After Ohio’s Vaccine Lottery Success, New York And Maryland Add Vaccine Lotteries

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Last week Ohio Governor Mike DeWine thought up and announced a lottery for people who get vaccinated or are already vaccinated.

Adults 18 and older who are vaccinated or start getting vaccinated can enter into a weekly lottery to win a million dollars. 12-17 year olds who get vaccinated can register to win college scholarships. The lottery runs for 5 weeks in a row.

DeWine was criticized by many, but early numbers indicate that his plan is working. The state is seeing increases across all age groups.

It sure beats watching a painfully awkward Bill de Blasio eating a cold burger and fries for breakfast!


Other states are taking note.

New York will offer a lottery scratch-off with prizes ranging from $20-$5MM.

However unlike in Ohio, it won’t award the scratch-off to people who were previously vaccinated. And it will only be offered if you are vaccinated at one of 10 state run mass vaccination sites, which are far less convenient than going to your corner drug store. And it will only run from May 24-28.

Meanwhile in Maryland, those who are vaccinated or will get vaccinated will be entered to win $40,000 in a daily lottery running through July 3rd. On July 4th a grand prize winner will take home $400,000.

Apparently there really is a demographic of people that won’t get the COVID vaccine unless there’s a shot at a pot of gold in it for them. So, how long will it be until another round of stimulus checks are only offered to people who are vaccinated?

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Can we get this + the Yankee Legend seats?


I would take the stimulus checks if they didn’t deduct it from my income tax return like they did this past year ‍♀️


They didnt deduct the stimulus check from your income tax return.




Lots of noisy naysayers but ultimately DeWine came up on top with a almost all Ohioans (besides the screamers. Cuz they won’t get a shot at the pot:)

He’s been getting good marks overall on his responsible approach and empathy.


Every lottery legally needs a free way to enter with just sending a postcard in or something. Therefore, you won’t need a vaccine to enter.


Really? Can I play Powerball without paying?


No. “Giveaways” need a free way to enter. So promotional giveaways in which you have to buy a product to enter (such as the ones from starbucks, victoria secret etc) do have a way to enter without purchasing something.

Since this is a lottery (therefore regulated) there is no need for free way of entering.

Please inform yourself.


You’re confusing a lottery and a sweepstakes buddy.


Um… These are “laws” and “legalities” you’re referring to. Why on earth would those apply to a state lol 🙂


Is anyone embarrassed by these incentives? I am.
It means people who didn’t want to get vaccinated, for a $1 or $2 value (the cost of a lottery ticket) are willing to change their minds???


Why should I be embarrassed?


A lottery won’t convince someone who’s super afraid of, or super opposed to vaccines. It will help convince those people who don’t really mind getting it but are too lazy or find it way too inconvenient.


The comparison to a $1-2 lottery ticket is unfair here. There’s approx 8.5MM residents 18 and over and 5x $1MM prizes. VERY good odds for a lottery.


I hear what you are saying. You make a very valid point although those are still hardly odds that would get me off my couch to get a vaccine had I not already gotten one


Yeah I agree. I got mine as soon as I was eligible. I probably would have paid to get it too.

reb yid

Like I always told my mother. It pays to procrastinate.


People overvalue long shot potential gains


Pretty sure they need to provide an option to enter for free by submitting a prepaid post card..


No. “Giveaways” need a free way to enter. So promotional giveaways in which you have to buy a product to enter (such as the ones from starbucks, victoria secret etc) do have a way to enter without purchasing something.

Since this is a lottery (therefore regulated) there is no need for free way of entering.

Please inform yourself.


Besides, even if it were a giveaway, getting a vaccine is free, and therefore they don’t have to offer a different entry method.


Dan, add a poll!
Did/will you change your mind on getting the vaccine in promise of xyz, or a chance at it? etc.

Dumbing down of America

How can anyone ever prove that a scratch off game really has some with a 5 million dollar winning??? Scratch off lottery buyers have got to be thee most gullible imbecilic fools on this earth. You see these dummies/dregs of society standing on line every Friday and spend their entire weeks salary on scratch off games. Maybe nust maybe they’ll win $50. Ohhhhhh. What a genius. And these ignoramuses are allowed to vote?!


Warren Buffet put it best: the state lottery is a tax on hope.


People are paradoxes, they can be irrational in some areas and rational in others. I trust scratch-off buyers to be principled voters.


@Dan Do you really think there will be another stimulus?

Shmata head

I’m going to get vaccinated again so I get into the lottery


I’m comfused, if you think getting the vaccine is a good idea, get it without the pot o’ gold, if you think its a bad idea, why would you do it for the money?


I have a whole list of good ideas that I simply haven’t gotten around to doing yet.


somehow i don think that is their target audience…


This is absurd….What they need to do instead is require you to get a vaccine if you want the freebies you’re already getting (food stamps, medicaid, stimulus, NYCHA housing, section 8 housing, etc…)

If the answer is we HAVE TO pay for these things to get the economy back up and running, than the answer needs to be you HAVE TO get the vaccine to get the economy back up and running.

Don’t want a vaccine — no more handouts


Ohio and Maryland are making separate lottery’s for only vaccinated people and you could say that they think they have a very good chance at winning (I don’t think they are going to go back for a second dose if there is no raffle then also)

But in ny they are giving you a $20 scratch off and idk y someone won’t go buy a scratch off instead of getting vaccinated if he dosent like vaccines

I don’t think my Tax $$$ should go to these things there is a vaccine That is very accessible to even 12+ so everything should resume to normal no masks etc.. and anyone that dosent want the vaccine is entitled to take his own risk I don’t see y we need to pay people
They are only doing themselves favor

concerned citizen

for the most dangerous virus ever and for the safest vaccine ever, one that helps with fertility even (source: head of infectious disease at a top hospital) why would we need to incentivize anyone to take it? shouldn’t people be doing anything they can to get the shot? when peoples life’s are on the line they will do anything to save themselves. so i guess i dont get why people have to be convinced to take a vaccine that can save your life, if people dont take it they will prob pass away if they catch covid bec as of today there no known medications to help prevent death.


Actually, this idea was implemented in Kiryat Yearim (Telshe Stone) in Israel, way back in around Feb or so. The lottery was much smaller scale though: Win a family vacation for Shabbos for nuclear family only.


I think they should have charged $100 per vaccine from the beginning. Then they can offer specials where you can get it for free or highly discounted during certain dates. Everyone would rush to get it.

They could even have Dan’s Deals post it as a HURRY or PRICE MISTAKE? post and people would have signed up before they even knew what they were getting!


now THATS an idea!

Trying to beat the system

That is what happened (inadvertently?) in Israel. Feeling smart that they figured out how to beat the system! True, there was a huge marketing campaign and gedolim endorsements, just the same people were clamoring to get it in the beginning when it was only available to the elderly and infirmed. Why? They figured out a workaround to get something that was not allowed to them. Young ones figured out that by going at the end of the day, they could get the vaccines that would otherwise be thrown out.