[Update: April Fools!] Why I’m Not Getting The COVID Vaccine And Refuse To Wear A Mask!

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It’s been too long since I’ve done one of these

Happy April Fools’ Day! 😀

Now go #GetTheShot and let’s get to herd immunity and a return to normal!


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My Man !


Has the server been adequately prepared for the influx of comments?


Well played. Enjoy the shot. Better than any single malt out there.

Not Ny-Er

username checks out


for a moment i was so proud of you…




I was about to scream at you…



Janice Levitan

You had me worried for a moment!

The heart wants what it wants

Omg that’s too funny I was about to comment that you got hacked.

Pete Weiss



Plus you like deals, so you probably have a crappy cell phone provider. Getting the shot is going to boost your signal!


He has Verizon. He’s been grandfathered in a plan for many years. So, what provider do YOU use? Boost? MetroPCS?


Thanks for temporarily making my blood boil!

The Vaccinator

Haha good one! Got my shot today too.


Fantastic….now I’m gonna forward. Thx


Holy cow! You got me Dan. I thought you lived in Lakewood for a second


Do you write for the APP? Shame on you. How can we expect better of the secular world and hold them accountable when we ourselves do the same? FYI, my kids live in Lakewood and sounds like the roll out and administering of the vaccine was as good and well embraced as anywhere else.


Anti Semite Why did the moderator allow this commant


Because you cannot spell.


Just as a data point – my wife was in Evergreen in Monsey erev pesach and there was nary a mask to be seen in the packed store. Thankfully they had a great online ordering system set up so they just put the boxes in her car. She stepped in and turned around and walked right out the door. And we’re vaccinated!




Someone I know who had a comorbidity but technically wasn’t in the right age bracket to be eligible (at the time) traveled to Lakewood to be able to get the vaccine early, 6 hours each way from his home, 1 round trip per dose, because Lakewood was able to get him the shot when his city which is the home to world famous hospitals, couldn’t. So I’m surprised that you decided choose Lakewood out of all places to be your scapegoat for this. How about Teaneck or the 5 towns (oh no! that’s not nice!)


I would say that that actually suggests that Lakewood has extra because people aren’t taking it as opposed to other places that has high demand


Zayir gut gezukt


Are you an anti-semite by chance?


Lol solid!


The reason for not getting the vaccine is because I have antibodies already from covid-19


Getting two doses of vaccine after already having antibodies is a harder experience for many than Covid.

Numerous scientific articles including NYU already suggest a one dose max for Covid recovered.


True, no one should say anything if someone who had the virus only gets one dose. Some of those previously infected are putting off getting the vaccine for now which should be ok as long as you’re currently immune. A careful reading of information posted on the CDC’s website tells us that there are 2 things that experts don’t know yet: How long natural immunity lasts and how long vaccine induced immunity lasts. They do mention that immunity through vaccination is safer than through being infected. Probably true, but that only means that if you haven’t been infected yet, it will be safer for you to get vaccinated rather than wait until you get infected, as more people get dangerously ill from the actual virus than from the vaccine.


Not withstanding your extensive medical training, I would recommend you follow guidance from real professionals who tell you you STILL need and should get a vaccine

In Israel!

My physician told me I have so many antibodies, he wouldn’t advise to take the vaccine.


Yea, they’ve been so forthcoming and accurate with “science” so far


As soon as I saw the headline in the SMS notification I knew it was an April Fools joke 😀


I almost respected you for a minute




oh no, what will Dan do without the respect from Mf….. Oh yea, travel a lot more 🙂


לפני עיוור




You got me!


Oh, you got me! Talk about click-bait. LOL. B”H you’re not serious. 🙂


Are you serious??? Why would you advertise that you are not getting the shot and not following the mask mandate??? It’s things like this that causes antisemitism!!! I am very upset about this. I hope you will reconsider…

troll alert

Ur seriously the fool!


LOL! I can’t believe you fell for that…


Read the rest of the post


Lol, my comment was a joke…


Do you sign contracts without reading what you are signing? Just wondering…..


My iPhone has a contacts app but it doesn’t help me see…


Best April Fool’s comment


Thanks! 🙂


Thanks but I believe we still live in America where we have freedom of choice not to inject chemicals into us which have been minimally tested against a virus which has less than 1% mortality rate on the majority of the population. And masks? Check the actual CDC report which confirms they do close to nothing against contracting the virus and give you many detrimental effects. Which way are you going with the April Fools joke??


