[NYC Mandates Will Be Lifted!] NYC Will Require Proof Of Vaccination For Indoor Dining, Gyms, And Entertainment

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Update: NYC mandates on vaccine requirements for indoor dining, gyms, and entertainment as well as school mask mandates will be lifted on Monday, March 7th.

Originally posted on 8/3/21:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced today that proof of vaccination will be required for indoor dining, gyms, or entertainment.

The “Key to NYC pass” program will go into effect on 8/16 and the city will begin enforcing compliance on 9/13. You will need to carry your paper COVID vaccine card or have the NY Excelsior Pass app.

Vaccination will be required for both employees and customers.


I’m very uneasy about the stripping of liberties and requiring papers, but there’s no doubt that vaccines help against severe COVID. In Florida, where hospitals are filling up to capacity yet again due to the COVID-19 delta strain, over 95% of hospitalizations are from unvaccinated patients. Some 48% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated and 57% is at least partially vaccinated. There’s no denying that the vaccines work and they work well.

It’s just brutal reading about unvaccinated young people dying from COVID.

Yes, vaccinated people have been infected with the delta strain, but the vaccine has fulfilled its purpose in preventing severe infections and many unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths.

Do you think other cities will follow NYC’s lead here? Will this push you to get vaccinated? Or will it just push you to leave NYC?

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Why are you getting involved in this


So that we can hear a voice of reason among all the empty pushkas making a lot of noise and harming us all?


sad that people are willing to put up with this.

Chani Yachnes

I’m wondering that also! Why isn’t there an uprising like in Europe? Why are New Yorkers so complaint? How could Deblasio say he feels bad striping ppl of their liberties?


b/c most people are like sheep who just accept this rubbish…


Will not get vaccine no matter what .
And I know a lot of people are with me
I’m young , low risk, had Covid. I refuse to be injected with garbage.
If businesses choose to comply, they will lose many customers. Hope they can afford it.
But this is illegal no doubt.




The Supreme Court has ruled vaccine requirements are not unconstitutional.




Jacobson v. Massachusetts


that was over 100 years ago! and covid 19 aint small pox!


It’s a good thing we have a new Constitution since then. These are legal concepts. Schools and camps mandate Hep-B vaccines. Why should this be different?


The day you need a government issues pass to move freely about your country is the day you are under full blown communism. Whether it’s a health pass or any other type of pass, if you are a citizen in a country and can’t move freely you are under communism. Period.


I guess Communism isn’t as bad as the Right claims? I’m doing fine.

Say no to communism

It’s not as bad as they claim, it’s worse.


Fascinating. Tell us what life is like behind the Iron Curtain of NYC.


Court ruled that individual Liberty isn’t absolute and is subject to the police effort of the state. They ruled in zucht vs King that a child could be denied entry to school if they didn’t vaccinate


that’s a fact? so messed up.
The day you need a government issues pass to move freely about your country is the day you are under full blown communism. Whether it’s a health pass or any other type of pass, if you are a citizen in a country and can’t move freely you are under communism. Period.


You do not need any pass to move around the country, you need a pass to go into a restaurant.

Very different.

And for the record, you DO need a government issued pass to move around the country, if you want to move around by plane or train.


May I ask why you are so sure it is garbage? Numbers don’t lie.


It’s definitely not garbage for protecting against Covid. But all vaccines carry side effects – and we don’t know the long term effects of this one. For someone who is young and already had COVID, the risks of getting sick and/or injured by COVID again are very slim. Why add the risk of possible vaccine side effects when he’s already protected?


He’s actually NOT protected. Has been shown that natural immunity lacks T Cells which are proving to be stronger against fighting the virus. But hey – worse case maybe they’ll let you pick your ventilator


Actually, the natural immunity is where the T calls were found. And mounting evidence shows that 1 dose in a person who recovered provides way more immunity than 2 doses in someone who was never infected. Vaccines do work but there’s always pharma $$$ and other nonsense involved in the way they’re promoted.


That study may show something for the UK. Mindless instruction following Americans never had enough intelligence to detect a drop if there would in fact be one. Not referring to anyone specific here but Americans are used to following instructions like a herd.
That includes riding a bike on an empty street at 2am with TWO masks snugly around their nose and mouth.


