1 Hour Left To Sign Up For PPP Funding Round B Through Cross River Bank!

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Update 3: Cross River is no longer accepting PPP applications, but for now you can still apply through BlueVine here.

Update 2: Cross River will close applications today at about 4:59pm ET. As long as the form is open you can still apply through them for a PPP loan!

Update: Schedule C filers can now opt to use their total 2019 or 2020 gross income from line 7 of their Schedule C (rather than line 31 net profit) to receive a higher PPP loan for both first and second draw funding! This only applies for new loans going forward. If both your gross income and net profit are $0 or less, you are not eligible for a PPP loan. More details can be found in the updated SBA interim final rule.

The PPP program will end on 3/31 and Cross River will close their application portal on 3/20!

As part of the 2nd Coronavirus Stimulus Package, businesses can now take advantage of another round of PPP funding. If you previously received a PPP loan you can now apply for a 2nd one and if you didn’t take a first PPP loan, you can do that now as well.

DansDeals has partnered with Cross River Bank for readers to take advantage of PPP funding. You can apply for funding now!

Cross River Bank was a leader in getting PPP funding to small businesses last year, behind only Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase in total number of successful PPP loans, but those larger banks generally prioritized loans from larger businesses.


About PPP:

The federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, is designed to allow contractors, self-employed individuals, non-profits, and small businesses to get funding to keep people on payroll. With this round more businesses are eligible, including 501(c)(6)s, destination marketing organizations (DMOs), housing cooperatives, newspapers, broadcasters, and radio stations.

First time borrowers had to be in business since 2/15/20 to be eligible and can have up to 500 employees.

Second time borrowers must have used the full amount of their first PPP loan, have up to 300 employees, and had experienced a 25% drop in revenue in any quarter of 2020 in accordance with the SBA guidance, as compared to the same quarter in 2019.

There is no revenue drop requirement if you are taking your first PPP funding now.


PPP amount:

You can receive a loan up to 2.5 times the average monthly pay of yourself and your employees, capped at $20,833 in funding per employee. Accommodation and food establishments can take a forgivable loan of 3.5 times monthly payroll, capped at $29,167 in funding per employee. The maximum loan size for round B is $2 million.


PPP qualified expenses for loan forgiveness:

If you spend the loan on qualified expenses it can be forgiven. The definition of qualified expenses as been expanded for both first and 2nd time borrowers. Previously you were able to use PPP funds for payroll, rent, utilities, and mortgage payments. You can now also have your loan forgiven for software, cloud computing, and other human resources and accounting needs, property damage costs due to public disturbances that occurred during 2020 that are not covered by insurance, covered supplier costs for goods essential to operations, covered worker protection expenditures, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

You need to spend at least 60% of the loan on payroll in order to qualify for full loan forgiveness. You can use the proceeds from the loan over 24 weeks.

If you borrow under $150,000, your loan can be forgiven using a simple 1 page form.



If you receive forgiveness on a PPP loan, you can still deduct the expenses paid with that loan! Plus, you no longer have to deduct EIDL grants from PPP forgiveness.


Will you apply for a first or second round of PPP funding?


Disclaimer: Please note the information on this page is subject to change pursuant to guidance from the US Small Business Administration. Eligibility and availability are determined on a case-by-case basis by the lender and subject to guidance published by the SBA.

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Just completed the pre-application. Easy peasy! Thank you!


Are you sure it’s open to all type of businesses? I think they narrowed the list….
If I received the first load andhave up to 300 employees, and had experienced a 25% drop in revenue in any quarter of 2020 as compared to the same quarter in 2019?

Thanks! ♥


25% drop in gross revenue or profit?

I Love Dan

Sales. Which is bogus as we’ve spent twice the capital, effort, and resources to close the same deals. So if our sales did not go down because we worked harder and spent more, we’re out of luck.
We closed the year at a loss in profit but sales were about the same.

karen lapier

Im with you, we had a 50% net loss but gross receipts were about the same. It costs more to run a business and all those costs cannot always be passed on to the customer


What about self-employ? It might be harder for self-employ to proof the %25 drop.


Seemingly, you would have to show bank records of deposits. How do you show income to begin with? Bank records.


Anyone know the answer to this: a new business formed in 2020. Have nothing to compare last year to this year. Is a business created in 2020 not eligible or still can get 2.5x payroll?

Pete Weiss

Are you joking?

Texas Totty

I’m sure your helpful response was appreciated.

