[Update: Domestic Quarantine Cancelled 4/1] New York No Longer Requiring COVID Testing Or Quarantine For Domestic Travelers If You Have Been Recently Vaccinated

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Update: New York will cancel its toothless testing and quarantine requirements for domestic travelers on 4/1. The international quarantine requirement remains in place for now, though enforcement is essentially non-existent.

Originally posted on 3/4:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that people who are fully vaccinated no longer have to test and quarantine upon entering New York. However, the exemption only applies for 90 days after you have been fully vaccinated.

That’s the same amount of time that the CDC says you don’t need to retest after a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The CDC exempts Americans returning to the country from needing a COVID-19 test if they tested positive for COVID within the past 90 days, but they don’t yet accept vaccination to avoid needing a test.

New York’s testing and quarantine rules aren’t actually enforced, but I’d expect that we’ll see many locations around the world lift restrictions to people who are fully vaccinated. Israel is exempting their own citizens from quarantine requirements if they’re vaccinated, though they don’t trust out of country vaccination papers due to widespread fraud. Europe is also working on a vaccine passport.

That will help some countries restart their tourism industries, but with kids unable to get vaccinated, things are still a long way off from returning to normal.

Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine yet?

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This is only for DOMESTIC travel…should correct posting

Chaye S

Been waiting for this. Was vaccinated in Jan. On the way to the UK today, but according to this, I still have to test to come back.


The quarantine was never enforced in NY.


Has anyone heard about members of the Haredi community using counterfeit vaccine cards to fly into Israel?


There’s absolutely ZERO enforcement of quarantine for NY. You can just walk out of the airport, noone will even hand you a paper about quarantine.
Puerto Rico at least makes you fill out a paper (or online) and texts you every day to check your symptoms.
NY is all talk, and no substance.

Same was for Cuomo’s posturing about setting up checkpoints on bridges to check out-of-state travelers, etc. Nothing ever happened, but he got a big press conference, and all the news networks interviewing him about how wonderful he is.


They have actually started forcing travelers to fill out a questionnaire at nyc airports. Came back to lga from out of state and there was a checkpoint with US Army not letting anyone out before they filled out a paper or electronic form.
Still not enforcing the actual quarantine though…


Went through JFK a couple of weeks ago, and there was nothing,


Nothing? Not even mileage?


Presenting yourself and showing papers to a military member to access your neighborhood…..kind of reminds me of something else….

Eat a dik



Went into penn station last week- our train was met by 5 compliance officers and 2 police people ans everyone has to fill out the survey. When I said I was fully vaccinated they said no quarantine


Will New York except Israeli vaccination passports?


I got the Pfizer vaccines at the Javits Center. Hoping to be able to fly to Israel after Pesach.

Nat Zitomer

Unless you’re an Israeli citizen, don’t rush off to buy tickets just yet.


Oy vey


They should do same for those with high antibody count as there is just as much indication that it provides immunity


There’s no $$ for Big Pharma in that case.


correction: There’s no political power in that.


Imagine if they had started letting people work and move around with proof of antibodies a year ago? Just follow the money here and see where it leads you


But that would have required listening to the actual science. Not the political excuse for science that they were using.



S Lam

got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel, as much as I’m against the government controlled healthcare in Israel, it sure is working for the vaccination campaign


Why are you against a system that clearly works and is affordable? just because the US cant do it right doesn’t mean others can’t


yes its affordable and works until you realy need it for something serious and have to fly to america for real doctors


My aunt got her vaccination and the paper they gave her to prove she had it didn’t even have her name. They told her to fill it in herself. Of course we don’t have teudat zehut in the US so there is no way to connect the information to a passport.
I don’t trust our recordkeeping system right now so why shoud Israel or any other country?

miriam kairey

Was stopped by the National Guard at Kennedy and asked (not really asked demanded) to fill out paperwork. Because we were going to New Jersey we didn’t have to


Many people are just making up names, addresses and phone numbers. Nobody checks

Ah bissel seichel

That’s what my wife & I did when we flew back from Miami to JFK. We both wrote down fake names addresses and phone numbers. You just hand it to them and they put it in a pile in their box, and shoin. They never look at it for a second or ask for any ID. A total gilechter. If you’re savvy, you can even get away without handing any paper in. You make believe you’re going to sit down in one of the chairs in the terminal to fill it out, and you just keep walking. They can’t possibly keep watch over so many people coming off the plane at once. If not, tell them you’ve desperately got to use the bathroom and sayonara.