Total ridiculousness. If anything, all of the recent studies have shown that natural immunity is more powerful and longer lasting that vaccine protection.

I’m vaccinated btw


+1 imagine being so uninformed “R”


What kind of garbage is that @R? The immune system PRODUCES T Cells when the body is invaded by a virus.
And Antibodies may decline after vaccination or infection but Memory B and T cells kick into action soon after being infected and work together with whatever antibodies are present to clear and kill the virus.


Especially 2 doses which don’t seem to have any benefit vs 1 dose in people who were previously infected. Many studies have shown this with “smoking gun evidence”.


Totally with you, Sari!






I don’t feel that I need to refuse the vaccine “no matter what”, but the decision will be mine only.


yeah but you’ll EAT GARBAGE!


On with you on this!
Not falling for this garbage.
Understand if older people want to take the vaccine, but theres no reason this is being forced on young healthy individuals who are probably more at risk from the garbage in this vax than covid itself.
At least if their promoting this so much they should take into account all those that had covid and have antibodies in NO WAY need this vaccine.
Since when did we ever tell people who got chicken pox that they still needa take the varciella vaccine or for any other etc…
What happened to “science” and natural immunity which is whats best.
This whole covid thing just made me lose my trust in the medical system, cdc etc.
And im no anti vaxer for the record. Got all the other shots that have been around for years that are not just an fda “emergency used one”…


Will antibodies be sufficient?
And if no why?


As per the CDC: Learn more about how getting immunity by getting vaccinated is safer than obtaining immunity via infection, as infection can be dangerous (this applies even if you were in fact already infected and are already immune and out of danger- I did email the CDC a few months back asking why this is so an I’m still awaiting their response).
In addition people who were infected should still get vaccinated because experts still don’t know exactly how long immunity from natural infections will last, and experts also still don’t know how long immunity from vaccines will last).
-all paraphrased from the CDC’s website


Those same experts also don’t know what the long-term side effects of the vaccine are…


no! it was always about the vaccine!


NYS has to figure out a way to get their Excelsior Pass linked in with NJ and CT. Lots of people are in NYC that live in those states and got their vaccines there.

Would be helpful if they can link up systems and allow folks to get the Excelsior Pass for use in NYC (so that people don’t have to carry around their cards — which are also easily falsified)


Totally agree – I just tried to register and it says “At present, you must have received all doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or negative test result in the state of New York to be eligible to retrieve a Pass. “


Evidently NYC is going to roll out their own Pass for this reason

Harley Kesselman

Democrat logic: show your papers to enter bars but no papers or testing or vaccines to cross the southern border illegally.

Been There

This is called diverting the conversation. Just because you are putting 2 situations together, doesn’t mean it belongs together.


No, it shows that they don’t really care about stopping the chinese virus. If they really cared they wouldn’t be letting all the illegal aliens that have the Chinese virus

reb yid

You’re unnecessarily limiting the conversation to one aspect of life.


They did it with Shuls too. I think their logic is actually correct, considering the distain many liberal government officials have for religion. Based on the (lack of) importance they attribute to Shuls, they’re completely right when they allow bars but not Shuls. Bars are way more important in their (low) value system.

Lisa C.

100% accurate. The solution is to close ALL borders & contain it within the country. It’s harsh but temporary. Instead of 60+ weeks to “slow the spread”


lol yup!


I really hope the other semi normal politicians we voted into office realize this is going too far and speak out. Mass non compliance is the only way to fight this.
Businesses and people need to say no. He basically just said business owners and customers must all be vaccinated. Who is left? Next will be groceries.


@dan I’m sure you’re thrilled with this..


I had over 15 people I was close with die from Covid over the past year and a half. I’m sure each one of us knows personally close to that amount who died, if not more.

What are you calling fake? Are you saying they’re alive in their graves trying to get out?


Who said the word fake?


Commentor name is #Fakepandemic


People with underlying conditions die from Covid. Healthy people rarely die from Covid.


no one is saying covid isnt potentially life threatening. but there is a vaccine and they claim its safe and effective. time to move on with life! there are vaccines and wonderful cheap drugs you can have on hand to protect you from serious illness if in fact you get covid. but having covi passes isnt going to actually solve anything!


