 are false.



The number of flu vs COVID19 pediatric deaths are an Infinitesimal percentage of the US pediatric population of 80 Million.

Mathematically an outlier of many standard deviations that are both an anomalies in pediatric causes of death.

Heartbreaking for any parent

But the true epidemic is car accidents
“Nearly 1.25 million people are killed in car accidents each year. That means, on average, fatal crashes cause 3,287 deaths per day ”



And we have speed limits, seat belt and car seat use regulations, Auto manufacturing safety regulations, traffic lights, road construction mandates, age limitations, drinking and drug use regulations, medical
Issue regular, drivers tests and licensing, insurance regulations, etc.

And you’re still obliged to obey them all on remote country roads.

Mrs R. Posner

Because they never tested them for the flu if they had flu like symptoms they just said its covid


Perhaps that’s because the Delta variant wasn’t around last year. Certainly it is science based… do you know what science even is?


And how do they know about the delta variant now??? Is there a test for it? Does it show up differently on the nasal swabs that they can say oh this is it?


The delta variant accounts for more than 80% of the nation’s COVID-19 cases, the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows. It’s also two times as transmissible as the original strains of the coronavirus.

Is there a test for the delta variant?
There is not a specific test for the delta variant. 

However, since the vast majority of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are the delta variant, it’s likely a positive test result indicates you could be infected with the delta variant, according to Human and Health Services of Texas.

Does a COVID-19 test detect the delta variant?

A viral test, either the nose or throat swab, can detect if you are positive for COVID-19. It’s not designed to tell you which variant you might be infected with, according to Human and Health Services of Texas. 

How do you test for the delta variant?
To detect the delta variant, a specific type of COVID-19 test is required — genomic sequencing. 

Genomic sequencing decodes the coronavirus’ complete set of genes and searches for new mutations. It also matches known variants. 
Labs at some state and local health departments have access to genomic sequencing. 

Due to the volume of COVID-19 cases, genomic sequencing isn’t performed on every test, according to Human and Health Services of Texas, but could be performed on some if a COVID-19 test comes back positive. It just depends on where you got the test.


Yes, the Delta variant can be tested for. It is a test done only after someone is positive. It varies by state on how and when the test is done, it is not a diagnostic test.


“It’s all about virtue signaling.”

I wear a kippah and tzistzis.


The insanity will never stop.
Soon we’ll have a national vaccine passport, vaccination mandates for travel and general daily life.
It’s for everyone’s safety you see. You want to take off the mask and kill little children?
Once you open the Pandora’s box, you can never close it.


Oh so it’s okay with polio but not okay With vivid? What with this fear spreading agenda. If everyone just put the effing masks on their lives are not going to change.


You know you already have vaccine passport for school, jobs, etc?
Try harder with your criticisms – you’re current argument is obtuse and uncouth.


Why is requiring an additional vaccine for a brand new deadly virus “insanity”? It makes perfect sense, and I’ll be you weren’t complaining about the other vaccines that you already had to get. You know, NEW harms can come around… that requires NEW protections. No other way around it if you want to protect humanity.


This is ridiculous. I flew on an empty flight last week (nobody near me within 10 rows) and anytime my mask was slightly moved from my face the flight attendant came running over to make sure it was on properly.


Why 2 year olds?? Who can change this??


I’ll be surprised if Never doesn’t win. We live in an idiotic country/world.


Ok so you wait until the kids you have right now are old enough to wear masks and then you never have kids again because masks will be here forever???? This is beyond bizarre and insane. It’s nonsense and contacting my reps did nothing. They could care less about raising the age for masks.


When DeSantis is inaugurated on 1/20/25, or else the heat death of the universe.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

After the 2022 midterms

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

And fhen it will be reinstated for the 2024 Presidential election


Agreed the 2 year old limit is silly. 6 is far more reasonable. When will we drop the mask mandate entirely? When the rest of this country gets its act together and gets vaccinated.


Why should someone who has natural immunity (which has proven far better the the vaccine) get vaccinated. In israel if you have proof of recovery then you are fine, not allowing that and requiring only the vaccine should tell you what a joke this is and that this has NOTHING to do with health


If someone has had COVID-19, why should they get vaccinated? Don’t they already have immunity?

If you’ve been infected, you have some protection. But that immunity has limits. The biggest limit is that it doesn’t last as long as we would like it to.