Texas Totty

I asked the Agudah a similar question. It seems you can only compare to quarters of 2019 when you were in business and had 25% more revenue than that same quarter in 2020.


The FAQ at Cross River States:

In order to be eligible for a loan, first-time businesses must have been in operation on February 15, 2020.

Nick CPA

Have to be in operation on Feb 15, 2020. You could average your 2020 payroll from Jann 1st thru Feb 29 and get 2.5 time that amount.


What about the EIDL grant of $1k per employee? Did the new bill not revive this?


Do you need to have an LLC (or similar) or as long as you had a profit on your 1040 schedule c?

Dr Moose

1040 Schedule C is good enough


Are DansDeals/CrossRiver PPP Applications going to be processed BlueVine’s platform? If yes, will BlueVine be the one doing the processing as well, or just hosting the application?


If im self employed can i still apply for PPP loan and whats the max i could get?


if i have W2 income (unaffected) and a side hustle with 1099 (affected), can i apply for the PPP for 2.5x monthly 1099 income?




Any way I can calculate my monthly payroll from first quarter only?


im confused If I am submitting for my first round of ppp shouldn’t they have the available questions for me to answer and not wait till the new guidelines for round 2 come out?

Shawn Karp

Please double check, but I believe one needs to check with their state to see if decoupled from (not following) federal rules for PPP loan. (Which would mean that the state will consider the forgiveness of loan as income)


Is it true that the SBA doesnt approve loans less than $1000? If true, that means that one must have $4800 on line 31, no?
Also, for those who took a lot of business expenses, they will be making less now….


“Plus, you no longer have to deduct EIDL grants from PPP forgiveness.”

Is this only on the second PPP or even on the first one? If it applies to the first as well what would you do if you already applied for forgiveness less the EIDL advance? Is there a way to amend it?


Some people are getting unemployment. Can they come off unemployment, use the PPP funds, and then go back on to unemployment? If so, how quickly can they use the PPP funds so as to not come off unemployment too long?


This is socialism.


What’s your point?

Nathan the prophet

How do you apply for the EIDL if living in a low income neighborhood?


when will they submit?


no payroll
we take net income/loss at year end on personal tax return
can we still apply?


I have same question. We use Single-Member llc and record net income on personal tax return.


Yes! Schedule c line 31 from last personal tax return, divide in 12 for monthly average, you’ll get 2.5 times of this amount.


If I got 2.5x in first round of funding- i can get another 2.5x now, so long as I can prove 25% revenue drop?


I’m on a W2 not 1099. Its a commsion based buinsess with my earnings down by 30%+. Do I qualify?

Some jew

id like to know this as well. similar situation.


Nope, need a 1099.

Moshe Dembitzer

Does Cross River do a hard credit pull for PPP? or only a soft pull


My parents business reported a loss in 2019
Can they use 2018 taxes( no loss)?
From my understanding if you declared a loss your not eligible


Can I apply if I don’t have payroll?

Rabi Ed

I am calculating for a non-profit but I wonder if they made a mistake. On the FAQ it says:

On 6 Question:
• Step 1: Compute ***2019*** payroll costs by adding the following…

Do you actually calculate things for 2019 why not 2020, that would be more realistic to what is happening in 2021.


anybody have any idea where i would find my “previous SBA Loan ID?” i emailed Kabbage, but they’re closed today and would love to get the loan in. (BTW, last year i appled through Kabbage. This year they never even sent anything out, so i’m applying through cross river. (Which even taking into account the computation needed for the loss in revenue is not as easy an ap0lication as Kabbage was.


If you go on the dashboard on the k services site you will see a section labeled SBA loan documents. You need to click on SBA notes and you will see the loan number.

Mr Green

self employed.. Do you need to proof 25% loss for a quarter? How do I proof it?


On S Corp and only have payroll for 2020 not 2019 can I get PPP?


If you can show a bank statement from Feb showing you were in business then it should be fine.

Deal Guy

On cross river for partnership 1065.

They ask you for following documents.
1-driver license for partner A.
2-driver license for partner B.
3- void check
4- Feb 2020 bank statement.
5-1040 SCHEDULE C FROM 2019 OR 2020.
6- Form 1065 k-1

What are you supposed to submit for #5?

They won’t let you go further unless you put in #5 as well.

Any guidance from Cross River what to do?


Is the 300 employee limitation per location or is the limit on the whole business? Are part time employees counted as one employee or divided by the hours? (like in the forgiveness process)


I was a 1099 contractor and over the summer could not get any further contracts- So I needed to take a w2 position with almost 30% reduction in pay. I wonder if I would qualify too. Was a contractor for years and will go back once everything is normalized.


applications are live but are they able to submit to SBA yet?