I think it should be up to private business to do that (and they have already started in many cases) it is not at a point where I’d want the government to do it, if COVID gets as bad as last March I’d feel more comfortable. Enforcement in this will be a joke in some places and gospel in others likely what would’ve been the case of private corps were requiring this.
You can’t govern people who do not wish to listen to your rules (if they are a big enough majority)


What about kids who are too young for the vaccine? Can they go out to eat with vaccinated adults?

The Heart Wants what it Wants

I’m wondering the same thing. My spouse and I are both vaccinated (although for some reason the app won’t find my pass). My 5 year old daughter is not vaccinated, and I am not willing to vaccinate her at that age. Wonder how it would effect us from going to concerts, or traveling to countries such as Canada.


Remember when a few months ago we were conspiracy theorists for saying that this was going to happen?


Long overdue.

This will not push me to be vaccinated, because I was vaccinated as soon as I could get an appointment, months ago.

To anybody who leaves NYC over this – bye! I don’t want you in my city, anyway.

My only question is how this will be applied to children and to others who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons.


your affraid of what exactly/ again if you are vaccinated what do you care? you are safe! either you trust the fda and cdc or not?! cant have it both ways on this issue.


@thewiz23 +1


Ah, look, another genius who thinks there’s no middle ground between “the vaccines provide 100% invincibility” and “the vaccines are useless.” In fact, the vaccines are extremely (yet not 100%) protective against hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, and are still quite but somewhat less protective against moderate and mild illness and against transmission to others. The delta variant, which I believe is currently predominant, spreads more easily than the original form of the virus,

This may come as a surprise, but I didn’t get vaccinated solely for myself. I also got vaccinated so that I’m far less likely to serve as a carrier of the virus to others (including those who cannot get vaccinated, such as children), perhaps mutating in the process to a more contagious or vaccine-resistant variant. I got vaccinated to play my role in putting an end to this pandemic. This isn’t all about me.

If you’re so brave, then why haven’t you gotten vaccinated yet? Are you afraid of a little poke in the arm?

The caller

Mr Tuffy lol went for a poke in the arm, just brought my newborn for 4 shots big woopie deal


Showing ID for voting is Jim Crow and racist because minorities apparently can’t get them. But requiring proof of status to get a sandwich is perfectly ok. Amazing stuff.




Everyone in the U.S. over age 12 can get the vaccine.


Everything I don’t like is raciss. Makes everything so easy.


Pretty sure vaccines are free and accessible to all whereas Government IDs required by these voting laws aren’t. But otherwise, perfect comp.


Since when are government ID’s not easily accessible? You can get one at any DMV and non-drivers license IDs are less than $30 in pretty much any state. All those same people technically speaking need IDs if they want to buy cigarettes or alcohol no? Maybe that’s discrimination as well?


lol yes its like people are blind!




“Some 48% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated and 57% is partially vaccinated”
What am I misunderstanding about these numbers? The math is not working in my head…


57% took one dose, 48% already took both both doses.


9% took one dose


Major finance firms are showing 80%+ vaccinated but dont have a formal requirement. Corporate world will eventually mandate the same but high majority (incld self) have already been vaccinated at the start


Which state has the best offers to get vaxxed? Apparently NY is giving $100


Interesting that this new requirement is announced just a day after the CDC states that extensive testing has proven that people who have had Covid already have no additional benefit nor an increase in their immunity if they then get the vaccine.


Much more brutal to see young people suffering from severe side effects because of the vaccine. Like miocarditis and auto immune conditions. Especially since most people that get infected with Covid, have 99.99% chance of survival and even more so because COVID IS TREATABLE!!! It is time people wake up and realize that with almost no exceptions, whatever democratic states have mandated and imposed on us is NOT for our benefit!


Please stop spreading this nonsense. The side effects are so rare, it is ridiculous. Worse side effects exist from 99% of the meds you will find in your medicine cabinet and the common effects of Covid are way worse, even for those that don’t die.


Exactly. Words matter, spreading misinformation is why we needed up in galus and why we are still here. Please don’t murder more of us.


spreading misinformation is why we’re in galus?


Yes. This is an easy to one to look up. 🙂


It’s attitudes like yours that lead to more Sinas Chinum. It’s very obvious that there’s is a difference of opinions & you can’t respect that. There is FUD on both sides, whether you’re afraid of covid or afraid of the vaccines, I understand & respect both opinions! You should too.