Studies have shown that people who have been infected can benefit significantly from vaccination. It gives them a strong, lasting immunity boost. After receiving the first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, they have immunity levels comparable to those of uninfected people who have received their second dose.
We’re still trying to better understand why immunity lasts longer for some people than others. Underlying factors like obesity or age appear to play a role in how long immunity lasts.

How long does immunity last from being infected? From vaccination?

Immunity from natural infection starts to decline after 6 to 8 months. We know that fully vaccinated people still have good immunity after a year—and probably longer.

Why is it that the vaccine leads to better immunity than natural infection?

The honest truth is, we don’t know. The immune system of people who have been infected has been trained to target all these different parts of the virus called antigens. You’d think that would provide strongest immunity, but it doesn’t. The Pfizer or Moderna vaccines target just the spike protein—the part of the virus that is essential for invading cells. It’s like a big red button sitting on the surface of the virus. It’s really sticking out there, and it’s what our immune system sees most easily. By focusing on this one big antigen, it’s like you’re making our immune system put blinders on and only be able to see that one piece of the virus.

Does the severity of infection make a difference in immunity? If I had a terrible case of COVID-19 infection, will I have stronger immunity?

Absolutely. My lab here at the Bloomberg School and others have shown that people who were hospitalized, who were really sick with COVID, in many cases are believed to have greater immunity than people with less severe disease. But again, that immunity may be declining. So, even if you had a more severe case, you still should plan to get vaccinated.


Yes sure the vaccine has longer immunity oh wait that said we need a booster every 8 months. Oops. I know this isnt “scientific” but all the ppl in my community that have had covid (myself included) and have been exposed since then have been fine and the antibody count went up when exposed. But hay u keep getting the boosters and do as your told. I’ll keep living my life


Wow jk.

That’s fascinating.

Where is it that we have a community that has been previously 100 percent infected with COVID-19, and is now shown to be 100 percent without COVID?

I’m sure people (media, scientists, politicians, just plain folk, etc) would want to know more and either prove and replicate or debunk. I sure am curious, though I don’t think I want to infect myself with COVID.


Dude, relax.
The point is that communities where a majority of people were infected are not seeing the second wave.
You can never prevent 100% of all diseases, we need to go back to normal and understand that people will continue to get sick from Covid and other diseases.
We also have better treatment options for those that do get sick, such as monoclonal and regeneron.

No reason to continue this insanity. It is not Ebola where 50% of people die.


I get your point, 50 percent of the people who contract it might not die, but 4.4 million dead since Jan 2020 does sound serious to me. And that’s with some vaccinations and precautions.

It’s frustrating because there are things we can do to cut the level of illness and death, but because of politics (I suspect) there are so many people who might not otherwise take that approach


How many died just from covid without other serious co-morbidities?
I have no problem with people taking a vaccine if they want to. But why force it on others on the miniscule chance of transmission, same with masks.
If you are worried, by all means wear a mask, gloves, take the vax, wear a haz-mat suit for all I care.

On a side note – there is a real lack of trust in the govt and drs due to the constant misleading everyone in regards to numbers and what we should do. For instance, don’t wear masks, ok, now you must wear masks. XXX amount of people died, correction, we hid some data really it is YYY or ZZZ. We will never mandate a vax, vax is mandated. We did a study of 250 people and declared the vax safe etc..

Personally, I have always taken all vaccines and so do my children and quite frankly almost everyone I know except for 1 family that did not (i used to think they were certified insane). I personally would wait until there is more real data out there, bear in mind all other vaccines have a 10-15 year testing period – per the CDC themselves.

Also 4.4 million dead sounds like a lot but there are over 7.5 billion people on this planet.


Ok Steve

I understand your perspective.

Here’s an article you might find interesting:
Why Is the Death of One Million a Statistic: The human tendency to turn away from mass suffering is well documented.


Right now, despite vaccinations, around a thousand people are dying from Covid in the US every day. They’re almost exclusively unvaccinated. Get the damn vaccine.