Found a nasty bug. In Step 4, if the total payroll amount exceeds 100,000 per employee it says “Average monthly payroll should not exceed $8,333.33/month/employee.” However, I believe the actual restriction from the SBA is that the cash portion of compensation (i.e. the salary) cannot exceed $100,000. We have group health and retirement benefits that we want to add in for our employees, and those amounts should not trigger the above error.

I got my round 1 PPP via Cross River and they didn’t have this bug. Have tried contacting the bank for support but got a generic reply. Bummer.


There is a line under that that asks you any amount above 100k and it automatically reduces it to 100k


Again though, the 100K limit is only supposed to apply to salary, not things like retirement/medical. Just a bug on Cross River’s application. It’s fine though, I applied through Lendio and the correct numbers worked just fine.


Are you saying that everyone in your company gets paid over 100k if you include benefits?


Has anyone been approved for the loan yet? Wondering what the processing time was this time around. Submitted everything today.


Applied yesterday. Any idea how long this can take? If there’s something wrong with the documentation, will someone contact me?


I think this was asked already but not answered. Can anyone who has already applied with Cross River for this round, or applied with them for the first round, confirm whether they do a hard or soft credit pull. This is extremely important for me to know prior to applying. (applied with Kabbage for first round, and they did not do a hard pull).


same here. mortgage closing in a week. Do not want a hard pull right now.


do i need Calculate 25% include first round ppp for total growth income for 2020 quater? or calculate without first round ppp?


hard pull/soft pull? Does it get reported on credit report?


At least for me, in the first round there was either no pull or a soft pull when applying for the loan. The forgiveness application resulted in a hard pull by the SBA itself however.


I didn’t have the same experience. Had the 1st one forgiven through scratch llc, and no pull happened


has anyone been approved yet for round 2?

Deal Guy

What is the turnaround time, from when it says application submitted successfully, to actually getting approved by the sba?


There are many mistakes in this application, LLC that files as a partnership without any additional employees does not file a form 940 and yet Cross River requires it in order to finish the application

reb M

i’m having this problem as well. application doesnt allow you to select ll partnership with 0 employees and is requiring the 940 at the end. Did anyone find a work around?


I am trying to fill out the app, and need some assistance. from their customer service one would think they dont want you


I searched everywhere online and haven’t come up with anyone who talks about it… my main job is 1099 which was SUPER affected but I also have a side job as W2.. I got first PPP loan And applied for the second.. but now just found out my employer also got a PPP loan and I assume took me as part of his employees…. will that affect me being able to get my PPP loan (second and PPP forgiveness) which I am really counting on?
I assume this should be more common so not sure why I haven’t seen anything on this- or even people who work 2 jobs… is you social security number capped at the $100k per year?

Ben Royal

I’m running into a bug on the application. When entering “total annual payroll to all employees” in 2019, it considers that amount a QUARTERLY payroll instead of annual and gives me ridiculously high “average monthly payroll amnt” and completely off “maximum loan amount”. Anyone else with the same experience?


Can I apply now for PPP Round 1 using my 2020 K1 (multi member llc)?
I do not have a 25% reduction in sales


Can anyone recommend a bank that wants my business. Impossible to get anyone on the phone and they ignore emails


Dan, please use your clout to have them provide service to us. Many of my friends are getting approvals and there is no way to get in touch with them to see the status.


I had a w2 in 2019 and 2020 unaffected. In 2019 I had a small side commision of $10k which i received a 1099. I did not receive a 2020 1099 from that company for 2020. Am I eligible based on the 2019 1099? And if so how do o calculate that amount? Thank you


anyone approved mine showing waiting for sba approvalf

PPP Applicant

Has anyone been approved?


I applied through eastern union cross river and was denied-for no reason of course, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same here. But hopefully I’m wrong….

Ed Travel

They did not approved mine but no reason was given. Also they did not send me an email (which I am surprise that they didn’t) I had to manually log in and see the result…


Had the same thing, ridiculously frustrating.
No one to talk to at all.
I applied with Chase instead and just got approval email.

Ed Travel

Where did you go to apply with Chase?


My income was $0 in one quarter in 2020 and it wouldn’t let me put $0 on the Cross River 2nd round application so I put $1. Is that fine? Or do I need to ask them to manually change it to $0? Thank you


I just got my letter today saying I had to start paying back the eidl grant next month. Has anyone else received something similar?


after 3 week wait was Not approved for a 1st ppp loan, no reason given and and no one to speak to, no help desk, very frustrating !


