Pfizer’s Vaccine Is Now Authorized For 12-15 Year Olds, Will You Vaccinate Your Kids?

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The FDA extended their EUA today, authorizing the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine in 12-15 year olds.

2,260 participants in that age group were enrolled in a study and while 16 cases of COVID-19 occurred among 978 placebo recipients, there were 0 cases of COVID-19 among the 1,005 vaccine recipients, meaning the vaccine was 100% effective in preventing COVID-19.

That’s impressive.

More than half of the participants were followed for safety for at least two months following the second dose. Side effects in the adolescents were similar to adults, with some having minor side effects that lasted for 1-3 days.

Kids from 6 months to 11 years old are currently being studied, with the hope to have approval later this year.

While most kids do not have severe reactions to COVID, they can still spread it, and it’s unknown what the long-term ramifications of COVID will be. Long-term COVID problems continue to plague many adults that were infected.

Others will argue that we don’t know what the long-term ramifications of the vaccine are, but nearly 100% of vaccine side effects show up within 2 months. The vaccines have been studied for more than a year now and they have proven to be wildly successful in stopping the spread of COVID.

Will you vaccinate your 12-15 year old?

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Misleading post. Not yet approved by the CDC. Will likely be Wednesday.




That’s correct, CDC still needs to vote at their meeting this Wednesday.


Yep, it’s the right thing to do.


Tell that to the Tuskegee airmen.


This, so much this. And they care about BLM, right? Well they should care about that experiment on black men that the govt allowed to happen for YEARS. But they don’t ‍♀️


your talking about like 60 years ago…get over it!


The harm done to them was not the result of them being jabbed with an FDA-authorized vaccine for the general public. They were subjected to an unethical experiment with untreated syphilis.


It’s the right thing for YOU to do..


No, thank God my children are healthy and the virus presents a very low risk of hospitalization and death to minors. If my kids had preexisting conditions then yes.


It’s not only about your children. They can spread the virus if they aren’t vaccinated.


So please tell me why they keep saying that vaccinated people can still spread the virus???


Very little to zero transmission if fully vaccinated.


Just like without the vaccine….?


Really? So without vaccine the risk of transmission is little to Zero?
If know you think that you are smarter than scientists who study this day and night.


Please cite your data that vaxxed people spread covid less than unvaxxed ppl


@Elizat. If you did not already find the study then you are here to waste everyones time. I did a google search and found an Israeli study in the 1st page itself.


The jury still out on that one! they have not done enough studies on vaccine to see if you cant CARRY IT. But im still totally for the vaccine.


So let those who are that afraid of the virus that has a 99.6% recovery rate get vaccinated. I prefer not to have my kids be part of an experiment


99.6% recovery rate still equates to over 3 million people who DIED.

Dan\'s the man

The death rate among 0-17 is much less than .04%. It is actually less than .01%.


FUD. The question was “will you vaccinate your kids.” How many kids are part of your 3 million #? Try to stay on topic without mudding the waters with your obvious bias

concerned citizen

around 300 kids i believe died in the us of covid out of that i dont know how many were seriously ill beforehand. but kids especially really young statistically have about a 0% chance of dying. and as for the question of spread? who cares, we have the vaccine! and also kids have not been a main vector of spreading throughout this pandemic. so why giver them this vaccine?

concerned citizen

so get the .4% the cvaccine, anyone who wants to and is afraid thats high risk can get it now. i dont see the issue?


So you’re enrolling your kids in the experiment, ‘what happens when my kids are not vaccinated and large public gatherings resume’?


DUDE!! My pastors toddler died from covid. Scientists research on this day and night and they dont get their “expertise” from facebook scientists.


The people who are vaccinated don’t have to worry.
And if the vaccine doesn’t work, it won’t work for teenagers either


Hahaha you must have a PhD (or at least an MPH) in epidemiology!


So let those who are afraid be vaccinated. Since the vaccine is available to those who want to take it, please let other people live their life as they see fit.

concerned citizen

+1000000000000000 exactly!!!! well said! time for those people to find a new cause! covid is rapidly coming to an end in the usa.