“Thousands of ppl are dying” and “almost exclusively unvaccinated” is false especially being that the cdc STOPPED counting the vaccinated so tell me what is this based on? I have no problem with ppl getting vaccinated I have a problem with mandates based on fear not fact. Fact is there are treatments. Fact is in Israel for example being recovered is as good as a vaccine here it isnt mentioned which makes one question the motives, and if you are vaccinated then MY health is NONE of your concern I can and will do as I please especially being that the science now says that you can get and spread the virus when vaccinated the only difference is supposedly how bad they will get it. So again that is MY choice



I said MY community meaning my congregation and my friends I didnt say anything about being 100% infected some never got sick and some have gotten the vaccine that was their choice

Covid is here to stay (endemic) like the flu u can choose to live in a bubble and in fear or you can choose to move on with life and get back to normal especially being that there are treatments available that work, the Brooklyn orthodox community has stopped sending ppl to the hospital for the most part and have a system for treatment and guess what I dont believe that there have been many deaths or hospitalizations in quite some time, yes there are a few here and there but nothing like what we saw in the past and a large part of that also happens to be that we have NATURAL IMMUNITY


A I appreciate you bringing reading and logic to the discussion!


“natural immunity (which has proven far better the the vaccine)”

This is not an accurate statement


According to studies done at Columbia university, natural immunity provides over 6 times the protection over vaccine immunity.


isreal study has it at 6.7 times more effective


The CDC is approx 6 months behind on facts that people on the ground know / knew

Remember the official CDC list of symptoms? Fever and difficulty breathing.

We all knew that loss of smell (many times without any fever at all) was a major symptom.

The CDC had no clue about this and only after a while when the news started reporting it did the CDC start looking into the reports. It took a while until they actually included it as a symptom. (Btw the news started reporting it approx 3 weeks after the frum world knew it good and well.)

The frum NY world knows that people who have had the virus when they get in contact with a person who has covid it causes their antibodies to go up again. This is and was common knowledge for months already. I know and we all know first hand about this.

Same goes for antibodies from virus, majority have it for over a year already… CDC still “not sure how long it lasts”… CDC is not in touch with local doctors in neighborhoods. They have meetings with the top ppl at the hospitals and get general statistics. Only if news reports something or if someone at one of these hospitals specifically looks into and researches a specific point does it end up on the CDC desk

Perfect example is the plasma that was approved by the FDA, it was a group of a few ppl who pushed hard on it and got the hospitals to bring it to CDC and get word out…

Point is don’t be a blind CDC = Science = Facts

CDC has been really behind

Their faulty info on the only limited symptoms brought the virus here! They allowed ppl in from china as long as there was no fever. We all know that a huge percentage of ppl with covid don’t get fever… But based on the CDC being treated like the G-d of science they didn’t shut the borders down. Why should they? Just stop the ppl that have fever and the virus is contained!

So the lack of info at the CDC with it’s wrong data, yet being treated as Torah msinai (“Can’t argue with science”) allowed covid straight into America!

Please stop using the CDC as a reliable fact end of storysource for something that is still moving.

CDC is great for general info, or research over years, or advice on dealing with outbreaks. But as the end all source for ongoing issue they are the wrong ppl.

When they say “natural immunity is not good. Vaccine is better” this holds zero weight at all. It’s a scientific opinion. It’s not a scientific fact




Before my next surgery I’ll check with what ‘Frum NY’ knows for second and third opinions. Maybe even hands on care and prevention.

‘Frum NY’ speaks with one voice, right?


Before ones next surgery one won’t be checking with no CDC!

Instead you SHOULD be checking with “Frum NY” i.e. the Medical Askanim and organizations which have much more knowledge, advice and recommendations than you would be getting from any official government medical source.

The amount of lives saved and/or improved by the “Frum NY” i.e. Medical Askanim and organizations is unimaginable.

They are Hashems Malochim.

Nuff said

Thank you for further clarifying my point!


So tell me how many ppl that had the virus in the past are in the hospital and how many that got the vaccine are. Oh wait the coc said to stop testing ppl that are vaccinated, never mind



On the contrary, the cdc recommends that even vaccinated people be tested after exposure.

Eric from Dallas

you should check your antibody levels – ‘serological test.’ Then consult with your personal MD to decide.


Totally wrong and ignorant. Just came back from Israel, proof of recovery doesn’t mean squat – everyone is required to wear a mask indoors because of rising infection rates. Stop spreading lies



And neither does proof of vaccine.
My point was that you can get a green passport just like a vaccinated person by proving recovery and antibody. How the government there decides to change tje rules and keep moving the goal posts is another issue altogether


point was before they started up with this nonsense it did matter and i believe it can still get you a green pass


when a Republican President is elected


Then hopefully it’ll be around forever…


I’m generally not an alarmist. But I don’t think it ever get removed


Where are the studies and statistics if people are actually catching it in planes?
No one leaving Afghanistan was wearing a mask. .


