[6 Pack Tests Can Be Used For 6 Different People] You Can Now Purchase COVID-19 Self-Tests For Use When Traveling Abroad In Order To Enter The US

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Update: Readers have reported to me that they were able to order this set of 6 tests for one person and then use them for 6 different people in order to fly to the US! Each test has a unique QR code that can be scanned and used by anyone. You do not need to swab deep into your nose like some PCR tests require.

Originally posted on 5/13:

The CDC has approved the use of FDA approved COVID-19 telehealth monitored self-tests to use in order to enter US after traveling abroad.

The test must be taken within 3 days before departure, so if your flight is Wednesday afternoon, you can take a test as soon as 12:01AM on Sunday.

United and Abbott are marketing a new COVID-19 antigen self-test with telehealth monitoring as an excellent way to travel abroad without needing to find a testing center.

eMed is selling a 6 pack of travel approved Abbott’s BinaxNOW self-tests for $150 plus shipping. You will get a receipt that you can send to your insurance company to see if they will cover the costs. The tests can easily fit into a carry-on bag.

eMed will provide the prescription and on-demand telehealth to watch you open, take the test, and get the results. You’ll need a strong internet connection and about half an hour to perform the test and get the results. You can then show the results on the NAVICA app for Android or iOS to your airline that you tested negative for COVID-19 in order to fly to the US.

While Abbott’s BinaxNOW tests can be found for less, those don’t include the telehealth testing required for it to be valid for entry into the US.

It’s worth noting that the tests can be used on people 4 years or older, though kids that are 2 or 3 also need to provide a negative COVID-19 test.

Abbott recommends bringing extra tests with you in case the first one comes back inconclusive.

I wouldn’t buy these unless you have travel plans in the near future, as the requirement to provide a COVID-19 test can be lifted at any time. The fact that it’s still required for people who are fully vaccinated is beyond absurd. But it certainly does seem like a great option to have for now.

Will you travel with self-tests when you travel abroad?

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Would Israel allow this test?


Can we use it to go to Israel?

Barry Reiner

You absolutely need a PCR test to board a plane for Israel.
Funny story: we showed up at the airport en route to Israel last Sunday and presented our papers and the gate person said that the labs were no good because they were not PCR. I gently tried to explain, to no avail, that the report said “polymerase chain reaction. It took 2 supervisors


At what point does the CDC lift the testing for vaccinated travelers? It’s ridiculous already


This is stupid, because people are selfish. Many assume/know they are positive and still travel since they paid for the trip. They won’t let it get in there way, until they are really sick. They will just get a friend or family member to take the test and will travel and infect people to save their vacation or trip. They should just test at the outbound and inbound airports like many countries are doing.


You can’t use it to go to Israel but am I right to presume that you can use it to return from Israel to the US?


Wow. Finally. Something like this should have been out months ago.


These tests are terrible unless you have covid and need a false negative to reenter the usa. IMO that is their only value

Andrew Lock

Not true, Im not sure where you got that information. Ive received PCR tests to confirm the accuracy and theyve been correct every time


Does anyone know how deep they ask you to stick the thing up your nose? (serious question) Different tests have different requirements. In Lakewood, I recently tested in 1 place that they just stick the cotton part of the q-tip in your nose, and in a different place they go all the way up…


where in lakwd they they go all the way up and where just the tip?

Andrew Lock

You only need to go inside about an inch, its not like a PCR test which is quite uncomfortablr

Jacob Nemon

Can multiple individuals split a pack? When purchasing, it seems to want the DOB and identity of the tester, but can a family use it or needs to buy separately?

Gabriel Lasry

Good question, anyone answers?

Andrew Lock

Unfortunately not. You have to buy a pack of six for one person


Also advisable to check hotel options as many int’l chains have been offering free Antigen tests for qualifying stays.


Sam’s club has 2x BinaxNOW for $20 in store or shipped


Is there an option of buying just 1 test. Why do you have to buy 6?


Shame it’s an Antigen and most places, including Israel what a PCR, so it’s pretty worthless…

Andrew Lock

Actually, many countries accept these antigen tests now. See http://www.EntryRestrictions.com for details


Can you have multiple different people use the 6 tests? or is it all tied to a single person because of the telehealth component? It doesn’t specify on the site, and when you go to checkout it only asks for the name of one person.