If the vaccine works 100%, then the fact that my children aren’t vaccinated wouldn’t affect yours


That’s not really true. Each time someone gets COVID, it produces millions of COVID viruses, any one of which may mutate into something more deadly – which would, or could affect your children, your family, their uncles and aunts and cousins – and mine. I mean, do what you think is right, but don’t justify it by saying it doesn’t affect others.

concerned citizen

so get the vaccine. and the vax is showing resistants to other variants. and you know what if it doesnt then theres nothibng else to be done, well just have to live with it and the other millions of viruses out there. we have great medication these days for covid. lets try that. but to continue to live our lives this way forever is unsustainable! if you are so scared were the triple mask with goggles and leave everyone else alone.


What’s stopping covid vax from forcing other mutations as well..?

No. Way.

My, and her, responsibility is SOLELY to me and my children. You can do what you want but it’s disturbing to pressure and bully people who choose to live their life in the best way they know how.


And g-d forbid your child dies from Covid. No one is bullying. It just makes sense.

concerned citizen

what happens if your child dies from vaccine? or have long term effects. there have been kids who have died already in the us trials. i believe that number is 9.


Please remove this fake information.


I’ll vaccinate my kids when you show me a double blind inert placebo long term study that shows kids with covid 19 vax have lower mortality rate than non vaxxed cov19 kids.
For now I’ll take my chance with God and nature


Spread to whom? To other healthy kids who weren’t vaccinated because they’re healthy kids? Everyone who is at risk should be vaccinated.


Please G-d they stay that way. If you’re children get sick you will have to live with knowing you could have preventing it.


When the chance of getting seriously ill from a disease is that low, you aren’t responsible even in the very rare case where a child actually gets seriously ill.
This is because Hashem controls the world, and only expects a certain amount of Hishtadlus. If a child getting seriously ill from COVID is rare enough, the responsibility isn’t ours anymore. This is assuming that they won’t cause inevitable spread to high risk people as they could theoretically all get vaccinated. Either way this is a question for everyone to ask to their Rabbi. I am not anti-vax, but like many others, I’m uncomfortable with the way it gets politicized.


Peoples, let’s be calm and use some logic.
Most people (my guess at least 70%) will take the vaccine. A bunch more got the virus. There’ll be heard immunity and very few will continue to get ill and die from it and it’ll be like the flu numbers (or lower).
No need to worry about convincing others to have their kids vaccinated.
Looking forward to giving y’all hugs. Peace out.


clearly you did not read the part where it says they can spread it and that is the main purpose to stop the spread

concerned citizen

spread to who? other kids, who also have almost 0 chance of death. or to other vax people who also according to the study have almost 0 chance of death from covid once double vaxed, even if they catch covid. and for those adults who choose not to vax if they get infected from a kid , well thats on them! we all forgot something called personal responsibility ! the media has brainwashed us with this whole “were all in this together” thats not the normal way of running our lives. its a marketing slogan, a grerat one at that!

Dan\'s the man

Has anyone been able to see more info about the placebo group? I know there were a lot of cases among the placebo group but how many cases of death / severe disease? If none why do we need to vaccinated kids? I’m not anti vax at all just trying to see what we are trying to protect kids from? I totally get that we need a certain percentage of the population to protect the vulnerable who can’t be vaccinated. Are there any conditions that adults have that would prevent them from getting vaccinated? Based on Israel and even stats from the US that last 4-8 weeks cases, hospitalizations, and deaths all plument as the majority of adults get vaccinated. Not sure we need to vaccinate kids. Maybe send doses to India and other countries that need them?


In addition to preventing illness and death for kids (it’s not zero), it prevents kids from spreading to those that can’t or haven’t been able to vaccinate yet.

Dan\'s the man

I know it’s not 0 but it’s 4 times lower rate of death than the seasonal flu for ages 0-17. As far as transferring to others. There are literally no lines anymore. Anyone that wants an a vaccine can now walk in and get one.