I want to know who the brain dead people are who mandated mandatory masks for 2 year olds? If they want to extend it for 6-8 years old and higher, I can hear that and we can debate that, but there is absolutely no way any sane person can mandate a 2 year old to wear a mask. I want to know why that was not rescinded a day later.


Because they’re brain dead?!?!? That’s why!!! Should have never been mandated from that age in the first place.


I agree that mandating masks for 2 year olds is ridiculous, but…

While I am sure that teaching toddlers that they must wear masks would be difficult (close to impossible for many of them), on a recent flight, the toddlers were far more compliant than the pre-teens! True, one can reason with pre-teens, but they tend to be more rebellious than the “terrible twos”, who really try to emulate their parents and siblings as much as they can. If they see adults around them wearing masks, and it is presented to them in a matter of fact way rather than bribing them, cajoling them etc from the get-go, they are more likely to cooperate.


Glue it on? With the recent news I would’ve expected duct tape 🙂


I see kids in strollers and on scooters in NYC wearing masks all the time. They can wear them if you get them used to it.


Were talking 2 year olds – you’ve seen 2 year olds on scooters? Seen them driving cars too?


Lots of toddlers get around Manhattan on scooters. Plenty wearing masks. Plenty of two year olds running around Manhattan playgrounds in masks. Plenty in preschools wearing masks.


The point is that most two year olds will not comply simply because their minds cannot comprehend why their parents are forcing them to wear something over their breathing holes. You saw a few toddlers. There are millions across this country that are still in diapers, some can’t even talk, some have valid disabilities. Other kids are just hardheaded and don’t want to do it, no matter how many time you try to hammer it into their little heads. My Nephew failed his brainwashing by his mother – she started at the prime age of 15 months – 9 months well before he became two. She would try every single tip and suggestion doctors, other parents, other figures of authority provided to her to no avail. She spent countless dollars on different kids of masks, with different patterns, materials, and lanyards. She bought books, made him watch videos and listen to songs about wearing a mask instead of letting him watch his Paw Patrol. She did this for 9+ months. He still doesn’t want to wear one. She also has a 5 year old that wears her mask for 30 mins and then its off for the day. Parents across this country are dealing with this sort of stuff everyday – they don’t talk about it, because no one cares. They just want a 2 year old, who still craps his pants and isn’t anywhere near close to being potty trained, to “just put a mask on for x number of hours”.

The kids you see on the street wearing masks? I’m sure their parents pretty much trained them like people do puppies to get them “used” to a face covering.

My toddler has breathing issues and I would never ever ask him to be fearful of whether he’s able to breath properly or not. He wants to breath oxygen, and by golly I will let him. I will never let him think this is supposed to be normal.


The irony here, Cassandra, is that we are being asked to get vaccinated and wear masks largely to protect children and others, like yours, who legitimately can’t. And many of us are willing to do this for others. Apparently there is a diversity of opinion on that. Sometimes even from those who benefit most.


Perhaps we should mandate toddlers wearing helmets in vehicle to protect them from car accidents, a lot more kids die of car accidents than COVID.


You do know toddlers are required to be in approved safety restrains in cars, don’t you? (Not to mention scores of other auto safety regulations)


and despite those requirements many children are killed, in many cases even though they were properly restrained. requiring the additional protection of helmets for all children in vehicles would save more childrens lives than lost to covid…


yup exactly horrifying scene! this is not something you want your kids getting used too..unless you agree this is the new normal! then thats just sad.


Have vaccine passports and allow those of us fully vaccinated to decide if we want to wear a mask , and those unvaccinated and any child under 12 will need to wear a mask even though it’s ridiculous for toddlers and young kids forced to wear a mask on a plane !!
Personally if all the vaccinated people took a stand and refused to fly until this nonsense of masks on a plane forever .
The reality is that prior to Biden’s tsa mask mandates – the airline industry had their own private mask mandates under trump and they are private businesses and can do that of course . Many of us are willing and ready to take a third vaccine shot for us and our families protection and to protect others .. planes have incredible filtration systems supposedly as they told us -cleaner air / well ventilated …I understood before vaccines ..but for humans American or not American to wear masks on a plane indefinitely and being fully vaccinated is mind boggling . We have to learn with covid . If more people got vaccinated delta wouldn’t be such sn issue but why make the pro vaccine crowd like myself wear masks on planes


While I agree that flying on airplanes is probably the lowest risk if they change the HEPA filters and clean cabins as they claim.

