Signup For The New Google Pay And Get $21 When Making A $10 Payment; Save Another $21 Off $50 At Target And Save At Other Stores!

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Update: Google’s terms have been updated to say that you need to send $10 to a friend or spend $10 via a NFC contactless in-store payment with the Google Pay app in order to get the $21 referral bonus. If you make a $50 Target in-store purchase via NFC, you can still stack both $21 offers and pay $8 for a $50 gift card.

Google Pay has relaunched and you can get $21 by signing up via a referral link after you make your first $10 payment.

This will work even if you had Google Pay in the past.

The app now allows you to enroll your credit cards and in offers for stores. Best of all, there is no need to actually pay with the app, once your enroll your credit card it will track spending offers automatically.

After you signup, enroll one of your credit cards and you should see an offer for $21 off $50 at Target that will stack with the $21 signup bonus!

That means if you signup for a new account, enroll your credit card, enroll in the Target Offer, and buy a $50 Target gift card with that card, you will get $42 cash back!

There’s no need to use Google Pay to pay for the Target purchase. After I made the $50 Target gift card purchase, the Google Pay app said I would get the cash back after 30 days.

Other offers that I have on my app in the “explore” section include:

  • 20% back at Crocs through 1/9/21
  • 12% back at Levis through 1/9/21
  • 10% back at Athleta through 1/9/21
  • 10% back at H&M through 1/9/21
  • 10% back at Banana Republic through 1/9/21
  • 10% back at Gap through 1/9/21
  • 10% back at Asics through 1/9/21
  • 3% back at Bloomingdales through 1/9/21
  • 10% back at Adidas through 1/9/21
  • 20% back at REI, up to $50 back through 1/15/21.
  • 2% back at Dyson through 1/31/21
  • 2.5% back at Men’s Wearhouse through 2/1/21
  • 2.5% back at Macy’s through 2/15/21
  • 6% back at Moosejaw through 12/31/21

Best of all, there’s no need to go through any specific link or pay with Google Pay as it’s all tracked by your cards that you enroll.

Post what offers you find!

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How do they track the purchases made with card? Does Amex-chase give them access??


It’s 21 back from target not 42

Schneur S

I already have the updated Google pay account can I still get the 42 dollars


wondering the same thing


Do you see any offers for jcrew?


If I make charity payment on a third party website using Google pay would it qualify?
I have done it yesterday but no bonus as of now


The cash back will be on the credit card account or in the google pay account?


.edu : “Enterprise account not supported on Google Pay, please sing in with a personal account”


Which song?


I recommend Maoz Tzur.


do you need to buy a target gift card, or is it ok to buy any gift card on the target website?


any tracked for me. ubereats.


Only seeing $21 from Target pending. Did it show $42 pending for you after you made the purchase?


It appears they just changed the terms and you must first send $10 in the app to be eligible for the signup bonus


Can I use PayPal on target and use the card on file

Cash out?

How do you cash out the money from GooglePay?


I signed up using the link you provided but I wasn’t given the $21 bonus.


So the $50 target gift card purchase will satisfy the “$10 payment” correct?


Bought a gift card from target, how long does it take to post on Google pay that it worked?


@Dan – I used your referral link and the Target offer. I now have $49 in my target checkout but it shows me the full amount. Can you explain where / when I should see the $21 + $21 back to make sure I’m doing it right (before I make the purchase)? Thanks in advance


Where do I see the 21 signup bonus?


When does the $21 referral show up?

I signed up, but didn’t get the referral


Where do you see the cashback


Where is the “Explore” section I only see People, Businesses and Discover


How do i know i got the referral $21. I clicked on your link but don’t see it in account. It took me to download app which i did.

orrin d

Thank you.
I followed your instructions, using the link above.
For a brief moment, I saw the $21 offer from Target mentioned. I didn’t see any mention of a second $21 rebate’ via the link’.

I decided just to splurge and buy a $50 Target Gift Card/emailed.
At check out… mention of any rebates.
After check out…..again, no mention of any rebates.

Did I do anything wrong, or will these rebates show up when the bill arrives?

Thank you,
Orrin d


Can’t seem to buy a target gift card. Won’t load into my cart

orrin d

Dan: Just received this in the my ‘inbox’

“You got a Target GiftCard for
Orrin Orrin

$42 back”


Wait a second – if I signup my Amex/Chase card for Google pay – do I get to double-dip – i.e. if I have an Amex offer and a GPay offer for the same store, will I get credit from both?