1. You still live in America.
2. You have the freedom to not vaccinate yourself.
Losing argument before even reading your second sentence


Umm..this is all the fix entertainment network false information….please get the real facts, not the fox fake “facts”


Love this, had to share


OMG , your wife will divorce you because you can’t have kids anymore!!!!

Ctown guy

What an audacious post… And to give it away the second you opened? But you Def had me there


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Like Instagram?


Like Pfizer and Moderna?


“spams the “like” button”


I was so excited for a minute
But really…
I’m more worried about long term problems with the vaccine. This is scary new technology we’re dealing with. Nobody can tell me not to worry as they don’t have any long term studies.


but Dan says its OK… he’s an expert on mileage runs and amazon freebies but not such a medical expert.


Sari, so what’s your excuse for skipping the flu vaccine? Is 75+ years of administering the vaccine not enough? If you are an anti-vaxxer, then you are an anti-vaxxer– enough with the excuses.


he FDA has not approved the vaccine so that really does not make anyone an anti-vaxxer.


” FDA has not approved the vaccine”— false! Source- FDA website.


False. “Emergency use authorization”. Source, FDA website. Not an officially approved vaccine, but you seem to know everything.


“Emergency use authorization” – source, FDA website. EUA does not mean a FDA approved vaccine.

vaccine facts

they gave all three vaccines that are being administered a EUA or emergency use authorization. Phizer has said they are going to file for a full FDA approval this month.


Sari, if you’re truly concerned about the new MRNA vaccines (e.g., the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine), get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which is a traditional vaccine.


Johnson and Johnson is mixing up ingredients.

Jobin Johnson

New technology? Lol. Scientists have been studying these technologies for decades.
You cant invent a new successful technology in 8 months.
Its like saying you wont buy the new Toyota model sedan because it hasnt been driven for 10 years. It has entirely new parts, sure but its still a car. You dont have to invent a car for each new model.


I think it’s logical to say that we start with the elderly and those with comorbidities as we’ve been doing all over. Although in a way they are like Guinee pigs, they are likely in bigger danger from the virus than from a vaccine and Shomer Pesoyim Hashem definitely applies there.
As some time passes, younger people who were never infected, can start becoming comfortable taking it because it was around for longer. Eventually, there will be much more clear scientific data on the length of time immunity will last from either source (vaccine or infection), and if it seems that antibodies from infection aren’t enough and the vaccine seems safe enough, many more people can consider vaccination.
BTW it’s ok if big pharma makes some money. When Hashem gave permission for the doctors to heal (V’rapoh Yirapeh), all qualified doctors, health systems and big and small “pharma” were included (anti-vaxx activists weren’t).


Haha was about to call you out here in public as a fool!!! Got mine scheduled for the end of this month.


From someone who’s not getting the COVID vaccine and refuses to wear a mask, well played.


Yes. If you want to be 7 times more likely to die (in the short term – long term effects we have no clue)


Oh really? It’s not 8 times more likely….. maybe by Shabbos it will be 9 times more likely to die…. I guess it depends on your mood?


It’s based on factual data from official sources during the Israeli vaccination program.

Dan doesn’t let me post the link, but if you search outside the mainstream media you may be able to find it.


A.K.A. a youtube link…


Hashem DOES NOT require you to SEARCH for issues. Not everyone knows how to ‘search’ like you do and most people will never know what you profess to know, so how are they supposed to be ‘protected’.


Oh boy, good one Dan.
I was trying to find a way to scold you, in a gentle tone, thanks for saving me the trouble.
The quicker we stave off as much as we can, the better for all man kind.

Bastards day

Just an aside, April fools is a very Jewish concept.
April fools turns out to be 9 months before January 1, and it is just as foolish to ( insert April fools prank here) as it is to believe that Yoshke (or whatever moniker you would like to give the bastard) is a son of God.


You have made no point except to insult non Jewish followers of Dan.


And your point?


Why insult religious beliefs in a covid discussion?


At the rate of comments approved within minutes indicates to quite the popular post #yechipolitics


Goodbye neutrality 😉


You got me here. Was thinking for a minute that you don’t care anymore about being politically correct anymore……


Do you have Covid, or does Covid have you?

Did he get tested for antibodies?

He had it way back when.