Additionally the postive pressure of the system (at least once a plane is airborne (not sure the APU running the HVAC while on the ground have the same CFM of airflow). Will also limit the spread on planes.

I think that rather than mandatory mask have people tested within 72 hours – and temp checked prior to boarding and mass temp checks before airside. Then let those that want to wear a mask do so. Alternatively let the marketplace decide and offer maskless flights the market may or may not support it (subject to Gov’t approval)..

I say this because of Breakthrough cases among the Vaxxed carry the same viral load as the Unvaxxed.

Mass testing of all pax case in point 27 breakthrough cases on Carnival cruise – they only caught those who were contagious because of mandatory testing.


Yes per the Harvard Study paid for by… the airlines.

Still don’t know why the restaurant lobby can’t get together and fund the same study.
Guess big airline is way more powerful than average restaurant.


If you are sucking your thumb, are you eating? If so, you don’t need to wear a mask.


The US will not lead. Other wiser, less politicized countries will embrace the science first and eliminate masks on airplanes. After nothing happens, a few months later, the US will eliminate them.


A large Canadian Public Health study has shown that children ages 0-3 years are more likely to spread Covid to their households than older children. This study (by Paul, Daneman, Schwartz, et al) was published yesterday in JAMA. The study ended 12/31/20, before the more easily transmitted Delta variant was amongst us.
Perhaps we should be embracing preventative measures instead of mocking them.


Well, I already knew this would happen. It’s okay if I don’t ever travel by plane again. I won’t give them my business if they ask for masks or proof of vaccination. Getting the jab will never make things go back to normal. We will never have our old normal anymore, that’s long gone. This is the “new normal” they were talking about at the beginning of the plandemic. And I predicted precisely all of this.


+10000000 exactly right! also masks are power why would they ever give that up?


There should be a show where strangers who have never had any kids attempt to get a toddler to wear a mask. That ought to be real funny.


Let’s lobby for getting the mask mandate for kids raised to age 6. That’s more realistic and will still help a lot. Can most people agree that it’s a reasonable age by which we teach our kids especially frum kids that there are things we have to do even if they aren’t fun?
But why does this discussion have to turn into uncivilized name calling (“brain dead”)?
In the Frum world we try to hold people to the highest standards like kashrut at an event even if not everyone agrees it’s necessary or it benefits them personally. The better we realize the idea of the greater good and being “areivim” for everyone, the sooner restrictions will be lessened or gone for everyone .


How about a 100% vaccination requirement for travelers? Isn’t that what Canada is doing? And if the vaccination rate for everyone reaches 90%, it might be safe to go inside without a mask. At the rate the Trumpaholics are dying off, it’s possible that could be achieved in a couple years.


wowwwwww good stuff!!!!! great attitude!


385,000 people attended Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival, more than two weeks ago. All of them had to show either proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative Covid test. For indoor events during the last two of four days, masks were required. Health officials now say that only about 200 of them have tested positive for Covid.


heard proof of vax there was a total joke!


I don’t think it should be called a mandate if you are not forced to do anything. No one has to wear a mask if you don’t step on a public airline. No mandate to wear a mask if you fly your own plane or private airline or drive a car. Not doing something when you choose to go into a public space is a convention or a best general practice for a shared space.

Same with not getting a vaccine. I haven’t heard of anyone getting forced to get a vaccine. I didn’t have to get a yellow fever vaccine or a hepatitus vaccine either, did you?
I guess personal freedoms still come with shared personal responsibilites, like they always have. If only there was some unfunded mandate then there would really be a gripe, by the whining gripers.


slight difference. the airlines are bailed out with 100’s of millions of our tax dollars and small airlines have a really hard time getting a spot in these multibiilion dollar state-funded airports


if your vaxed the experts say you are safe so why care if the person next to you is vaxxed? either you believe in the vaccine or not! we cant have endless mandates bec covid will never go away. we mitigate risk every min of our lives. you cant ask people to live in fear just bec your scared. thats not fare either. if you are worried i suggest n95,vax,hcq/ivemectin protocol for preventitive measures.