I don’t have to experiment on my kids for those who ‘haven’t been able to get vaccinated?’ Why not? There’s free shots for everyone. If you want the vax go get it, Oh because they are sick and it hasn’t been proven safe for sick people? Well guess what, it hasn’t been proven safe either for kids. So you can take the experiment and leave us out of it.


Let me vaccinate my newborn and 3 year old and Ill be the first one to sign up!!


Hard pass on the conspiracy theories. I’m going to keep my kids safe and vaccinated.






You sound very naive.


Just follow the money.



shomer pesaim hashem

You’re kids are completely safe without the vaccine. You mean, you’re gonna keep other people safe from your kids.
But then, without any conspiracy theories, your first responsibility is to your kids; not other people they come in contact with. So you have to ask your doctor and/or rabbi how much greater is the risk to a teenager of the virus over the vaccine? Both have same negligible amount of risk, so when does shev v’al tasseh kick in?


“That’s impressive.”

Hmmmm… Not very much so, considering their low infection rate in the first place.


How many of those that received the placebo Vaccine cat Covid? Why are they still doing this as a emergency use authorization rather then a full authorization?


Read the post


I wouldn’t except that schools (and Shuls) are going mask free for those that are vaccinated. If not then my kids will be part of the minority that continues to wear a mask all day.


Why are people scared of possible side affects of a vaccine (far past the “experiment” stage at this point) but not scared of possible long term affects of getting covid, even if you don’t get hospitalized?


This. Exactly this. We know a lot more about the long-term effects of the vaccine than we do to the long-term effects of COVID-19 – and what we know about the long-term effects of COVID-19 is not pleasant.

Go and get yourself vaccinated – for yourself and for those around you.

Sarena Kopxiel

Exactly including the increase in T2DM post Covid and a rise in thyroid disorders etc


Even if the possible side effects were equal (vaccine and infection), chances of catching COVID now are slim whereas when you vaccinate you’re definitely taking on the risk


But possible side effects aren’t equal


As a physician and researcher on the long term effects of COVID, I’ll offer that this isn’t hypothetical anymore; post-Covid syndrome is very real. Most concerning are long term vascular conditions, risk of stroke, and hypercoaguability, etc.

Get vaccinated. Save a life.


VAERS reporting is sky high compared to all other vaccines. Do the research.


Vaers reporting is BS. It’s not vetted.


Who says the people that are afraid of possible side effects of the vaccine aren’t afraid of side effects of the virus???
Perhaps the are afraid of both but they don’t want to inject in themselves something that may have side effects.


The whole business is suspect. My wife just had foot surgery in the hospital same day center. She is fully vaccinated as of Taanis Esther. Moderna. Why did the hospital demand 2 covid tests before surgery. Either the vaccine works or it doesn’t.

Know the truth

Before each of you make your final decision as to whether to vaccinate any age group at all, please do proper research. It is important to see both sides. Europe and Israel have REAL studies about the vaccine and its effects on our health at large. Just because your Rabbi or Dr. is telling you to do it, they are not G-d! DO YOUR RESEARCH
Remember it is called an EMERGENCY AUTHORIZATION on purpose. Google it if you don’t know what it means!
May Hashem bless you with a long and healthy life together with your loved ones!


“Just because your Rabbi is telling you to do it”
Excuse me? that’s not how we work.


Who’s “we”? A competent Rabbi may be your best shot at deciding risk vs benefit for each individual’s personal situation, by considering currently available scientific information and statistics. This is because the Torah does have guidelines for this type of dilemma and a Rabbi who is an expert may be able to offer some insight and advice. I’m not talking about asking a Rabbi for a medical opinion (though there have been some rare cases of very great Gedolim doing just that with incredible results), only that he help you solve a dilemma involving two already existing opinions or options.

Psak is diff than eitzah

“Shoel eitzah v’aseh kirtzonecha.”
Ruach chaim.


“Dr. is telling you to do it, they are not G-d! DO YOUR RESEARCH”

Because who cares about medical school or experience? We should all be using Facebook and random articles found from a poorly worded Google search to do research ourselves. Experts are all paid off. Medical journals and research papers are for the sheepel and who needs those.

