CRC Updates Guidelines On Schach From Home Depot, Buy Your Schach From Home Depot To Save

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Update: Bumping this post for Sukkos 2019.

Originally posted 9/12/18.

Last year the the CRC published a guide with several fencing mat options that work for as kosher Schach that can be bought at Home Depot at a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats.

This year they posted an update saying that they are no longer offering specific recommendations as the mats might not provide more shade than sun if a few of the reeds break.

They recommend adding a 2nd layer of fencing mats or other schach to make sure that you’ll have more shade than sun in your sukkah. Even with 2 layers, it will still be a fraction of the price of traditional schach mats.

The only mats that Home Depot still sells from last year’s guide is the Backyard X-Scapes 6 ft x 16 ft Reed Fencing Mat for $28.25. You can also buy a 4 pack of those mats for just $110.77, or $27.69/mat. Shipping is free on $45+ orders.

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Personally I doubled up on these mats last year to get more shade in my Sukkah and was very happy with them. If you only have a single layer, be sure to double them up per the CRC’s guidance this year.

Where do your buy your Schach from?

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I got mats from a local Sukkah store. They were a fortune and they got moldy last year!


you have to make sure they are 100% bone dry before you roll them up to store them. And store in a property schach bag. I’ve had mine for 15 years this way


I had the same experience as Sam. Mats grew mildew over a single Sukkos, even prior to storing.


Mine did as well. There was a problem with the whole batch of schach. I got mine from Sukkah Depot. I told them about my problem and they replaced the mats for free.



Hayneedle has the 4 pack for $78.49

cun = nbnuti

now i deserve an HT 🙂

Yehuda Kohn

I purchased them from Hay Needle but they appear t one held together with a metal cable. Are they kosher?


And CRC is Chicago Rabbinical Council not Hisachdaes from Williamsburg.


Yes! Thanks for pointing that out! I took for granted that CRC means hisachdus…


Just got mine from HD great deal


Haywire description says something about vinyl wiring.. Is that kosher?


If my sukkah is 12 feet by 8 feet (the wood poles going across are 8ft), do I just fold it over on itself? Will this work? Sorry – first time building a sukkah. Thanks!


When I built my first Sukkah I invested in bamboo reeds $1 per inch. 25 years later and they’re as good as new !


Exactly. Sometimes old-school is best!

Ricardo Kasinsky

R these tied up with the same material as the schach mats?

M weiss

Which mats are made with metal the home depot or the hayneedle?


Kashrut Alert: Please check with yoiur Rabbi, there may be a problem with mats that arent made leshem scach.


I used these for a few years. They definitely need at least two layers. I preferred three.

Something to watch out for: as the CRC warned, the “mats” are held together by metal. You have to make sure to roll them out so the bamboo lays perpendicular over your joists. This is all good and well if the bamboo pieces are not broken. Once they break, they are then being held up by the metal and its treif.

I found that many of the bamboo pieces broke during takedown and storage and the mats needed frequent replacing.

YMMV, but please consider that you make many brachos “leishev basucca” that are lvatala if the schach is treif — in addition to the many mitzvos assei that would be missed. Please make sure your schach is kosher.


As the CRC article points out, the issue of maamid is only lechatchila. Therefore, there is no concern that you will be making a bracha levatala or of a bittul aseh. The only issue that would really pasul would be if it doesn’t provide adequate shade even with the pieces being supported by the metal. The doubling method would ensure that does not happen.
Also, the idea of schach being leshem schach would apply to placing the schach on the sukkah. Schach is made by Hashem and can’t be shelo lishma. It doesn’t become schach when attached to the mats. The issue at hand is whether being attached disqualifies it for other reasons.


Bingo is selling Schach with a kosher Hashgacha for $40 for a 5×10


Why aren’t people reusing the same schach year after year? It sounds like you folks are buying new every year.


just to understand to double up on these mats like you do,It is enough for 1 4 pack?


There is special mold resistant spray you can use on the maths (still have to be bone dry) to keep them from deteriorating com year to year.I live in LA and it’s worked well for us when it’s rained (albeit rarely) on Sukkot.


*Matts to keep from deteriorating FROM year to year*


JNC, the spray on the scach may be an issue . I asked my LOR and he said it was for various reasons so maybe ask yours


Hayneedle price went up a bit


Bought the 2 pack. When I contacted Customer Service for a $1 filler item to make the free shipping threshold, the CSA asked me what I was using the fencing for. I replied with a link back here, and after a couple of minutes Dan (yes, that was his name) offered a shipping refund. Shipping time much earlier than the HD one, plus no sales tax.

Thank you again Dan. Gmar chasima Tova

Should I have any questions about checking this in as luggage for a JFK-BOS-EWR-LHR-ORY-IST-TLV-JFK-IAD itinerary and being able to leave JFK with it without taking the IAD leg, I will be sure to post the question to this forum.




Do the hayneedle mats also need to be doubled up?


“The only mats that Home Depot still sells from last year’s guide…”
It looks like the 1st one on the CRC list from last year is also available at home depot.
something wrong with it? Why is it’s not mentioned here ?

Israel Wiznitzer

My Home Depot sells an 8 x 6 foot bamboo shade for $53. I bought 2 and it installed nicely

B Cohen

The cRc is no longer checking matting (for the third year in a row). Guidelines set forth in previous years for that year do not apply to this year.


Are the old mats a problem?


So are these mats good for use this year? Or any changes in their kosher status?

Eli kay

Any update on this? Are they still acceptable?


Still alive?


anyone have updated links for the old mats that were researched?


Has anyone heard anything about the bamboo mats for this year? Sukkos 2022


Anything for 2022?


any updates for 2022?


According to the reasoning explained in the CRC pdf above, why wouldn’t any of the bamboo mats being sold at HD/Lowes/Menards be ok?