Common Sense

Thanks for gaslighting me. Good job. I’m sure you think there are 2 sides when terrorists blow up civilians to smithereens.


To say that this current surge isn’t because of the unvaccinated (look what is going on in Florida, Texas and all the low vaccination rate states particularly in the south) is crazy. Yes it has happened in Israel, but look how good the morbidity numbers are so far.

The vaccines work people, stop this nonsense. I love watching all these people so convinced that the vaccine is not safe but are willing to put all sorts of garbage food in their body, or dozens of other meds with all kinds of side effects and prefer to actually get covid when we know how many people die or have long covid from the disease. Yes, even young people.

Do i know for a fact that the vaccine is safe long term. Absolutely not. But i also don’t understand how Advil works. I do however, listen to the medical experts who actually know what they are talking about and recommend it.

As far as this new requirement, i don’t like that we have to go this far, but the next surge is here and there are enough people, even vaccinated or immunocompromised that could get sick if exposed. So i got the shot to help them and slow this disease (and protect myself from even the non lethal side effects) and i’m more than happy to get checked at the door to keep things safe. I’d like to move on with my life in a world that doesn’t have to think about covid more than the flu. We need to get everyone vaccinated to do that.


at this point once the vaccine came out, “were all in this together” slogan has to go away! you get the vaccine and your done! or alt you take care of yourself and your family. make sure they have what they need if they catch covid. but lets stop with all these restrictions! show me the fire please? this is not a year and a half ago! its just not! please lets stop the panic! time to get back to normal before all of our freedoms are stripped away!


Show you the fire? Have you seen Florida? They are breaking covid & hospitalization records. People are lining up to get tested and getting turned away.

Checking status is a good way to slow it in NY. I have the vaccine, but still don’t want to get Covid. Older people and immunocompromised should be able to go somewhere and not catch covid from the unvaccinated.

You (maybe) have the right not to get the vaccine, you are just going to get left behind. If the overwhelming, vast majority of the medical community is telling you to get the shot, then i honestly don’t have a problem with it being a requirement to do certain things (school (like measles) or job or go to a gym). When i take my kids to get shots when they are little, they don’t like it, but it is what is good for them. Unfortunately, we are getting to that point with the FUD like this


What about death rates? You skipped over that important statistic. That’s where the fire would be if there was one.


Here’s the link to my previous comment:



So this is Deblasio’s “Summer of New York”?


In my mind this is just another reason to get out of NY. (And I’m fully vaxxed, but I will NOT show my papers for the privilege of going to the gym)
Unfortunately it seems 1/2 the country is going this way.

Forced mandates and documentation for regular life tasks, but only for things deemed politically useful by the government (COVID vs. voting or receiving govt benerfits in NY for example) is not a good trajectory for a democratic society.


wonder if well need to show covi pass to vote?





IMO this doesn’t infringe on your rights as an American. Already proven that its not unconstitutional to require vaccines. You can choose to not be vaccinated, but its not without consequences. Vaccines work – just look at polio and smallpox. Being a responsible masking adult who has been vaccinated, this seems reasonable with how the Delta wave is going. Look at Florida smashing records that were set in 2020.


I would suppose those who don’t take the vaccine, need to be allowed to go in to a restaurant to order takeout if that’s the only way to get the food, and access all outdoor seating where offered, otherwise there may be people who can’t cook and won’t eat properly solely due to not being vaccinated, which would be unconstitutional.


if vaccines work then you are safe! and why do the person next to you need to be vaccinated? and the science says masks dont help at all against the indian variant!


@dan maybe reading this article will help you open your very closed mind a bit (no pressure)


Paraphrased important paragraph below

“The vaccine cost me my health”

Kotler noted that she was vaccinated, but she said “it cost me my health. It was terrible, I went to a cardiologist because I thought I was having an anxiety attack. It was unbearable, I had very high blood pressure, twice my normal range. It was frightening, because the heartbeats were in my ears, body, everywhere. I went for tests and found arrhythmias, changes in the thyroid gland.
There are thousands more in the country like me! The FDA warns of this side effect as well as others that have been discovered in the meantime, so how dare you underestimate the concerns of a million people? How dare you turn them into untouchables, into people who endanger others?