Tom Z

Just emailed eMed to determine if the 6-pack can be used by other family members. They replied, “According to eMed policies, the six pack kit can’t be shared with someone else. The BinaxNow Covid 19 Ag Card Home Test requires a prescription for the person ordering the test. Prior to purchase, the BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test requires a prescribed test to be issued by a health care professional partner.” I then asked if they sold kits that contained fewer tests … “For now, we are currently offering just the six pack kit option through the eMed web site. More options will be offered in the future. Our current six-pack option allows users the ability to test multiple times with only one shipping cost.”

Very good alternative to finding a covid testing site while out of the USA, but it is a little strange that the only available alternative is to by a 2 6-packs when you may only need 2 2-packs to get you and your spouse home. And ?this is to save shipping expense? 🙁

Andrew Lock

Ive been using them for months and I did a review of these covid tests here: https://youtu.be/iKEpeZzG8e8

Andrew Lock

If youre curious about all the different types of tests, I made a video to explain all the details: https://youtu.be/op1Y_pVfm9I – hope you find it helpful as we were careful to carefully research the information to help travelers wade through the confusion!

Dovid Klugman

I saw a 2 pack in local cvs .binaxnow . Is that not the correct one?


Sadly DL refuses to step up and officially say they will accept this


I am going to israel end of july. is it not cheaper to just get a pcr test in israel 2-3 days before flight back to the us? is there an issue with doing this?


How did people use it for 6 different people- did each of the 6 people open their own Emed account and start an online session themselves? Or all through 1 Emed account?


Are these good for entering Canada?


Do all airlines that are headed to USA accept this?


Where can I find a list of Countries that would accept this for entering (mainly Europe)? Also, still not clear whether a family of 6 can share this kit of 6. Ty


I’m going to London 1st week of July . Do these tests meet uk requirement for the 2nd and 8th day testing ??? TIA Dan.


Which type of test do I need to travel to the UK ?
the government website just say covid test .
Also which one do I need to come back to the US ?


I was just looking at these yesterday and am traveling to Europe with my family next week. Upon asking eMed about using the 6 pack for different people, here was the response:

Thank you for contacting eMed.

This is regarding your ticket for your inquiry on if a person buys 1 six-pack, are these six able to be shared by others.
No. The six-pack kit cannot be shared because The BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test requires a prescription for the person ordering the test. Qualified individuals are prescribed the BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test via eMed’s Health Care provider partner. A qualified individual must receive a prescription before a test can be administered. Each person over 18 years of age must have their own eMed account to make the purchase under their name. This makes the 6-pack kit personal, not sharable neither transferable of its ownership.

Thank you for contacting eMed Customer Support.


While some people have reported that they managed to use this for 6 different people, I wouldn’t take the risk.
Dan, how many people actually had success with this? You’re usually pretty cautious in your reporting and usually you back it up with something official in writing.
If the company officially says no then you can’t complain to them. By the time you realize that it may be too late to go for a regular test and you could miss a flight. No thanks.


Do we have any dp from someone using this to come to USA from Israel on any airline ?


I would be very careful about using this with Delta. Both AA & United indicate clearly on their website that this is acceptable and even have a link to the Emed site. There should be no concern there.

Delta does NOT make any reference to this. Moreover to add to the problem, while AA & UA both have apps where you upload your covid results and get a green light beforehand, DL does not.

Your only option is to show your COVID test at CHECKIN. If you get an agent that doesn’t take it or gives you a hard time you are pretty jammed at that point.

Seems absurd that DELTA isn’t getting on the train to make some progress here (especially since they were the first to send out a January press release about how they were going to make it easy for you to buy home kits before you leave for int’l travel)

John M

SO… it appears that 1 adult and 2 children under 18 can use one 6-pack. So, if 2 adults and 2 children under 18 are traveling, two 6-pack kits will be required. You can list 2 minors to test with each kit that is prescribed for 1 adult.


Any update from DL ? And if no, what are our options at LAX?


Does anyone know if an airline can reject these? I would assume that if the CDC allows it and the whole point is to allow entry into the US then it would be fine, no?
Turkish Airline is saying they don’t accept it (even with telehealth)


How about JetBlue?


Will this work on return from Panama?

Christian Madsen

I asked eMed if several people could share a 6-pack set of kits. This has been discussed on this thread and the information has been contradictory. eMed responded by email (December 10, 2021): “If you intend to distribute the test kit to other individuals not listed on the original order, please make sure to meet the following to receive a Navica Health Pass and eMed lab Report. Each test taker must download and register the NAVICA™ app while in the U.S and its territories. Participate in a virtually guided test session with an eMed Certified Guide in eMed.com using the BinaxNOW COVID-19 Home Test kit. Additionally, our eMed Certified Guides are available 24/7 to help guide you during your testing session online.”