OBi Makes Up With Google Voice; OBi200 On Sale For Just $29.99 With Unlimited Free Calling From Your Landline!

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I first wrote about my free landline phone back in March 2011.

With a small OBi device you were able to connect a landline phone to your Google Voice number for unlimited free calling.  It was always an unofficial relationship, but a great one for consumers.

In November 2013 Google announced that they were going to cut off devices like the OBi effective 05/15/14.

That never actually happened and today OBi published the good news, they now have an official relationship with Google Voice and you will be able to continue to make unlimited free calls to Canadian and US numbers and dirt cheap calls to other numbers at the newly reduced Google Voice rates.

As part of the announcement you can also buy an OBi200 for just $29.99 shipped from Newegg.
To get that price just use code: EMCPAWW99
Limit 2 devices per Newegg account.

It’s $49.89 from Amazon with excellent reviews.

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Time to say goodbye to vestalink ?


What can we do if we purchased 2 year agreements with one of the providers you suggested back then…? Are we able to cancel?


Glad, I did not make any moves until I was certain the service had truly ended. As a rule, don’t just assume… Who knows, maybe AMZN is not over yet..wishful thinking?…


is the obi200 better then obi110


Any way we can get out of our contracts with the providers?


Since its required, What company is cheap on DSL service and around how much $ is it monthly?


I have been using this device for the last few years. It works well the only problem is the GV doesn’t have a caller id with the name. When someone calls I get only the number, without the name. Dose anyone have a solution to this problem?


how is the quality for faxing documents? any experience?


do we need to have internet for this


A great way for GV to aquire more customers. I think it’s only a matter of time before they start charging for the service now…


As we say, never prepare for bad news. די’ לצרה בשעתה


But Dan, you never pick up the phone, that’s what we were told.


Great news in an era when it seems all the good deals and free rides seem to be ending!


Does this mean I can dust off my obi 100 and it will still work for free?



lol I hope this person is trolling


It looks like I cannot use my current landline phone number, because it cannot be ported to Google Voice. Am I wrong? Any idea’s?


Can I have two obi devices operating at the same time?
When is this agreement through?


do we need to have internet?


Got it. Thanks. Question, if I have one in the USA, do I need to set up a second Google account to use a second unit in Israel?


How is this better than magic jack. Can you port your home phone number or does it just take your google voice number?


Google it.
I think there is a way to port your landline to a cell phone and then from the cell phone to Google voice.

Dan's the Man

I prefer ooma. It is easier to set up and use than OBi. I paid $200 in 2009 and haven’t paid a penny since for unlimited calling in the US, caller id, call waiting, voicemail (w/ text and/or email notification). They now charge a monthly fee for taxes/fees of approx $4 a month but those of us grandfathered on the original deal it’s great. If my ooma device ever breaks/stops working I’d be forced to pay the $4 a month.


@Chasid: You could only port from a cellphone. Read Dan’s original write up.

David R

Is gmail still required for GV to work one the obi device?


No monthly fees with Obi. I use it to fax. MJ has a yearly fee which approximates $20 yearly for 5 years.


how do i change back from vestalink… is that even possible or am i out of luck?


@Dan’s the Man: you paid $200 in 2009 for your ooma and I paid $37.99 in 2012 for my OBi. Sounds awesome


does anyone know if this device is truly fully unlimited or it cuts you off after using a certain amount of minutes a month?


internet required?


We have never been cut off. You need an internet connection and to link the device to GV.


Too late… Switched to PhonePower; on the positive side, I have E911 from them included in the price.

@thurs: faxing was absolutely unreliable with GV. It is equally unreliable with PhonePower.


Faxing is variable. I can do it with Obi but not with a different VOIP I have.


I would be able to send/receive faxes to my google voice number?

Dan's the Man

@Anonymous: ooma is better than OBi/google voice because I get free support. Also I don’t have to worry about google stopping service on OBi. Many people using OBi/google voice spend $ when google said they would be stopping compatible. There’s a reason Consumer Reports keeps rating ooma as the best phone service in America.


to get caller id name get a free incoming phone number from callcentric (need to check you are out of us to not pay for e911 ) and forward your google voice number to the callcentric number and then edit your obi for incoming to ring with your call centric number

Honest Abe

I ran to get vistalink and signed up for two years for $90…..Anyone successfull in cancelling it yet and if so how much of a refund are they willing to give?


does anyone know after you set it up and you want to use it in a different country will you need dsl in both the usa and the country were its being used?

Honest Abe

I just contacted Vestalink….They said that even if you never used the phone line since signing up in May…They still charge you an early termination fee of $15 a month….So since I had the line but never used it for 4 months….that comes out to $60….Which means that of the $90 I originally paid for the line…if I cancelled it now…I would only receive $30 back…..It isn’t worth the hassle…Besides….Vestalink has E911 while Obi with Google Voice does not…So I guess it is still worth it to keep one line just for that feature and eat the $90 it cost me for a two year contract..


Never cancelled mine and have been using it every day.. Scammers Lol. Love that everyone went running to change.


@Chasid: u can port it to page plus for free


@duvid: no i know of people who use it in israel without one in america


@Ash: sure


@esther12: no it dosent


for all people that have questions don be lazy read and its posts


I just called verizon to find out how much lower it would be w/o phone and they said they will lower phone/internet to $40 per month lol.