As a sole owner landlord with LLC don’t file a schedule c and have had loss of rent due to pandemic. Anything I qualify for?


Unfortunately no PPP but you might qualify for EIDL


What’s considered essential supplies for operations for the 40% forgiveness?

Does it have to be covid related?


Regarding benefiting from the PPP and the ERC Programs

I know double dipping is not allowed, but is it considered double dipping for PPP on the 30% of the ERC Program that’s not compensated?

Bec they only give 70% caped at 10k for ERC


Rosh Yeshiva



Yes what?


@Dan, I applied and got approved, who services the loan so I can be in touch with regarding the forgiveness application?

Mr Green

I applied round one with Paypal/LoanBuilder.
They did a hard credit pull. I called them now, and they told me that round 2 they will pull my credit again.
Does anyone know of a company that does not pull your credit? or you would advise to do round 2 with the same company that I did round 1, even though they will pull my credit?


I looked at required documentation for a corporation. It says “proof of health insurance” does that mean that only companies that give their employees health insurance qualify for this loan?


I would like to apply for PPP 2.

I am self employed from my C corp. So I put in all my info as sole proprietor. but then they ask me if I have any other business etc.. since I own my C corp, do I answer Yes?


What does that mean self employed from my c Corp?

Martha Torres

Has anyone file for the PPP loan on behalf of a co-op? Thanks.


Are sub contractors included as employees?


Just submitted my application for round one… Does anyone know when I can expect a response?


I’m confused about what is considered a first draw and a second draw. I did not apply for a loan last summer in Round A. I applied an received a loan in January 2021 for Round B. Is this considered a first draw? Would I be eligible for a second draw during Round B?


Is Cross River a heimishe company? can I talk to someone there have some questions regarding eligibility?


My business is self declaring income I make as a musician. I have no employees other than myself. Am I eligible?


Didn’t think about this previously because B”H my primary job (W2) was unaffected. However, I also work per diem (1099) and that income took a major hit in 2020. After reading this page it seems that I would be eligible for a PPP loan based on that.
1. Can someone confirm that that is the case?
2. If so, is there any way that said loan would be forgivable? My 1099 income for 2021 is shaping up to be at pre-Covid level.


I have a C-Corporation business that revenue in 2020 went up from 2019. I did not apply for any PPP or similar loans or grants. There is no payroll as I am the owner and there are no employees. My revenue is hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, but the business makes zero profit. I have another job and use the business revenue for its expenses. Am I eligible?


You need to have payroll as a c-corp


I got both loans based on the net is is possible to ask for additional money based on the gross?


you want money based on gross and net? this might be #1 foolish question of all time


I think he means instead of (i.e., the difference).


Can I include health insurance payments as part of bring up my ppp loan if I file a schedule C self employed?
Or it’s only for companies that use payroll?


Is there someone who can advise eligibility before submitting application?


Any guidance if we applied for ppp2, but the application is still under review with SBA and not approved yet
Would we be able to submit a new application using the gross rather than the net?
thanks for the guidance.


Doesn’t look like this company provides any guidance


Get the difference between the Gross and the net


Anybody have any experience with Cross River with applying for PPP loan (2021 version or Second PPP) and receiving funding based on net income and then increasing the loan amount based on using gross income? Should I call them? Any help out would be greatly appreciated.


Nobody to call sounds like no human there, if you find a human person to talk to there plz provide the number, thanks


Update – I received a lame canned response from Cross River about my loan funded and they failed to address my question about obtaining more funds based on the changes or what to do moving forward. Very disappointed.


Anyone dealt with cross river? Is this just an automated company?
If you needed to talk to someone were you able to get a hold of anyone via phone or email?

Cross River

They’ve done a huge amount of PPP loans. Probably hard to get a hold of a human.


Anyone knows someone else that does PPP and can give advice?


Most banks aren’t giving advice on eligibility (they probably don’t want to be held liable should anything happen). Speak to an accountant or an attorney.


can I use 2018 if 2019 not completed yet?


can i use 2018 if 2019 taxes not completed yet




Can I adjust mine if i already got approved and got funds in round 2? Based on gross income, I would now be eligible for double the amount that I got based off the net profit…


Anyone have a phone number? Have an application in review for weeks and only getting canned email response….

D Pines

The deadline was just extended


are they reopening applications now that the deadline was extended?