Israel Drops Its Final COVID Entry Requirement!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel was mostly closed to foreign nationals from March 2020 until March 2022.

When it reopened, passengers had to take a PCR test and had to wear a mask in-flight. Those requirements were dropped this past May, but Israel still required that you complete a health entry form before flying to Israel.

As of this Sunday, that form is no longer required, and with that, all of Israel’s COVID entry requirements are history.

The US still requires that adult foreign nationals be vaccinated, one of the few countries that still have that rule on the books.

HT: yochai, via DDF

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19 Comments On "Israel Drops Its Final COVID Entry Requirement!"

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What about the covid insurance is that done?


Such a disgrace for the U.S. to still be doing that.


Nah not a disgrace, just US policy


Going back to your original Israel poll would be interesting to see how many people predicted this timeframe

Karen Branden

U.S. and China still have HEAVY restrictions for foreignness entering, that says allot about the two country’s…


try the southern border, you can get in any time…


Also interesting that they would differentiate between a foreignness and a foreigner…


What about the transit prohibition?


Let freedom ring!!!!


When freedom rings, I pick up the phone


As they say, ‘history rhymes’…

gary job

“The US still requires that adult foreign nationals be vaccinated
I’ve just arrived as a visitor and the only time I was asked to show my vaccination certificate was at the airline check-in and even there they just browsed it. I’m just wondering if the check-in clerk has to click a box on their system before giving me a pass.


Does anyone have any info about Brazil’s entry rules?