US Mint No Longer Accepting Credit Cards For Dollar Coins…

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I first wrote about using a credit card for dollar coins over 3 years ago.

People on the DansDeals Forums started discussing strategies and the best banks to use.

I covered it again when they imposed a 5,000 coin limit and yet again when they lifted that limit. In the end of 2009 I wrote about the WSJ covering the story.

Last week Yahoo ran a front-page story about the coins again and that was the nail in the coffin. The US Mint just announced that they will no longer accept credit cards to buy coins.

Was fun while it lasted…on to other ways to meet spending thresholds!

HT: LAXtraveler, via the DansDeals Forums

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got 1000 just in time


onward and upward!


I only wish I knew about Dansdeals sooner, and could have taken advantage of this deal

mint man

i just ordered 500 last week


So what’s the best way to spend $1000 now?


Isn’t there some type of check you can use which gets billed to the credit card?


Have no fear, I’m sure someone will come up with something else soon enough!


what a sad sad chilul hashem, we think we are so clever (and msybe we are) but how do you think others view it? if you are going to take so much pride in your participation in this “brilliant scheme” at least dont post your name as “yehuda” or “daniel” or “kollelfellow84”. maybe im wrong, but i dont think so. i thought about it a lot.

and dan………….. i’m saddened that an otherwise wonderful resource for “chopping” a good deal is talking about this in such an egregious manner, especially considering that gvmnt officials have repeatedly called it an “abuse” of a service provided by the government.

i must say, the way it is being treated on this website and in the forums is far more disturbing than the actual act of buying the coins. while some may say that it is worse to do something in private, that is not always the case by chilul hashem, and especially not here. while one might argue that nothing illegal is being done and no one had a right to stop them, that is a far cry from openly taking pride in having done so.

although i may be mocked for this, i am willing to take the risk if someone, even one person, will think about it carefully…………… thank you and gut shabbos.

mint fail

who wants to bet no one will get the coins now and they’ll have to start the CC purchase again!


They just lost a customer. Hopefully they will reconsider their decision and allow credit card purchases again.


i ordered last week and they CANCELED MY ORDER. if they did this to you, PLEASE WRITE A LETTER OF COMPLAINT TO BBB and tell them to finish the order


So whats the alternative?


thanks dan I did less than you, but did it a few times. Thanks for the advice.


any ideas of how to meet the $1000 fee asap? Also, how long does it take to process until I receive the points?


@anonymous: Well said, Anonymous. But why not use your name when making such a kiddush Hashem?


I ordered mine on 7/14 and my order is still in process and is set to ship on Aug 8. Looks like I got my last order in just under the wire. Good thing, because this order put me over my spending threshold.


mr.anonymous i think you should go and relearn the halachos of chillul hashem and you should stop thinking so much it isnt doing you any good
this isnt illegal or wrong leave us alone go preach to someone stupid enough to care

Dovid K

@Anonymous – I agree with your sentiments. I’ll admit that I took advantage of this offer once, but I was in touch with my inner feelings and realized that it just “felt” wrong, even though I didn’t think I was actually “doing” anything wrong. Thank you for your thoughtful post.