I’m sure you do your RESEARCH for cancer treatments, filing taxes and in traffic court.


“but nearly 100% of vaccine side effects show up within 2 months”

That is a silly thing to say. How can you possibly know that? It’s a new technology and many doctors say it will take at least 1 year to begin seeing the side effects.

I’m willing to bet that none of the 1,000 kids in the control group died of Covid either.

What a meanless study and it’s embarrassing that so many people would expose their children who have zero risk of Covid to an unknown drug.

And there is no evidence that kids spread Covid and also no evidence that the vaccine prevents the spread of Covid.

And the vaccine is not approved by the FDA, it only has Emergency Use Authorization. They clearly state on their website that it is NOT approved by the FDA.

Anyone who gives this to their kid is blindly following their doctor who is blindly following the CDC. Or insane.

You really have to think for yourselves and not just believe what the establishment claims.


“but nearly 100% of vaccine side effects show up within 2 months”

This is true of all known vaccines in history. Side effects show up relatively quickly or never.

(Excluding antibody-dependent enhancement which was a problem with dengue vaccine but has not been demonstrated in COVID).


Anyone know how Bill and Melinda Gates are dividing up the pediatric doses? Im a little concerned about this just in case things get messy.

~King Lake~

No, not me and not my wife and kids!


You should be aware that the mRNA vaccine is a new technology and cannot be compared to previously approved vaccines. It’s technically not even under the category of a vaccine.

This means that you cannot assume that if you don’t have serious side effects in the first few months it means long-term is fine. Yes historically vaccines don’t have long-term side effects, but again this is not the same technology.

So for me to give this so-called vaccine to my children especially if they already had covid, is not something that makes sense. The only thing that it may help is to slow the spread to people that are high risk. I think by now most people with high risk should have already received this vaccine. With that being said everyone should know that 78% of death were overweight people. This is something the media does not publicize.


mRNA gets broken down in your body within a few days


Do you know guaranteed if it does anything other than what’s expected? Just because they know what it will do in your body doesn’t mean it’s the only thing it does in your body before leaving your body.


What an incredible chillul Hashem that the Jewish community has so many antivaxxers. Where does this narishkeit come from?

Vaccines save lives. Perhaps you will save your own life. Perhaps you will save the life of a family member or a friend. Perhaps you will save the life of a stranger. And even if it turns out that you didn’t save a life, what’s the harm?


Have you even gave their side of the story 5 minutes? There are plenty of Drs. and professors, scientists that are antivaxx.

Sarena Kopxiel



Not for good reasons


“Plenty” – right.

Their side is has literally nothing to do with science and everything to do with feelings.


Vaccine sceptics and anti-vaxxers can be quite different. I got COVID and I’m still trying to figure out why the CDC recommends that I get vaccinated. I know maybe this maybe that, but as the CDC themselves admit, the vaccine is also maybe this maybe that. I’m also still scratching my head from a misleading part of the the reasoning given by the CDC for previously infected people to vaccinate: “Learn more about why getting vaccinated is a safer way to build protection than getting infected”, Safer??? um… maybe getting infected wasn’t as safe as getting vaccinated, but they WERE infected already!
I think the vaccine is probably safe and effective over all, but like many people, I would stay away from an extra injection if I can’t figure out why I should take it. Maybe I would consider it if the CDC updates their recommendation for those previously infected to one dose (which many studies found to create an even bigger immune response than 2 doses in never infected individuals).


The studies show more robust and longer-lasting antibody levels from vaccines compared to natural infection. That is why it is recommended for you or anyone with previous infection, despite already having some antibodies.


Being that the vaccine is relatively new, please share with us the ‘studies’ you quoted that vaccine antibodies are more robust and longer-lasting than natural infection.

Oh, is that why they are now recommending a COVID-19 booster every year? Because it’s so effective
And what exactly do you mean by robust? Because certain antibodies are high? That doesn’t mean it will protect them against antibody dependent enhancement.
People have zero antibodies and still don’t get sick

Shmeel Shmelke

If the yeshivas require vaccination, how many of you are going to claim a “religious” exemption?