Common Sense

If she sounded like a sane person, I would take her a little more seriously.


@sam What’s with the rude comment? Please explain to us how that line helps you persuade Dan, or anyone, that your argument has merit.


Sure see attached article. BTW calling a non medical expert (I’m not either one) closed minded is not that rude


Paraphrased important paragraph below

In a report submitted today to the Israeli Ministry of Health, they conclude that between one in 3000 and one in 6000 men ages 16 to 24 who received the vaccine developed myocarditis. But most cases were mild and resolved within a few weeks, which is typical for myocarditis.


I’m guessing you going to jump on the “most cases are mild”.
1) they don’t write a percentage of “most” and obviously “most” cases of COVID are mild, so doesn’t mean much.
2) 1 in 3000 ain’t rare! how many people knew this stat?


They need this rule bc then they can say by the elections that they need to do mail in ballots for all the unvaccinated


but the election is a year away? but yea i get your point


I am fully vaccinated, but how is it fair to force a vaccine that isn’t yet FDA approved.


Nobody’s forcing a vaccine. You’ll just have to forego indoor dining, indoor fitness, and indoor entertainment if you choose to not be vaccinated. (None of these activities is constitutionally protected.)




It didn’t have to be constitutionally protected because we were uniformly rational Americans in the past. We’ve been watered down and become more like the rest of the world.


If you mean that we’re becoming more like other countries that have been taking this pandemic seriously, that is a very good thing.

If you are voluntarily unvaccinated at this late stage, I do not want you near me in an indoor setting. Go somewhere else, or get yourself vaccinated. Although I am very unlikely to get seriously ill with COVID-19, I’d rather avoid even moderate illness, which is no fun. I also don’t want to see children or the immunocompromised get sick.

I’ve done my part – I’ve gotten vaccinated, I wear a mask in indoor public settings, and I avoid crowds. Please do yours, so that we can finally put this pandemic behind us.


“If you are voluntarily unvaccinated at this late stage, I do not want you near me in an indoor setting. Go somewhere else, or get yourself vaccinated.” Dirty people!… Hmmmmm… We’ve heard those words before.


This is how its starts tomorrow its something important like grocery’s.
Very happy I moved out a few months ago


I don’t see that happening, but I wish it would – no need to worry about whether that unmasked person standing behind me on line is vaccinated.


Indoor voting too or nah? I’m guessing nah.


So far there’s no evidence that people who had covid are any less protected than vaccinated, why isn’t this taken in account?

Just like with chickenpox if you had it there’s no need for the vaccine,

As long as they don’t talk about people who had it, it’s all political in my opinion.


@Dan Where did the option to go to latest comments go?







Texas Totty



You should also mention that the drug companies have been given immunity from lawsuits for any future side effects from the vaccine. An action like what the mayor is doing is not going to encourage more people to get the vaccine. It’ll just make them dig in their heels more.


check out the prep act! a piece of backdoor legislation that was activated in feb 2019 before the pandemic offiacially was announced. why would they be planning a vaccine liability shield before the WHO said it was a pandemic and before the virus was officially in the usa?

The whole world is out to get me

Ooooh aahh. Smoking gun. Go back to your hole and dream up some more crack pot theories


it wasnt a theory this actually happend! nothing i said wasnt true! and i was posing a question at the end. so much anger!!!!!

Common Sense

Uh huh…


My parent was on a ventilator during the beginning of COVID so I learned first-hand what was really going on in the hospitals then.

Most of the COVID deaths during the first months of the pandemic were caused by poor treatment of patients. Doctors and nurses were afraid of catching COVID and therefore minimized contact (and unfortunately that included life-saving prodcedures) with COVID patients. MOST PATIENTS DIED BECAUSE OF INADEQUATE CARE.

Before you start screamimg at me: I don’t judge or blame the medical staff for being afraid. I actually thank them for taking care of my parent to the best of their abilities when they thought they’re risking their lives. And I don’t think I would be as selfless as they were.

The problem is that this fear by the medical staff caused an increase in deaths which in turn caused an even greater fear of the virus which again caused even more deaths and it became a vicous cycle.

My point is that COVID itself was only this dangerous but the fear and panic made it exponentially more deadly.