An absolute joke. No need to even hand it in.

Moychel Zyn

Have I received the COVID-19 vaccine yet? Yet? No thanks. Count me in among the new society of unvaccinated unsafe unadmittable lepers


On behalf of society we thank you. If we get enough folks like you, we can stay in this pandemic parameters for ever. Yeah!!!

Oysvurfer rebbeh

Nuch ah fauci, nuch an expert epidemiologist. Shkoyach


Do you need to do covid testing if traveling from NY to Florida or vice versa?

Oysvurfer rebbeh

Nah. But best practice is to just get the rectal Chinese test weekly and carry your papers with you.. be safe.


So is China admitting that most of the tests until now were fake?


I wrote Mickey Mouse on my form.


Landed at JFK on 2/25 was given paperwork to fill out which needed to be given to the uniformed National Guardsmen before leaving baggage claim but there was no follow up to me. My husband received a text from the Sheriff telling him to quarantine for 10 days and a phone call.


Has anyone flown within the state (LGA-Buffalo)? Is there a difference intrastate vs interstate?


P.S. you can now take N.Y. permit test online!!




It’s a joke.
They ask you to fill up a form online.
Yesterday they had the military at JFK giving out paper forms, but no one collecting anything.

Only Sheep Listened

Lol, did anyone actually listen to this BS quarantine? I came back from Mexico, they make you sign some crap upon entry, but nobody is forcing you to quarantine and nobody can. Because we live in the land of the FREE.


Can anyone advise from first hand how strict hotel quarantine is enforced in canada when arriving from international.


I personally know people who ditched their hotels. you have to show your reservation when you land but f you don’t go it is a matter of a ticket for a little more than the hotels cost per day


So if for some (crazy) reason I want to visit NYC next month I can check into a hotel without issue? When I visited last summer, there was nonsense paperwork to fill out, and then the state’s contact tracing dep’t spammed my phone for a couple weeks.


Where are you coming from..if you are not vaccinated we don’t need you


So welcoming. And people wonder how New Yorkers got a “reputation” for unfriendliness. 🙂


In a related story, now that domestic quarantine restrictions are being lifted, ‘law abiding’ New Yorkers have suddenly stopped booking their flights through Newark…


Enforcement is up to airlines. Testing is still required according to NYS website, but not quarantine for those double vaccinated 14-90 days.


But you still have to fill out the Traveler Form, even if there is no quarantine. Why? Feels like Communist Russia.


a few more accusations against governor cuomo and he will declare no masks, sporting events and weddings at full capacity




When I arrived into JFK 2 days ago with Delta they had the military there making sure every single person scanned a QR code and filled out the form. Then you had to show the green check on your phone after the forms were filled out to another military member and could then leave the gate.

They knew exactly which flight was landing and when and were waiting there for you.
My flight out of JFK was leaving in less than 24 hours and I asked if I still had to fill out the form and was told I had to

The forgotten taxpayer

These kids are not “military”. They wear army fatigues to make believe they’re from the National Guard. Don’t be intimidated. They have no power or legal right to “enforce” anything. It’s all part of the beat down of our freedoms by a handful of elitist deep staters in Washington living in their taxpayer funded ivory towers. It’s time we stand up for our rights. Do we work for the government or does the government work for us? Why was the government created in the first place? Stop and think a minute. No need to be a blind robot walking in lockstep with whatever some government official spews forth.
Alright, enough of my rant. I’ve got to book tickets to Miami now.

Dr Moose

“Though the mandate will end, New York state health officials still recommend quarantine after domestic travel as an added precaution. All travelers must continue to fill out the state’s traveler form as well as adhere to core COVID safety guidelines as issued by the state and federal authorities.”

So basically the same as it was until now. You fill out the form but don’t quarantine.


90 days from date of vaccine? Glad to know NY knows more about the antibodies than the CDC….


I guess under the new policy beginning April 1, they have dropped the 90 days from date of vaccine….still, the height of arrogance in prior 90 day rule.


@Dan, i didnt see anywhere if they are no longer requiring getting a test 72 hours prior to arrival in NY. Was that also scrapped?


They only require a test for international arrivals. They never required a test for domestic travel


They do according to website.

travelers entering New York from a state that is not a contiguous state who have been outside of New York for more than 24 hours must:

Complete the Traveler Health Form.
Obtain a COVID-19 test within three days of departure, prior to arrival in New York.


Have you seen the notice from Tel Aviv University about students now being able to return after Pesach?