Missed the point


Oh man, you truly got me! I clicked the link thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I may have to stop reading my favorite blog and forum, why couldn’t he just say nothing?!”

Chag sameach!!


Quick question: Why would you stop reading a blog because you disagree with one view the author expresses? Is there anyone with whom you find yourself in agreement 100% of the time?

Daniel T

Best Clickbait EVER!
I wanna hear your travel plans for after you get your vaccine passport


hahaha you got me 😀


I was about to change my screen name. Great that you are on-board.


Was sure you got hacked


Well played. It’s funny to me that everyone was either angry or happy based on the title. For those who were initially angry, considering the article was going to explain Dan’s position, and Dan has proven to be very intelligent, why not just hold judgment until you actually read and then get angry if you disagree…

Talmud chuchem

I already had covid, & have high antibodies count, please explain to me why I need to take the vaccine?

Harabi MiUto

Nice Dan! You make people laugh – a mitzvah all by itself. You certainly made my day.

Andrew Tennant

The masks are dumb, and you definitely don’t need one if you’re vaccinated, per the CDC.


Dan, I have to admit, you got me. Hook, line, sinker.


LOL you triggered me!


I personally kno a 20 yr old guy who had a heart attack from getting the vaccine the day b4. the drs did extensive tests and said we dont kno what the issue was even his heart was good but it’s def not bc of the vaccine they claimed . Drs do not want to shed bad light on the vaccine. Totally disregarding any possibility of negative effects. We dk the true numbers of neg impacts. True its less than covid itself. But tread with caution and dont believe everything that “appears” to be true


He had a heart attack the day after having received the vaccine. That doesn’t mean that the vaccine caused the heart attack. Heart attacks happened for thousands of years before any of the COVID-19 vaccines existed. Why are you assuming causation?

Refuah shleimah to your friend.


Get the vaccine! You’ll then be .001% less likely to die of covid. Of course the vaccine is probably more likely to harm you than the virus, but that doesn’t matter. Just do what they tell you and don’t ask any questions! Live long and prosper!


as of now how is this helping you travel ? israel at least are not accepting it


You had me in the beginning….


Are you prepared for lawsuits if people follow your medical advice instead of seeking from their own physicians? You should add that disclaimer.


lol you really had me going Dan


You’re a liberal moron.


That’s a compelling argument




When you see how they lied about masks being bad for you because they had an ulterior motive (saving them for the medical community), how Faucci kept changing the goalposts for herd immunity based on a what he thought people would want to hear, how they quashed anything positive about HCQ and promoted anything negative about it even when it turned out to be defective or fraudulent info – You can begin to understand why people are skeptical about the safety of a new vaccine which is now being pushed on us

Shvereh Shailah

So many comments, nobody have an issue with Chukas Hagoy! Observing Fools day, feh!


Why do I still need to wear a mask even though I got both COVID vaccine?!


The government doesn’t care about herd immunity. The government crowd will never give up the power they acquired during this pandemic. That’s why the still insist that you wear a mask even when vaccinated and tell you don’t travel. They blame it on variants because they know viruses always are producing variants. Our life now will be here for many years unless we stand up to these idiots.


I took the first shot few days ago . Thanks to president Trump for operation warp speed!


You got me! I was about to get so pissed


When it gets past 100 comments or so, do they even get moderated anymore?


You got my attention. Click Bait to be forgiven 🙂


Lame joke

Mike LI

im not getting the shot and I dont wear a mask (unless I have to!)


What else will one need to travel... eventually?

It’s the slippery slope that worries me most


Right, like the green pass in Israel. Wonder how long it will be for us to need a vaccine passport to travel, go to hotels, restaurants, etc? They do want to limit our activities if we don’t get the experimental shot.

Joe Baum

I must admit that it was pretty funny. I would suggest that you look at the source of April Fools and you will see why it’s not quite a yiddishe custom. A gutten moed!


for al those who not wise people (to put it lightly) who don’t want to get the vaccine, just do yourself a favor and take 15 minutes to watch this video, then share it. this explains it very well https://www.torahanytime.com/#/lectures?v=142700


Any reason why you posted this 4 times?


12 times. Probably in connection with the 12 tribes of Israel 🙂
Bu seriously, please stop the spam


This video will explain why he reposted it so many times: https://www.torahanytime.com/#/lectures?v=142700

troll alert

Saul – lololololol!!!!