Example: someone swinging a hammer in a crowded stadium is capable of killing hundreds of people by starting a stampede. COVID had a similar affect and caused many deaths due to panic and fear that led to improper care.

Luckily this vicious cycle has slowed down and the COVID survivability rate is infinitely higher than what it was last year but the fear and trauma is still around and is still causing people to be very emotional and scared. Soon enough COVID will be looked at as what it really is but in the meantime, fear and panic is a big portion of the push behind the vaccine. Some of the push for the vaccine is warranted but most of it is not scientifically warranted.


well said! so for someone else’s fear i have to take something i dont want to take or worse dont even need? no way!


you left out the important fact that the people who you say were dying of “inadequate care” only came to the hospital because they were dying…. So if they would have died from not being able to breathe at home it would have been covid, but since they made it to the hospital first, the cause of death changes to inadequate care?


At home they wouldn’t die of starvation.


**^ sorry meant on the vents -late march (not may)


its a point that have some value but only the negligence in the hospital was running rampant! so yes if a person cant breath he prob should of tooken his chances in the hospital! but if people would have listened to the warnings of the vents in late may maybe more could of been saved! there was a lot they didn’t know bck in march – April. but HCQ was told about around mid april i believed and people who got there hands on it and took the proper protocol early did mostly well with out stepping foot into a hospital! were like 17 months in and these drugs are still being vilified! at this point covid with ivermectin, hcq, buedecinal,regeneron/elilly,plasma and more…so many treatments that shows efficacy. but know one in our government ever speaks of these great drugs!!! its only vaccines!


Goodbye NYC.


Welcome to socialist communist nyc

Chaim F

We had that already, and it’s getting worse. 🙁


The issue isn’t that de Blasio is right. The issue is that many in the Jewish community are also wrong. There shouldn’t be a blanket rule enforcing vaccines. There also shouldn’t be characterization that Vaccines aren’t necessary – which has contributed to multiple deaths, including Jewish deaths. We can debate whether the science proves that a vaccine is better than antibodies from the virus. (I’m not sure if it’s provable and I believe that it does vary from person to person.) However, we also don’t have proof that many in the Jewish community who had COVID in March 2020 aren’t able to spread the virus. In fact, it seems that they most likely do, even if they don’t get sick themselves. The fact is also that anyone who has not had COVID should get the vaccine because it does spread in the frum communities and is most likely often spread by people with low antibodies. For anyone who had COVID in March 2020, they are presently at low risk of getting it again, but if it does start hitting people a second time, those March 2020 people (i.e. the first people in the U.S. with the disease) will be the guinea pigs a second time round. In short, blanket rules are wrong, but as a ‘wise nation’ the push back needs to be common sense as well and as per their personal circumstances, people need to do the right thing for themselves and our community.


I got my vaccine in AZ and uploaded to my NYU hospital app they approved it and once they approved it my Excelsior pass kicked in!


so you uploaded the card picture to the nyu app ? then you were able to get excelsior through NYU?

Common Sense

Anti-vaxxing is a learning disorder.


What a joke. Hospitals in NY are fine this is all just knee jerk reaction to fear. U know its fake when they dont give a way for ppl who have recovered to be exempt (like Israel) the numbers show that ppl who have recovered are getting sick at the lowest rates so unless they address that you know this is all just BS and fear mongering


CORRECT! it was just about vaccines! also deblasio is doing this not cuomo! deblasio was so happy today! hes relivant again! how exciting for him!


I want to make it clear, I’m not a medical professional, and no one should rely on this as a basis for medical decision. This is intended for conversation only.

@Dan, I usually don’t comment, but I have one stupid question – which I’ve still not heard an answer to.

Before I ask the question, I want to stress, that I’m not anti-vaccine. However, I’m still trying to figure out, why would someone young and healthy, recovered from COVID, has antibodies, consider taking the vaccine???

If you’ll tell me “CDC” – you lost me, for a simple reason. The only way CDC can know, is from studies. The fact is, in our local communities we have the most proven insider studies that “CDC” does NOT have access to. In fact, I won’t quote, but I know someone that heard form a few top Manhattan doctors who were shocked that the CDC didn’t come study local orthodox communities in April 2020. Because as you know, NYC orthodox communities had first hand information, seeing what works and doesn’t work. Just speak to Hatzalah Members.

