OBi And GrooveIP Will No Longer Work With Google Voice

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Sorry to keep being the bearer of bad news.  Though at least this doesn’t feel like getting punched in the gut like Friday’s news did…

Effective 05/15/14 Google will be turning off access to free calling to 3rd party products like OBi and GrooveIP.

I’ve been enjoying these products for several years. The OBi for a free landline phone and GrooveIP to make free phone calls from my cell phone over WiFi or data from anywhere in in the world.

C’est la vie.

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What about talkatone?


no free google apps, then no google checkout and now this??

What has happened to you google?


Dan, do you know if google will be offering there own device/service instead?


Thanks Dan,

Anyone know of other free outings that work with this other then Google voice?


That is terrible news.
Is there going to be a way to pay for the service?

Abe Nissen

@Dan Regarding GrooveIP, while it is shutting down google will add it natively to the Hangouts app soon, it’s already on iOS.


Alternatives ?


Ugh how annoying! I just found out about the obi thing a few months ago… What a shame! What will I do now!?


So is there a way to continue using my GrooveIp over wifi from my phone without using minutes?


so my obi will be worthless?


get ready for a new google product?


Any good news ?


How were these services different than say Vonage or Talktone?

David R

Any update if Google extended free outgoing calls beyond 2013?


if thats the case… any one how to port a number from google voice


Your obi won’t be worthless, you will just have to register it with a different service. Obitalk listed a few in their release from Thursday. Callcentric, onsuite, and voipo are some.


@sd123k: @sd123k: here how to port a number out of google


@sam: r they allowed to charge?

David R

@Dogo: If the number started out at Google, they don’t have to allow it to be ported out at all. Here they are allowing it, albeit with a small fee. If you initially ported the number into Google, notice that they are not charging to port it out.

joe schmo

@newcc: or call them 800.425.0500 direct

joe schmo lets you use the OBI devices for service


well it was about time,
companies come with free offer, collect as many customers as they can and then start charging for it. Skype was an example.. perhaps google will offer a service later on.

I have been using magicjack and it does the job for landline in the house, I got another 4 years of service left on it. it is not the best but I use it on phone, and also at home as land line.


@Avi: use the Google Hangouts App on your smartphone to make and receive calls. Better than Talkatone.


I have magic jack (free app) and i can make calls anywhere in the world with wifi.


Anyone want to buy a slightly used OBi? Heh.


I have a pretty solid contact (here in MP) that says we’ll get a product next year that will allow google voice integration, but it’ll cost ‘somthing’ no longer nothing.

Igor Ivanovich

ouch! it’s good I did not yet port my packet8 over to the Obi.

@joe schmo: they charge monthly. Any services that are free?

josh from israel

i just switched to endlesscalls its great for israel calls
they also offer the service from my mobile on the go

josh from israel

@Igor Ivanovich: well u see what happens to free service even from the Giant Google get a life nothing is for free

Igor Ivanovich

@josh from israel:
Hi, Josh! Welcome to!

Thank you for your feedback. I understand how you feel, however if you have that attitude you can continue to pay for things which ARE available for free. Keep paying for things if it makes you happy. At least you have a life. 🙂

Welcome and enjoy!




So what are the websites that I can still use my obi box for? I just got mine 🙁 How much do the monthly fees cost? When is this new google voice policy being effective?

Igor Ivanovich

@Marge: from the post “Effective 05/15/14 Google will be turning off access to free calling …”


ordered some pick up from Colbeh in the city, they have branches in great neck and roslyn too I think maybe can be picked up there as well.


i just signed up with basic talk works great and it’s only $12 and change in my area per month, free unlimited usa Canada puerto richo there is no charge for the device or shipping or transferring your current phone number just $12 per month billed to my chase ink cc to earn 5x the points its also available at Walmart but there is free shipping if you don’t want to go to Walmart and you can cancel anytime no set up fee no cancellation fee,there is only 1 downside you cant have a fax machine with this device, but i am sure thy will fix that in the future, its still very new on the market, the device alone costs around $30 to purchase on amazon without the service so i think its a great deal it comes out cheaper than ooma but ooma does support fax machines


Just terrible news 🙁


OOma is the best alternative. You have to buy the device (a bit more then $100 at costco) will cost you $3 – $4 dollars a month thereafter. Includes 911 service (very important, you didnt have that with GV) they’v been around for a while and works great.
If you need the extra features (plus) its an additional $10 a month but I paid $99 for a year. It was offered to me by a phone rep when I signing up. Yes, I ported my HOME phone. was painless!


@everyone who ported already

Why are you porting now? take advantage of the last 6 months you have for free! why start paying for a service before you have to?


Is there a link for this? I can’t see this info anywhere else.

rz patel

The GVMate Phone Adapter and GVJackApp for magicJack don’t use XMPP signalling and will continue to work.

Have my GVMate Phone Adapter plugged into an old unused Windows XP laptop and use it with a cordless phone with multiple handsets. Very happy with the built in caller name display and talking caller id features.

See .


any ideas how to continue using a google number w/a landline?


any new ideas how to continue using a google number w/a landline?


Dan – What are you going to do?


Just curious if you have decided what you will be using instead and if you could share with us?


Anyone having any problems? My setup is still working fine.