60% Off Everything At The W Hotel Store, Including The W Hotel Exclusive Mattress

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Update: The unprecedented 60% discount is scheduled to end today. If you have bought in the past, send them an email to request a price adjustment. People are reporting getting refunds from orders made months ago!

Originally posted on 03/06:

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W Store Mattresses Linky

W Store Extreme Signature Mattress Linky

60% off with code (Exp: 03/11): W6EM9

-Charge the W Mattress to your Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and get double Starpoints, as with all Starwood expenditures!

-The mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.
-Tax is only charged for deliveries to New York.

-The W Hotel plush top mattresses have better reviews than the W pillow top mattresses. Want an even softer mattress? Go for the plush bed but get the W featherbed with the protector. Fair warning: It will be really hard to sleep on other mattresses after buying that combo!

Plush top mattresses prices:
Twin: Normally $849, now $339.60
Full: Normally $959, now $383.60
Queen: Normally $1,059, now $423.60
Cal King: Normally $1,379, now $551.60
King: Normally $1,379, now $551.60

Plush top mattress+box spring prices:
Twin: Normally $1,059, now $423.60
Full: Normally $1,269, now $507.60
Queen: Normally $1,379, now $551.60
Cal King: Normally $1,769, now $707.60
King: Normally $1,769, now $707.60

Extreme Signature mattresses prices:
Queen: Normally $2,199, now $879.60
Cal King: Normally $2,699, now $1,079.60
King: Normally $2,699, now $1,079.60

Extreme Signature mattress+box spring prices:
Queen: Normally $2,699, now $1,079.60
Cal King: Normally $3,299, now $1,319.60
King: Normally $3,299, now $1,319.60

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Price mistake?


DO you have this mattress, and you vouch for it?

what makes it soo special?


No fitted full sheets available.


lots of side stuff unavailable..
Is it always employee discount?


The whole store seems to be selling out, not sure what is going on.
It usually says employee discount with these codes, but the typical discount is just 35% or 40%.


Just bought the Extreme Signature king mattress and box spring. Hope this is worth the extra $600 over the king plush set. Any input Dan?


Anyone try a memory foam mattress?
I am thinking of switching to one but am nervous if I will be happy.


Hi Dan,, Thanks so much! the W hotel if i book a hotel will it come down %60??


I bought a queen set 3 months ago at 50% off. Do you think I have a chance getting matched on the lower price from the W store or from SPG?


Each set comes with 2 mattresses?


Just ordered – thanks…

FYI – You have to put the items in the shopping cart, put the delivery and shipping address in, and at the final stage you can put the promo code in…then the price updates

Dan fan

Did anyone have luck finding a 48″ mattress, no place in my room for bigger…


there are any bed sheet for 48″?

Dans the man

I wanted to buy just the feather bed. its sold out 🙁


@moishe: Wife has bad back we use Cloud 9 4 inch memory foam on top of mattress and it has really helped her back . No more pains. I notice a big difference as well in the comfort of my sleep. Get older those springs really begin to bother you in your sleep


does anybody know if they take away your old mattress when they deliver?


and do they set up the bed?



I am also nervous about getting the W Hotel King Size Mattress Only for the Signature & Extreme. I had had a sterns & foster for many years and this scares me because it’s non refundable. It’s not like a piece of clothing that you don’t have to wear because I have to sleep on it every night. Does anyone know about this particular mattress ?


Scott Goldman


Thanks! Bought 2 Plush top Queen sets (Featherbed was sold out) as per your recommendation

Here’s to blind faith!!


Thank you so much!! I have been looking at buying the W beds for years and have almost pulled the trigger a few times when you posted 30% and 40% off. But 60% off is insane. I bought 2 for less then the price of 1 and got 2x miles from SPG card. I am looking forward to sleeping comfortably.


@Mark, email customer service and ask them to honor the reduced price. It worked for me.


Can I use the full size mattress on top of a full size box spring I bought from sleepy’s?


I am ordering the full plush top with box spring, what do you do about Bed frame?

leah g

does a set mean 2 matresses with frame?

48 inch bed

Anything available that fits 48 inch beds??


Just got a call from them and the bed is being delivered tomorrow. That is a crazy turnaround.


Thanks Dan,
Great deal!

@48 in

48 in is made up for and sold by Frum Jews only


Can anyone pipe in regarding quality of their regular towels (not plush).
I would assume the ones that are in the normal rooms at hotel.


any opinions on whether to go with regular box spring or low-profile? i know the mattresses are higher..


Trying to find reviews for these beds. Just ordered the plush top, king bed. Does anyone know if this the same bed I just ordered? I hope not because the reviews are so poor 🙁


@Adam – Although both are made by Simmons, the Heavenly is pillow-top only while the Westin has options. We’ve owned a Heavenly bed for about 5-6 years and liked it at first but have become disappointed with it; it was a great bed for the first year, but after that the bed started to sag a lot.

@Dan – Thanks for the deal! I’m replacing our old Heavenly Bed with a plush top and will look forward to the difference. Too bad the featherbed was sold out.


can anyone post email address that order confirmation comes from? I’m trying to find my last order and having hard time finding it with gmail. thanks


@Sam: if you bring your own bed


@Chaim – mine came from customercare@whotelsthestore.com

I ordered a king plush top, been wanting a king for a long time, and $700 for mattress, box spring and delivery sealed the deal.

I was looking at ordering their linens through the deal as well, but they are all a la carte and no pillowcases left, which would have drove me crazy. ended up getting similar but probably slightly better matteo sheets from gilt.com instead.

Also, I ordered first 4 white bath towels and got an email about an hour later that they were backordered so I wouldn’t be getting them. I replied and asked if I could still order 1-2 (or whatever they had), and haven’t heard anything back.

Additionally, when you call the 800 number, you are told to leave a message with your name and number and they’ll call you back… but 6 hours later, no call. Hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come…


is everyone paying for shipping? dont see anything about a way around it…did i miss it?


@Austin It’s not. The link you posted is for the Westin Heavenly Bed. The W bed is different and, depending upon which site you check on the internet, some say better.


great deal, but prices are up by about 30% since i bought the pillow two top set 2 years ago with 35% off. beds have been great, btw.


Anyone know how long this deal.is?


Sale goes until Tue 3/12


There’s nothing really left worth getting


W customer care cage me the 60 off even though I purchased two months ago at 50 off price. Thank you DAN


I complaint that 2 months ago I bought at the 50% discount, and now it’s 60%. They credited my credit card $211!!!


@Eddie: What did you say in your email to get them to credit an old order, I asked and they just shot me down.


Anyone have any recent reviews (post 2010) of these beds? It seems there’s a long thread on FW explaining that the quality is considerably worse now


@dan are you sure it’s ending tonight? any way to know for sure? need one more day 🙂


@sam yes they will take away old matresses


60% off deal is still working!!


Hi Dan,

i just tried.. i think its over. can you verify??
is there another link or I just have to wait until the next deal..



I bought 2 beds and thought I was also buying he feather cover you had suggested. It all came today seems I had to buy 3 items 1 the bed 2 the feather cover and 3 the protector. I didn’t buy the Cover only the protector. I want to buy the feather cover now, any ideas how I can buy it now and still get the discount. I just got the order today!


I just went to the W website and holy cow they raised their prices by like 25 percent plus they are now charging $225 for delivery! basically they run these sales and then raise the price just like they did last time


Kicking myself for not grabbing this then! Today the price is $1989 for the CA king w/ $225 shipping. Do you know of any deals??


Any of these deals come around at all lately? I am looking to buy new mattresses/boxsprings sets. If not, do you have any other suggestions?