My wife and I tried to send $10 back and forth to each other, but it is saying that it will take 1-5 business days to process. Hopeful but doubtful that we will each get $21 free dollars


You can also send money to a friend and it’ll work!


How long does it take to show? I bought the target gift card after activating the offer, before paying someone. Don’t know anyone on Google pay yet. And don’t see any Google $.


Why can’t I open your gpay link?


Gosh I really don’t know how to do this … can anyone help !?

Evan h

Do I need to go to the payment section of google pay app in order to pay via nfc at target? Never having used nfc, I have iPhone se 2020 that has nfc feature.


its all about finding a friend now to send the 10.00 to get the referral bonus! Not a lot of people on the platform yet – but the Target deal tracked quickly.


What is NFC?

Rabbi G



I tried to do this but on my referral code page I see a message “your account is not eligible for referrals from friends.” Does that mean I can’t get the first $21?


1-5 business days for sending $10 to a friend nice try google


whats in it for google just to enroll you? what do they gain if your not paying with google pay anyway


If you mistakenly opt in to all the things offered you’re giving them a lot of access to your shopping habits (whatever they don’t yet have) so they can send you targeted ads


You have to send $10 to a friend in order to get the $21 Dansdeals referral promo (per the terms).

if you need a friend to send the $10 to, I can send you my name


and you will quickpay me back?


So basically we’re giving Google any personal information they don’t have yet ???


I signed up two daya ago without this promo. And used it NFC in store for $10+. Can I still get the 21?


“There’s no need to use Google Pay to pay for the Target purchase.”
You mean I can just buy the gift card with the CC that’s linked to Google Pay and ill get the bonus?


Dan, it seems like you need the app for this.
I’m on a computer and its telling me that I need the app.


Can I sign up, refer my wife, send her $10 and then have her send me $10? Should that work for the referral bonuses?


Can we do the Target component of this deal if we have an iPhone (or is it Android only)?


Is it only for target gift cards? Will a lowes gift card bought on work too?


How do I know if I got the 2-$ sign up bonus


can i go target store and buy target gift card 50$ with google pay it will trigger both refferal and target credit please someone confirm very confusing this deal is

James M

If anyone needs help . shoot me an email @
I would be glad to help you all earn the bonus.


Can I buy the gift card online. I thought it said ” in store”




I believe this post is missing an important requirement. You must “activate” Target $21 back offer within Google Pay.
DL app, enable Google reward, enroll credit card (not VGC regular Visa, MC or Amex)
Then, search store in Google Pay. Find Target $21 back offer and click “activate” make sure which cards are enrolled for this reward.
Then go shop in store/online (you can use cash back site like Rakuten too)
After spend $50+ you’ll get instant notification (I used CSP.)
Money won’t be available for 30 days(to prevent return it says)
If you want to get Referral $21 at one trip, you can make in store $50 purchase at Target and it should clear that requirement too.
But I didn’t I rushed and made a purchase online! 🙁
I tried spend $10 at 76 gas station today. Got 10cents off /gallon which was nice, but it didn’t trigger the referral bonus.
I guess it must be “in store” transaction…?
Will try spend another $10 at Target later today.
(I’ve deposit $ in Google pay, says it takes about 5business day to clear. Really Google… 5days?? So sending $10 between friends will require some additional time…)


Did a $10 nfc purchase in a store (not Target) and it didn’t trigger the referral bonus. Happened hours ago, but when husband did one yesterday, it was instant. Anyone else?


Friebd sent me $10
When are funds available to send someone ?
2 must link a bank account?
They say you agree for them to monitor and get info on your banking transactions

Why would anyone allow this ?


i referred 2 people and made sure they sent $10, for one of them i got the $21 referral bonus, for the other not?! what’s the best way to reach out to them?


Are you sure people could still get $21 via this link? Because on another site they said about their link that ‘it has reached the limit’, and although when you click on it, it takes you to page about reward and you could download the app from there, it sounds like it might not give bonus, and then it will be too late to get it anymore. If so, you should probably take down the referral link. Could you please clarify this?


So did anyone actually get the $21 referral credit? I got the Target offer but nothing else and it doesn’t show in my account. The person that i referred it pops up a reminder to send $10 to get the $21.


Downloaded the app, sent $10 to a friend but the referral was only $3.50. Any ideas as to what happened? Thanks


I downloaded this app. Linked my Visa to it.
See some offers but dont see Target
What am i doing wrong ?


“Our $21 referral and Target offers have ended” – from help section in app