Good luck. NY is trying to remove that.


Why take a new vaccine at all when there are cheap and effective and well studied drugs available to treat Covid? When taken early these drugs (which have decades long studies attached to them) have a near 100% efficacy. Seems like an unnecessary risk to me.


Always give my kids vaccines, especially ones that were tested for 6 months.
The longer they need to be tested the less I trust them, I mean if they were good why would they need 5 plus years of testing. They should know right away.


Can’t tell if this is a joke or not.
I mean why shouldn’t all drugs and biologics only go through 6 months of testing?? If someone doesn’t die right away I guess it’s safe right??

You clearly haven’t heard of Vioxx of SV40(just to start with) 🙂


Anybody inject botulism toxin (Botox) into themselves but are overly concerned about the safety of the covid vaccine? Not comparing the two, but curious to know the thought process


Covid has been shown to mutate into more dangerous variants. Taking the view that children are low risk today, so a vaccine isn’t worth it is painfully naive. Children are in fact prone to infection and also spreading it, and it’s only a matter of time before there’s a variation that poses a far greater risk to children. That is why I am getting my kids (9 months and 3 yrs) vaccinated ASAP.


Please share with us your assumed data that shows the new vaccine magically protects against all these ‘dangerous variants’ you tell us of.

One of us

Hi Dan. I like your deals. But please you’re not a doctor. Since when medical situation of every person is a world matter.
Keep your good deal job.
And let’s the Dr. inform us about vaccines.
Thank you!


As a doctor I actually appreciate Dan’s common sense arguments. Sometimes it is too painful for us in the medical field to read and engage with all the half-truths and outright fabrications that people post. Our society should not easily forget those who died of this terrible disease, even if they are a minority. Blaming the victim (overweight, diabetic, old) is so inhuman. Their lives, and many more, might have been saved had we acted more sensibly, less selfishly, and definitely less politically.


I, for one, greatly appreciate Dan and his website. But these feel good comments are totally off-point. The point of this discussion is not to fat-shame anyone. After 14 months, it is well known who is at elevated risk for serious complications from covid and those people need elevated protection. However, after two months, the relative risk of vaccine vs no vaccine in 12-15 year olds (certainly w/o underlying conditions) is poorly understood, really. As my covid rebbe said… “ I am the biggest advocate of adult vaccination, and took the first opportunity I could get to get mRNA, but I am stunned that so many smart people are so eager to embrace EUA for 12 to 15 without closer scrutiny of the data….. If an un-anticipated safety signal emerges (perhaps like the still under investigation myocarditis/ israeli data) you will have an existential crisis in the USA”


And I thought Jews were the smartest people around.
Some of the comments seem them as brainy as Fox News watcher.

(Sorry for insult. Just trying to catch attention)

Come on guys…

It s not question of “persona choice”.

Do you drink very heavily and then drive on expressway?

It is not just you but your decision is putting OTHERS in danger.

Anyone refusing to take vaccine (except for health reason), need first gentle education and then singapore style canning.

Please do the right thing. Dont let virus mutate.


Yes Jews are the smartest. We were the ones (in some places) who were first to realize that you don’t help anyone when you walk on the street wearing 2 masks when there’s an average of 20 feet between you and the next person, especially at 1 in the morning. And then Dr. Fauci thought of that very same idea…

reb yid

Getting a large percentage of Americans vaccinated will do nothing to prevent mutations occuring elsewhere where vaccination rates will remain lie for a long time. They will then arrive in the US because of our lax travel restrictions. Remember: the virus didn’t start here, and the variants didn’t start here. They came here from elsewhere. Getting vaccinated will protect you but will not protect the work from variants.


usman, every time you drive your car, theres a higher chance that there will be an accident. its a numbers thing. please stay in your house for the rest of your life. thank you.
(j/k) but for real, it is a personal choice if theres a vaccine that was not tested long-term and might cause real damage 10 years down the line to my kid… not interested…


Anybody wanting to know the difference between chochma and seykhel should read the comments thread.


