[Confirmed] Tax Day Likely To Be Moved To May 17th!

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Update: The IRS has confirmed the automatic May 17th extension for filing and payment. Quarterly estimated taxes must still be paid on April 15th.

With a backlog of tens of millions of tax returns and amid many Coronavirus related changes, the IRS will push off tax day by at least a month.

That would mean a deadline of May 15th, but as that is a Saturday and the IRS always makes tax day on the next weekday, it should mean a tax day of May 17th.

You will be able to file and pay taxes until that date without penalties.

Last year tax day was delayed to July 15th.

Will you take advantage of the extension?

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Absolutely, I owe a huge amount of money and was going to need to borrow to pay it but the extra month means I won’t need to borrow and I’ll be okay. So happy!


are you taking full advantage of tax deferred accounts like IRAs, 529s, and HSAs?


Pay your debt dude


What’s with this condescending comment? He is planning to pay it, he just said he was initially going to have to borrow money to do so but now he won’t have to. Relax.


What type of answer is that, He literally said that hes going to? I hope that i dont know you in real life.


I’m on public assistance.
On behalf of all NYC welfare recipients, I’d like to thank you for your yearly support & generous donation.
Please pay on time


DAN, when are you going to add comment likes>.. lol ^^^^

the big x

I’d like to clarify, you should talk to your accountant, but if you owe money, you still owe the money before May, however, you won’t be hit with penalty for not filing, that’s really all this is about.


If the IRS owes us money, what happened to those small additional payments they were supposed to make if we filed in July 2020 and they were supposed to pay us the difference in money owed between April 15 and July 15, 2020?


I received interest on my return due to the delay.


Think they postpone it till after Shavuot?


Probably. Good for those who were waiting for their states to pass their tax conformity laws. No need to deal with amendments later (hopefully)


Can i also move money to my IRA until that date? For 2020


Wait, is this just Federal or State too?


NJ and NY followed along. Don’t know about other states.


Thank you! What about if taxes are owed? Are they do on 5/17 without incurring any interest?


2019 return filed 9/15/2020 and still not processed…shameful


I filed a paper return in June ’20 and it has yet to be processed as well…


Same. Although they cashed my check right away. Amazing


Had the same with a passport application. The wait is HORRENDOUS! Three days after mailing out the renewal application the check was already cashed, and I was sure it meant we’ll be getting the passport shortly. Wrong. Only about 2 1/2 months later did they notify me that they are beginning to review the app and supporting documents, and I got the book nearly 3 months after original mailing date. I thus had important documents tied down for a couple months for nothing.


How do I find out if they have processed your 2019 return that i sent in last July? Thanks!

Jack out of the Box

They gotta pay the stimulus money from somewhere.



David R

Does that mean the deadline to file and get a refund for 2020 is May 17, 2024?

Jack out of the Box

Watch out for state tax deadlines as they are not required to be extended just because the IRS did.


That’s for federal not state.


does this mean the October extension deadline will also be pushed off??


Just because the federal tax deadline date has moved out a bit does not mean that the state tax deadline necessarily has been moved out (or moved out to the same deadline as the federal deadline). So check what your state tax authorities are doing too so you don’t get socked with a state tax penalty for missing a state deadline.