Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted!

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Yes, you’ve seen these everywhere.

I logged onto Facebook today and after waiting for so long I was finally nominated.
Alas I was already on a road trip. Though I was still on a tight timetable to git ‘er done.

And let me tell you, finding a bucket and ice on Niagara Parkway isn’t easy.  I tried in a couple stores and the way they looked at me I may as well have had mushrooms growing out of my head.

So I settled for the bag of ice I could get my hands on, waited an hour in line, snuck it on board, got totally drenched from the falls, and then took the dive with what remained in the 80 degree heat. The other passengers onboard loved it, the employees, perhaps not so much 😉

To be fair there was no bucket, so I also gave $100 to an ALS sufferer at You can also donate directly to the ALS association here.

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Lame, but nice to give $100


Dan you are my hero! 🙂


C’mon, I was hoping for a video of the dive, but great things video nonetheless.


Oh c’mon! We were expecting the whole cooler!


Hey! I nominated JJ first. He’s mine. 🙂

ice man

You need to do the ice bucket to nominate people. Do it again… Sorry.


Are those 3 gonna be posted here as well ?


By the way ALS has quadrupled their donations for this period since last year. It seems to me that most people are still giving the money😊


Stop in Rochester,oops, it’s out of your way, and try out sabra grill!


Open a new thread 😉


@Lubaby: Heaven forbid.


How does this “challenge” work?


Did the others accept your challenge, Dab? Will they post it here?


@huh Google it


Awesome 🙂


Well, you win for most scenic background.


Shwache maases. When you come home I expect the real deal without excuses

Good god

Dan I expected better of u. U should be embarrassed to oat such a lame video.


Like I said, doing this while at Niagara Falls with 2 kids in tow isn’t easy.

Sorry for sharing.


Wow! Never realized this before, but you are a true nerd!

ice man you rock

@ice man: he’s rite!

Jonah Rechnitz

I am expecting another video. This one was Lame. Excited to see your second attempt.


That was weak. You could have put some water in the bag.


a big gulp has more ice than that


Keep the hate coming folks.

It was a nice bag of ice. I didn’t know it would take an hour to get onto the boat.

Hence the donation.


Nothing but love on this end.

non hater

we love you dan, just saying you’re a really cute nerd. too bad you’re already taken 😉 keep up the good work


please nominate TBB


One of the co-founders of this challenge was just found dead in a harbor after diving out of a building into the h20.


In all seriousness, how much fresh drinking water do you think was wasted for this challenge? I say it should be #WasteWaterChallenge. There would be more donations being sent to ALS this way.


Does anyone know other frum organizations that are associated with helping people with ALS?