Just as an example, the fact that Covid was causing blood clots, was first noticed locally. Only months later did the world figure this out and started testing D-dimer levels, treating with blood thinners, etc.

Most people that I know, who recovered from COVID even over 15 months ago, (real COVID, not COVID test), have not gotten sick again. Whereas many, many fully vaccinated people including professional athletes and politicians, are now getting sick again.

In my humble opinion, there is something very, very off here.

Again, I’m only referring to people who are low risk, recovered from Covid, and still have antibodies.


even if you are recovered and lost antibodies you still can have up to 17 years immunity and some doctors believe lifetime! T CELS B CELLS LONG LASTING IMMUNITY! btw notice no one is talking about natural immunity, on this chat they are but on the news? cdc ? fauci/ biden?

Common Sense

What are you trying to say? Some of your numbers are facts are incorrect. I would advise you to join the Dan’s Deals forums where you can have a healthy debate with facts that correct and theories grounded in truth. You will appreciate the honesty and clarity found there.


The kosher restaurants and business that participate in this nonsense deserve to lose their business!!! DO NOT COMPLY!!!!


1. This is temporary. Perhaps six months, likely less. It will shift from “required” to “recommended” once case numbers drop again, and wearing masks instead of being vaccinated will be an option in 90% of cases
2. ~600,000 americans are dead from this virus. How many more would you like to see?

3. Long term effects of the vaccine: This is a bit of a red herring. For Pfizer/Moderna, the actual injection is a genetic medium (a material containing the mRNA) and some fat. The mRNA attaches itself to cells and produces faux “spike proteins”, or shapes that mimic the structures protruding from the coronavirus cells. These faux proteins trigger the immune response that in turn gets activated (antibodies, T-Cells, etc) much faster upon exposure to the virus than an unvaccinated person.
The actual ingredients that are in the vaccine are disposed of by the body within a couple of days. The immune reaction and other “adverse reactions” have all occurred within 2 weeks of administration. There is no basis to believe that there is a long term side effect or potential for death months and months down the line; biologically it’s just not possible.

4. Virtually all studies show that a previously infected unvaccinated person shows SOME immunity to a recurring infection. Natural immunity comes with the risk of getting sick or dying from the causal infection (i.e. COVID). Antibody and titers are at much higher levels with a double vaccinated individual than a recovered individual.
5. Vaccine mandates are nearly all employer imposed. NYC requires employees of the City to either be vaccinated OR get weekly testing and wear masks. The Federal government has imposed a similar rule to EMPLOYEES of the United States Gov or Federal contractors.

6. To drive a car, you must have government papers (i.e. a Drivers License). To travel between states by train or air you must have a REALID or passport. Now people are being asked, because of an emergency health situation, 8 months after the vaccine has been released, to go and get vaccinated or be denied entry for specific high risk venues and to wear masks at other venues. Schools already require routine immunization and vaccinations in order to be enrolled, this is no different. Enforcement is being done (as far as I know) by the businesses requiring customers to be vaccinated, rather than police arresting people for not being vaccinated (thanks for the hyperbole).

7. Look, I’m not a big fan of government overreach. As long as enforcement isn’t a police issue but a commercial; i.e. rules of the establishment, I’m game. It’s a short term measure. Lockdowns are not currently being proposed. The vast majority of businesses in the state of new york are allowed to be open with almost no limits, aside from some minimal capacity restrictions and masking (which again, is a short term measure).

Common Sense

This is clarity. Thank you. It is just a stupid shame that there are so many people who bury their heads under the sand and refuse to help themselves and the rest of the country.


Ny is awful. Move to Cleveland!


As you can see, still no answer to this question I posted earlier. Since vaccinated people ARE getting Covid, then how can someone say that the vaccine is more effective than natural antibodies?

Ra israel

If you have to be vaccinated IN NY , so tourists who have been vaccinated in their own countries can’t go out to eat?


Listen I totally understand the distrust in this government, the same people who let BLM riot in the height of COVID are the biggest vaccine enthusiasts (e.g. Deblasio). So vaccines became a political issue, with most supporting the side they usually support. But still, you have to admit that people who will have no problem putting all kinds of medicines and foods in their system the whole year are suddenly so careful and health conscious of what they put in their body? I don’t buy it.