Final Day To Place A Deposit On A Tesla And Guarantee A $7,500 Federal Tax Credit

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Update: Tesla has confirmed that today is the final day to design a car and place a deposit in order to guarantee delivery by 12/31/18 and get a $7,500 federal tax credit.

If you place a deposit on any Tesla via this referral link you will also receive a $100 supercharger credit.

Internal combustion engines have dominated the auto industry for over a century and have made countries with oil rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Tesla has finally managed to bring electric cars to the masses. Their design, speed, and auto-pilot are part of the fun that causes the Tesla grin, but what really has made Tesla a success is their Supercharger network.

Range anxiety is a big reason why electric cars have failed in the past, but with over 11K superchargers Tesla was the first to eliminate that problem. You can drive across the country and a Tesla will map out exactly where you can stop along the way to quickly supercharge your car so that you never run out of power.

If you take delivery of a Tesla by 12/31/18 you’ll get a $7,500 tax credit. That amount will be taken directly off of your federal taxes. Currently Tesla is promising to deliver all cars ordered by 10/15 by 12/31.

States like CA, CT, NY, NJ, and PA also have sweet incentives on top of that.

If you place a deposit on any Tesla via this referral link you will also receive a $100 supercharger credit.

A Tesla Model 3 with the extended battery range (310 miles) and the premium interior package currently starts at $49,000 before the credit or $41,500 after the credit. They are not currently selling the Model 3 without those upgrades. A $2,500 deposit is required to order the car, while the rest is due at delivery.

The federal tax credit goes down to $3,750 for cars delivered in the first half of 2019 and $1,875 for for cars delivered in the second half of 2019 before it goes away for good.

Another cool thing about Tesla is that they let you return a car within 2 days of taking delivery of it for a full refund if you don’t love your car!

Have you test-driven or do you own a Tesla? What are your impressions?

Is the Tesla the car of the future or will the big carmakers leapfrog Tesla?

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The company is about to run out of cash. Wouldn’t rely on it.


Do you think someone will just decide to buy a Tesla bc of your post lol


Can I use Marriott points for the purchase?


Is the federal tax credit refundable?

Dan, are you buying one?

Tax credit. Not tax deduction.

It’s a tax credit. Dollar for dollar against taxes owed. Not a deduction. Far better.


And if no taxes are owed, would you get a $7500 tax refund?




Read again the question.


thanks Dan, In for 2.

Moshe V

Dan… what model Tesla do you drive?


You have a better chance of selling a Tesla to the people that signed up to the Antartica cruise than here.

No longer desire a Tesla

I thought of getting a Tesla. And then my lust for cars suddenly went away. Went from driving 3 Audi A6 Quattros in a row for almost 10 years to a Lexus ES300h. Not a Toyota, but half the price, and I actually enjoy it more. I will probably drive fully electric or hydrogen one day. But not at the cost of a Tesla.


hey dan you remind me of mister buffett!! oh and by the way a gmar chasima tovah.


You’d have to drive over 160K miles to make up for the price difference at current gas prices. This is including the tax credit and free supercharging. Also reliability is only average ax rated by Consumer Reports. I’ll pass.


I prefer my nazi car, thank you very much.




All your nazi cars got burned up today on kings plaza.. to bad your car wasn’t there


Yemach Shmom v’Zichram


I’m with you, but they still have the best cars!


Would love to get one. One of my favourite, but I’m still waiting they should come out with an SUV.


Gas is not a huge saving as I would mostly charge it at home and then I have to pay the electric bill.


Convince your neighbor to get one too, and “borrow” his charger “until you install yours”


Can I bring my tesla on the Antarctica cruise ?


And have you spread your credit cards on there while talking about your Ultima Along the coast of Antarctica discussing a reminiscing about credit card games and I’ll talk to you about my business


I love you

King David

Hey! How’d he get here?!


by the way Dan charging at home can add a significant charge to your electric bill.(based on a friend who owns a Tesla up the road.)


To charge my car from 0 to full cost about $7 in Florida. The same cost to an s550 using premium gas is $60.

Also the amount of time I saved from going to the gas station adds up.


If you live in NYC and have Solar, you might be buying a Tesla soon. You are stuck with the extra solar you produce, there is no more selling to CONED. Might as well get a Tesla.

David R

That depends what time of day you tend to park at home. If you’re out and about by day and park at home at night, you won’t have solar energy to spare for your car.


Got one – thanks Dan!

Tesla Bull

For all you TESLA haters, I’m sorry to break the news to you that ELON MUSK is one of the greatest visionarys of all time he has already proven everyone WRONG!!! And in 2-3 years from now there will be more model 3 on the road than camrys!

Dan couldn’t agree with you more what an awesome car the Tesla is!!!


Got one 2 yr ago just love it


Nobody is hating


So Dan are you getting one?


I bought a model s 60 2 years ago. It is the best car in the world hands down. If you are a doubters then you obviously have never driven the car before. The proof is in the pudding. Tesla had over 300k reservation for the model 3 without even seeing the car and another 100k after. I have not filled up gas in over 2 years. Done 5 road trips over 22k bliss miles. Tesla and electric is definitely the future.

If you have any questions about the car ask away.


in what do you work ? i look for a job that i will be able to afford such a vehicle


Tesla short


dan just curious would you invest in tesla now? the stock is at 260 which is down from the early 300s that it has been hanging around in the last few monts?


Dan, what happens if I order the car on October 25th for example and take delivery on December 15th for example, would I still get the $7,500 federal tax credit since I took delivery before 2019 or the order needs to be placed by October 15th? Thank you.

shai perry

I always used to fight with my wife since neither one of us wanted to drive. It all changed about a months ago when I got the model 3.
All I can say it is an amazing car. I didn’t enjoy drive any car like I enjoy this one. The power is available in any speed and autopilot is amazing.

Liam K. Nuj

Thanks Dan! Ordered 20!
Hey, wait… this is not one of those Price Mistake deals?


Keep in mind you still have to pay taxes on the full value of the car, (49K) even with 7.5k Tax credit.


Just curious if you ordered a Telsa, received the car on or about 12.31.18 and then returned it within the allowable return period (ie. 1/2/2019), would you still be able to qualify for that $7,500 tax credit on your 2018 tax return? And if so, would you then have to add it back to your 2019 tax return since you returned the car back in 2019? Anyone know?