$50 Off $100 At Airbnb With AMEX Offers!

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Get a one-time $50 statement credit by using your connected Amex card when you spend $100 or more in a single transaction at Airbnb.com by 12/31/15. Terms here.

You can get the credit for booking a stay or you are also officially allowed to buy gift cards with this offer that you can use for future stays, though I’ve been trying to buy them and am just getting error messages this morning. Gift cards must be sent to another user, they can’t be purchased for yourself.

Follow the steps below to sign up for this offer via Twitter:

1. Signup for Twitter and you can save money with AMEX.

2. All you have to do is sync your American Express card with your twitter account to save money at rotating stores.

3. Then tweet #AmexAirbnb and then click tweet. Then wait a minute and you should have a message in your notifications bar that you have successfully enrolled along with the offer terms.

You can register all of your primary and secondary AMEX cards on Twitter, it just entails either: Unsyncing and resyncing cards via this link or making a Twitter account for each card. If you do unsync and resync multiple cards on the same Twitter account you must change the tweet slightly each time like:
#AmexAirbnb 1
#AmexAirbnb 2
And so on.

When resyncing there is no need to fill out your billing address, just fill out the first half of the form with your name, email, and your credit card number.You can skip the optional fields asking for your billing address, card expiration, and the 4 digit code. You can use the same email address for all of your cards.

Forgot which card you registered? Just unsync and resync.

You can even bulk tweet for all of your cards with multiple Twitter accounts via TweetDeck.

You can also check to see if you have this offer in your account by  just logging in to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards.

You can also register your secondary cards for their own AMEX login and register each of those cards as well.

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Says “Offer not valid for bookings made with gift cards” have you confirmed that buying gift cards works? You say “officially” when you say gift cards work, where did you see that?


Why are you only quoting that line?

“Offer valid for approved bookings and gift cards purchased on Airbnb.com and the Airbnb mobile app. Offer valid for a single transaction of $100 or more made by 12/31/15. Offer not valid for bookings made with gift cards.


Becaused i missed the other line! thanks Dan


Will this work on serve and redcard?


Trying to buy GC on AirBnB site, but it thinks I’m in the Netherlands, so not working. Anyone else getting this situation? Is there a solution?


Can multiple gift card’s be used in one reservation?


Bought a GC successfully just now, but have not gotten the congrats email yet. Hopefully the credit comes in soon


Don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but when I sync and resync I’m not even shown the optional fields you mention- just name, email and card number.


Does your stay have to be before 2016?


Should have been my HT … I saw it and spaced out…


@Anon: Yes can any1 confirm that multiple $100 gift cards could be used on the same reservation?


Charge has to post by 12/31/15. No restrictions on the stay.

What this mean

Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels


Can you use multiple cards (with the offers) for one Airbnb Booking? Say you save the offer to 4 cards, and put $100 on each card for a $400 booking, but only get charged $200?


Does the Serve card work for this offer?


@art: yes

extra credit

make sure to chap arein the 2o dollar refferal for new customers!!!


Thanks for covering this offer. I’ve never previously used airbnb because I’m not a “coach surfer” and their more-established listings just involve extra fees (you can book direct or with other channels for less). That said, using a new member referral I got $20 off (which almost paid for airbnb’s $21 booking fee) and the AMEX $50 credit (I got the confirmation so it seems to work flawlessly).

I might be interested in booking more accommodations, but they are multi-night and would only make sense if I could play a gift card game (get $50 off every $100). It sounds like Dan has run into some troubles with this. Has anyone gotten it to work?


BTW, do you always pay in US dollars on Airbnb so it’s not an issue using AMEX cards with foreign transaction fees for overseas bookings? I registered my Platinum card for my first booking, but if I want to do more, I’ll move through “the deck.”


So buying gift cards work with this deal?


before plunking down $1300 on Airbnb gift card I would prefer to confirm if amex is refunding $50 for them


You need to add the fact that you can use only one gc per reservation….unless you know of a way..


I spoke with AirBnb if you go to airbnb.com/gift and click the redeem button you can add as many codes as you want to your account but make sure to buy the gift cards out of a account that you wont be using to book

the purchaser cant use the Gift card they sent to someone else


So it sounds like we can add many gift codes to our account if purchased from another account. But we still have no evidence we that we USE more than 1 gc per reservation… which is where the value would be.


@Dave: I bought two and it allowed both to be used in one reservation.


Did anyone get the ‘congratulations’ email after buying the GC?



Yeah, I’m kind of waiting to make sure the gift card buyers get their $50 back. I got the congrats email when I booked a direct reservation. I’m interested in buy multiple gift cards for a single house rental, but I want to be sure this will work without issues. It seems like people are now able to use more than one gift card per rental, but it would be nice to get multiple confirmation of that, too.

If this works as it should, this can be a very good deal. It probably deserves more attention than it’s getting.


You won’t get the confirmation until the Braintree charge reverts to Airbnb



Yeh it did..it was something along the lines of AIRBNBGC San Francisco



That credit ever post from Airbnb GC purchase?


Mine switched over to AirBnb about a week ago but still no credit. Anyone receive their credit yet?


@Kevin: No credit yet here! Bought 3x $100 GCs across three registered amex cards 11/3. Unusual for amex…I have always received statement credit within a day or two.


Apparently credits for GCs are not gonna post automatically. Did anybody call Amex to talk about it? Most likely Amex will advise us to wait, but are they at least willing to investigate and confirm that the transaction qualifies for the credit?


no credit on 15 cards 3 weeks now


i also got this error so i opened another account and i was successful b”h


i chatted with amex and i received my credit on all my cards


IS there any way to get the credit applied to AMEX affiliate bank cards like those from citi etc.
Has anyone had any success getting the credit on those ?


Doesn’t look like it to me. Not for my lack of trying. AMEX, the affiliate, and Airbnb all say there is nothing they can do / it is someone else’s fault.


Do balances transfers from other cards count toward the $3000 you have to spend?