Last Chance To Spend Your AMEX Business Platinum Credit At Dell! New Bose Earphones, Laptop And Desktop Deals, And More!

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The AMEX Business Platinum Card normally offers $100 Dell credit to spend every January-June and $100 Dell credit to spend every July-December. You need to register here for the Dell benefit.

Due to the difficulty of using airline fee credits this year, they are doubling the Dell credit to $200 to spend in May-June and $200 Dell credit to spend in July-December. There is no need to register for the extra $200 credit.

Some items, including laptops and monitors, have shipping delays, so you’ll want to order items that will ship by 12/31! If item item ships after your credit expires you will lose your credit.

Many AMEX Consumer Platinum Cards are also targeted for $100 off $100 at Dell through 1/31/21.

Plus, all of my AMEX business cards are targeted with an AMEX Offer for 10% back at Dell through 4/26/21. It’s good for an unlimited number of uses until you get a total of $1,500 in total statement credits!

Select items from Dell Work are also eligible for an additional 10% off with code: STAND4SMALL

You can stack the 10% off, $100 off, and $200 off offers! Note that if you spend between $201-$222 and earn 10% back as well a $200 credit, AMEX may claw back money so that you don’t wind up making a profit.

Dell allows you to split a charge among 3 credit cards at checkout. If you have multiple Business Platinum cards that means you can get a $200 credit+10% back on each one by splitting the charge among multiple cards.

Sample items to buy, prices before 10% AMEX Offers, $200 Business Platinum credit, etc:

Post what items you’ll be buying with your spend credit!

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And don’t forget Dell will price match… So even though much of their stuff is overpriced, you can bring the price down with little effort


They price match their later prices, or other retailers prices?


This is one of the best benefits of the Plat Biz card now that we aren’t traveling. I hope they continue with the $200 Dell discount next year. Dan do you have any inside info on this?


I ordered something July 15, and they keep on pushing off the shipping date, still didn’t get it, and hope they ship it out before 12/31


I dont need anything on Dell right now. What’s the best item I can buy for resale on ddf?


If it seems like they won’t ship the item on time can you cancel the order and get something else with the credit?

Nice chap, but be careful

When the item is ordered a hold is place on the credit card, and only once it ships does the processing begin. That means that if you cancel before it ships there might be no credit to be had at Dell. Please report back if any part of this is wrong logic.


Me and hubby have the personal platinum and didn’t have this in our offers. Anyway to get it anyway?


Better for him and/or his wifey to sign up for Biz Plat to get this offer


Are they adding the airline credit as well for saks credit. For the platinum card?


how do I add the dell offer to my biz platinum card (the $200 back). I don’t see it anywhere….


Did you look in the post?


Anyone else having issues with the credit applying?


I have 3 more AMEX Platinum personal credits to use (I used one for a new monitor last month) but all these products seem like overpriced luxury goods to me. I don’t really understand what expensive laptops and desktops — not to mention $100 keyboards and mice — do for the average customer. I usually buy electronics at less than half this price from Dell outlet and similar outfits and I’ve never felt I needed more computing power than what I got. What am I missing?


I’m not being able to register can any1 help pls


“they are doubling the Dell credit to $200” link doesn’t wotk


I used my credit but I dont like the quality of the item and want to return it. Will I be able to use the credit again or I may as well keep the item and not waste time returning?


Can you post the link to check if this credit has been used yet? Thank you.


Can I purchase the extra cost with Amex points?


Great sound bar system:


Can you get the $200 or $100 credit on 2 separate Dell purchases, let’s say buying something for $50 and a day later buying something for $50?


is there a credit for the personal platinum amex as well?


Anything wrong with buying $250 in Microsoft Xbox Digital gift cards?


Anyone have luck getting $200 credit in 2021? I know it is supposed to go down to $100 but a friend of mine told me he still got $200 credit in January 2021, was wondering if anyone else had the same luck?