Thank you for standing up for what you feel is right. I am sorry to see you being attacked with some very rude and vicious comments. You don’t deserve that at all.
I agree with you. After researching it, my husband and I, and our adult children are getting the vaccine. I understand that others may disagree, but they don’t have to get nasty about it.


I don’t understand why it would be required or necessary to get vaccinated to fly, if someone is concerned about it covid they should get the vaccine, who cares about the person without the vaccine, it’s his own problem, it sounds more like a control opportunity…


My doctor said, “Vaccine? Look. You only have 37 miles left on your Chase Card, so why bother?”
Just joking, April Foo–
Oh, no. It’s April 2nd already. Nevermind.


I know Dan was just joking but honestly this thread makes me so sad as I see how others seem to feel about it. I know many people feel the way they do, but seeing it all compiled in a conversation like this is so disheartening. So much misinformation out there. Vaccines save lives, not just the person who takes it but the others around us, but paranoia convinces people not to trust them. As Jews it’s our responsibility to try and leave the world better than we came into it, I can’t think of a better way than doing our small part to try and eradicate a deadly virus. People really need to stop being so selfish.

The forgotten taxpayer

Nothing to be sad or get upset about. Humans have differences of opinion going back since Adam & Eve walked in Gan Eden. I for one, have followed common sense and wore a mask and social distanced in Shul at the beginning of the Covid outbreak. Stayed in quarantine during the entire last year Pesach. We took a covid test whenever we were feeling sick. My kids took their anti body tests before going back to Yeshiva. Nonetheless, we do not plan on getting any vaccine for the foreseeable future. Yes, we live in a free society where we have the right to make our own decisions. We’re not “anti” vaccine or “anti” flu shot. You want to get vaccinated, gezunteh heit. You still want to wear a mask in Shul, gezunteh heit. Kol hakavod. We’ve moved on and decided we’re going to return to complete normalcy allowed by law.
Btw, who created government? Why was our government created in the first place? Do we work for the government or does the government works for us? Who pays for our government? Who pays their salaries? We have to listen to them or do they have to listen to us? Who is the employer and who is the employee? Does one ever stop for a moment and ponder these things?
Would you invite ANY politician to stay and sleep at your home with your family there? But yet you trust and believe everything these reprobates say and command us because they are “government”? What’s wrong with this picture? Do we have ANY rights? No citizen should be led like a gullible sheep going to slaughter. One has an obligation to use his God given mind to think for himself.
To end:
“Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still”
Dale Carnegie


Just as I didn’t trust Trump when he said that it would all go away and we were “turning a corner” every other day, so too I don’t just immediately trust the Biden administration either. Who I trust is the scientists and the doctors, not the government. The many doctor and scientists friends who I have, who have the credentials to prove that they know what they are talking about, those are the people I listen to, if not also the scientists that I don’t personally know. They say that the vaccine is safe and that mask wearing can save lives, and they are qualified to say so. Questioning things is fine but you still need to try and get answers from reliable sources to make proper decisions. If that source is news media I’d recommend a balance of outlets from multiple sides so you can get the whole story and all opinions, nobody should solely rely on Fox News or CNN. But in the end, just as you’d ask a rabbi for a p’sak on a complicated halacha that might be over your head, you should ask a doctor or scientist about a complicated pandemic that you are not educated in enough to fully understand. I truly believe you’ll find significantly more of them that say that masks and vaccines save lives than those that say the opposite.


Also I’m a little confused… you said you’ve moved on to complete normalcy allowed by law, and then went on about being weary of the government. Who do you think made those laws? Are you trying to say that the government is trying to make you go against your will or that they have allowed you to go back to normalcy?


I feel like Eliyahu is trying to tell us something. As if he thinks he has some content that he believes explains something well or something like that.


or content that offers virulent fire and brimstone

Mark davidson

Trumps greatest accomplishment wasnt the vaccine as for better or worse the sinopharm vaccine will be given to 3 or 4x more people than all the USA vaccines combined (think China and India population alone). And it works. Hands down in retrospect the Abraham’s accords are the singularly biggest deal and anyone spending quality time all over the UAE will understand this. Unlike peace with Egypt or Jordan which never promoted any big joint projects the abraham accord is and will join Arab countries and Israel in mammoth joint ventures

Mark davidson

Astrozenica also proves that it wasnt all trumps doing on vaccine front .