Read this about the number of Covid-19 infant deaths in Brazil:

Sounds like there are at least a couple thousand parents in Brazil alone who wish their infant survived this pandemic and probably wish they could go back in time with an authorized vaccine for infants too.


Your claim had literally nothing to do with your solution.
Please share with us the studies that show that babies have a lower mortality rate with covid vaccine than babies with no covid vaccine


Honestly, I feel like this question should not be asked publicly like this. It’s just asking for people to trash each other and creates a huge chilul hashem. Regardless of which side of the argument you fall under it’s a personal decision, and for the vast majority of us it is being made by someone just trying to do what’s best without a medical degree or a scientific background. Personally, I do believe we should vaccinate everyone, but publicly asking who is vaccinating is just inviting people to get defensive about their decisions and back them up with misleading information. I don’t think any anti-vaxxer is going to read someone’s response and decide to get vaccinated, and I don’t think anyone who believes in the vaccine is going to read someone’s post and decide that the vaccine is evil. This decision, like political debate among non-politically active individuals usually is, just leads to people speaking horribly about each other for no truly helpful result. The world is finally turning a corner thanks to the vaccine, the numbers have gone down, and I will continue davening that we all do our best to get them to go down even further. Whatever strategy each of us uses to get there is our own business, but let’s not find new ways to speak loshon harah about each other to get there. Respect each other’s decisions, because honestly, disrespecting them isn’t changing what those decisions will be, it is only changing how we treat each other.




Kids are more likely to die of diarrhea than Covid. Sorry, not vaccinating my kids.


One of the saddest comment sections… A real embarrassment.

1. Is there ANY mainstream Rav who sanctions not taking the vaccines? Not someone who heard that some Rabbi said something to someone – a Rabbi willing to publicly put his name out there that this is Daas Torah? I’ll wait.

2. To those that quote ‘websites’, please read their sections on the Holocaust. I did. Let me know if you still believe them when it comes to this.

3. I have several family members in the medical field, who have been working tirelessly throughout this pandemic. They are still waiting for their check from whoever is behind this for perpetuating the ‘hoax’. Instead, they’ve seen people die, have long lasting side effects, and have been overworked and exhausted. Pretty dedicated for being corrupt.

4. To the person who said that it is not b’geder hishtadlus, I refer you to question #1.

5. There is so much more to say but it’s an echo chamber. Just had to get it off my chest. Thank you Dan for just cutting to the logic and leaving emotions out of it.


Does anyone seriously believe that doctors have no morality, do not value human life, and are only out to make money but those spreading anti vaxx lies are doing it out of altruism and concern for your welfare?
Crazy how ppl believe random articles online over medical professionals and the CDC.


Aha. So let me follow this… even though kids are not harmed by covid, there is a “potential to spread it”.
Does ANYONE read what the CDC has to say about the shot? Even after being fully “vaccinated” you can still transmit the disease! So essentially you are injecting children (and their developing bodies and brains) with an experimental vaccine to achieve the same amount of transmission…
What is wrong with people?
Who exactly are you protecting if they are still transmitting disease with the shot and without?


when is the first day we can take our kids to vaccinate?


I don’t understand how people end up chasing and believing in conspiracy theories. I really really don’t.

A prominent psychologist told me once that it has to do normally with less educated/intelligent people who need to feel that they know something that ‘you’ don’t and it makes them feel smarter. Obviously it is not such a deliberate decision that they make to believe.

Also do these people realize where their vitamins come from? Some lab in China….

It is super scary to see how easy it is to pull the wool over some people’s eyes. It scares me that there can be illegitimated suppression of real real concerns in our communities… (think of all the crazy things that go on and no one wants to admit to).

You see this sort of behavior with college Palestinian supporters that can not have civil discussion, or with the woke left when it comes the gender issues. Like there is no brain and no cognitive function. A true hijacking of the mind.

The people on top of these hoaxes are all the same… fearmongering in order to sell sell sell! It makes so much money…

This is how cults work! (Like the alt ‘camp’ that will not allow vaccinated kids and charges $3,000 a session where the primary activity is to build houses, which are definitely going to be used by the camp owners!)