[Air Canada Applauds End Of Vaccine And Mask Rules That Were “Not Justified By Science”] Finally! Canada Plans To Drop COVID Entry Restrictions Next Week, Will The US Match?

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Update: Air Canada is thanking the Canadian government for the removal of these restrictions and acknowledging that air travel is safe and that the measures were “not justified by science.”

Update: Canada’s Public Health Agency has confirmed that as of October 1st, anyone can enter Canada without using the ArriveCAN app, no testing or vaccination is required, and no quarantine will be required. Additionally masks are no longer required on flights and trains.

Originally posted on 9/20:

Canadian press is reporting that Canada plans on dropping COVID entry restrictions that have kept many people out of the country for over 2 and a half years.

Currently, entry to Canada is restricted to fully vaccinated adults. Additionally, you need to upload your proof of vaccination, passport, and other information before entering Canada via the ArriveCAN app.

I drove with my grandfather and daughter to Toronto last month to catch a Jays-Tribe ballgame and see Niagara Falls. I was able to visit with my 2 vaccines from spring 2021 and was able to bring my daughter with despite her not being vaccinated as she is under 12 years old. Several restaurants there were deserted and said that they haven’t had robust summer business since the summer of 2019 due to Canadian regulations, while others I visited in the past had closed down completely.

If nothing else, the COVID vaccine granted me access to several countries that I traveled to over the past year and a half.

But Canada is now planning on removing the vaccine requirement, the ArriveCAN app requirement, and the random testing for travelers. Airlines and local businesses have been lobbying for that to happen for quite some time.

Canada is also one of the last places that still require masks on flights to or from the country. It’s unclear if that rule will remain in place.

For now, the US still requires that foreign national adults be vaccinated to visit the country, despite President Biden declaring the pandemic to be over. When do you think that requirement will be dropped?

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I guess they know he’s not really the president


At least the US isn’t requiring their unvaccinated citizens to quarantine!
Tourism in Canada has been a fraction of the past apparently that has helped wake up Mr. Trudeau!


“Tribe” RIP

Billy Nedder

Putin ended Covid. Thanks, Vlad.


Whether the pandemic is ongoing or not the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission or most likely anything at this point. Vaccine is nothing more than politics as you can be vaccinated over a year ago which is useless according to manufacturers but you can use it to enter the country!


yes! It was the political science that changed, not the medical science. If the original clinical trial for Pfizer BioNTech BNT162b2 was run during omicron or the BA’s it would have failed to reach statistical significance. Of course, we now live in a post-data world where carefully run randomized controlled clinical trials are a thing of the past. 8 mice – dayenu!




@dan where did you eat in toronto and what’s your take?


Try Prime on Avenue https://primeonavenue.com/
Great steak house.

Howie Feder

If I’m flying to Israel for sukkot on air Canada (stopping in Toronto) do I have to do anything to prove vaccination. Also I’m traveling with my granddaughter who just turned 2, will she have to wear a mask, if so do they enforce it for kids so young?


If it’s only a stopover, you doing have to prove anything.


Looks like vaccination rule will be dropped Sept 30, so if that happens, and you’re flying after, it will not be an issue.

From the AC website: For all flights (except for travel to and from the U.S.) and all passengers over the age of 6, the use of approved face coverings is a mandatory requirement issued by Transport Canada. Children older than 2 but less than 6 years of age who cannot tolerate wearing a face covering are exempt, provided the adult responsible ensures a face covering is readily available to the child prior to boarding the flight.

For travel to and from the U.S., any passenger 2 years of age and older must wear a face covering, unless exempted for medical reasons.

If it’s enforced will depend on the person you get. Try dressing her to look babyish, in pjs, with paci, that kind of thing.


I know it depends on the crew, but I flew in several AC flights this summer, and even the FA’s who enforced masking didn’t say a word to any of my kids (age 1-7)


I think its utterly ridiculous that I can walkydrive across either border unvaxxed (I’m not) but if you have a visa and a plane ticket to the USA you hvae to be vaxxed

– but 5 million undocumented migrants didnt need to be vaxxed since Jan 2021 – Kabuki theater –

Family s planning a trip to Niagara (Canada) over post Thanksgiving holidays – we only got the one and done J&J it hasn’t been an issue but we haven’t tried to visit a tripled vaxxed req country either


You can’t walk or drive across the US/Canada border either way if you’re unvaxxed and not a citizen of that country. It’s the same rules for land or air crossings. Aside from migrants of course.
What about the 14 day quarantine for unvaxxed entering? (Yes we still have that – 14!!! days! – and they still come and check on you). I guess if no arrivecan they can’t come find you…
And the masks on flights and in airports – no comment on that. Can’t wait till that’s dropped. Most AC flights they are so crazy about it. Especially departing Canada.


I am a US Citizen. I haven’t crossed the border in 10 years. Last trip, when going to Canada, we arrived at one of the Niagara Falls crossings at 11:00pm. The Canadian Border agent barely even made us stop, he just waved us in. When coming back to the US, the US border agents grilled us for 15 mins before letting us back in to our own country. We were in a Minivan, with children and the typical vacation items in the car. What’s it like today?


Hmm Just waved you in like rolling through a stop sign? How many border agents grilled you in the US? Maybe you look very disoriented at the border!


YoniPDX – but you’re not in a plane full of ppl driving across — stick to talmud & maybe brush up on your midos.


Oh, is THAT why Biden walks up the OUTSIDE stairs to Air Force 1 wearing a mask and then REMOVES it before entering the plane?

I always wondered…
Guess your wonderful, middos filled, President is up to par..

Bill from Maine

“but 5 million undocumented migrants didnt need to be vaxxed since Jan 2021 – Kabuki theater –” And they don’t need a passport either. Go figure.

Dan\'s the man

Sometime between now election day


Spain requires masks on all flights


Dan, do you hate the name Guardians as much as I do?

Bill from Maine

I hear the Braves are next.


Bummer, few things compare withl being at a Brave’s game and hearing 50K+ people do the war chant (Tomahwk chop) and its echos.

Remember visiting Chief KnockaHoma’ Tepee as a little kid – and joined Indian guides at the local YMCA (Was ‘little running bear’) Yes i have some Native heritage from the People of the Dawn tribe but its too many generations back and I not on a tribal roll. If anything these experiences gave me more respect for the Native customs. I don’t think the War cry chant or the mascots are disrespectful – but I guess we are living in the time of walking on eggshells.


Who needs the US to drop travel restrictions, when the southern border is wide open to all?


Kudos to air Canada for having the guts to write, that it was never about the science!
a US airline would never have the ביצים to write that, as they’ve been so intimidated into submission amd compliance over the past 2 years by the government and their media henchmen…


You can’t compare the us government to the Canadian government.


So now Dan et al is an MD or has an MPH/etc…
…stick to deals!


Hypocrisy she’b’hypocrisy! They enforced the masks like it was literally all that was standing between them and death. Now to say “oh science…” Just jumping on the bandwagon. So dumb.