Roundup Of Credit Cards And Limited Time Offers From Citibank, 2 Cards With 75K Signup Bonuses

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-The Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard is offering 75K AA miles for spending $7,500 in 3 months for a limited time only.

There’s a $450 annual fee. After meeting the spend requirement you’ll have at least 82.5K miles which is more than enough for 2 round-trip awards to Europe or a round-trip award to Israel.

You’ll get a full Admirals Club membership that you can use regardless of what airline you’re flying for free access for you and your spouse and kids or 2 guests. Membership alone is normally $500/year and this is the only card that gives a full Admirals Club membership that works for access even when you’re not flying on American (The Citi Prestige card doesn’t give access if you’re not flying American).

American has an excellent award chart with awesome one-way values from the US48/Canada like:
-12.5K to Alaska (versus 17.5K on United)
-12.5K to the Caribbean and Mexico during off-peak times (17.5K on United)
-17.5K to Hawaii during off-peak times (22.5K on United)
-20K to South America during off-peak times (30K on United)
-20K to Europe between October-May (30K on United)
-25K to Japan/Korea during off-peak times (35K on United)
-55K business class to Hong Kong (70K-80K on United)
-67.5K first class to China (80K-120K on United)

-A business class flight on Cathay Pacific from JFK to Vancouver or on AA from JFK to LAX or SFO is 25K (versus 37.5K BA Avios)
-A first class flight on Cathay Pacific from JFK to Vancouver or on AA from JFK to LAX or SFO is just 32.5K (versus 50K BA Avios)

-A first class flight on Etihad from JFK to the Maldives in your own first class apartment with a shower onboard is 90K miles.

While a flight from the US to Israel via Philadelphia is 45K miles each way you can fly to Israel via Europe for just 40K miles each way between October-May and you can stopover in Europe for as long as you want.

From Israel there are many bargains as well, a few examples include:
-25K to the Maldives in business (35K on United)
-30K to Thailand in business (60K on United)
-45K to Australia in business (60K on United)

Fuel surcharges only apply for flights on British Airways. It’s worth noting that many AAdvantage partner awards (such as on like Air Tahiti Nui, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, JAL, LAN, and TAM) can only be booked by calling American to hold or book them.


Yes, the card carries a whopping $450 annual fee, though it’s refundable if you close it within 37 days of that being billed.  Sometimes the fee is billed on the first statement, sometimes on the second statement.   Sometimes the first statement comes right away, sometimes it takes a month. YMMV.

There are no foreign transaction fees with the card. You ad 8 companions get a free bag when flying on American or USAirways as well as priority checkin, security, and boarding. You’ll also get 25% off in-flight food, beverages, and headsets.

If you spend $40K on the card in a calendar year you’ll get 10,000 bonus elite qualifying miles.

The card also offers free Global Entry or Pre-Check membership.



-The Citi Hilton HHonors card normally offers 50K, but is offering 75K Hilton points for spending $2K in 3 months for a limited time only.  There’s no annual fee. You’ll also get Silver elite status for as long as you’re a cardholder. If you spend $20K/year you’ll get Gold status.

There’s no limited time offer for the Citi Hilton Reserve card, but it’s a great card as it which gives 2 free nights at any Hilton in the world (including the excellent Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem). It also gives Gold elite status for as long as you’re a cardholder, which gets you free breakfast, including the most over-the-top breakfast I’ve had in my life at the Waldorf Jerusalem.  If you spend $40K/year you’ll get top-tier Diamond status, which confirmed room upgrades and space available suite upgrade at hotels like the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. This card has a $95 annual fee.



-Like no-annual fee cards but prefer cash over miles? The Citi Double Cash® Card offers 2% cash back on all purchases.  There’s no signup bonus for the card, but if you want cold hard cash instead of miles it’s hard to top the earning value of this card.

There’s also 0% intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 15 months.



-The Citi Premier® Card  offers 50K ThankYou points for spending $3,000 in 3 months for a limited time only.  The points are transferrable to airlines/hotels or 50K points can be used for a $500 gift card or $625 of travel purchases. If you have a Prestige card the points can be worth even more.

The Premier card has very strong spend categories. It offers triple points for travel and gas and double points on dining and entertainment. The travel category on the Premier card includes airfare, car rentals, hotels, cruises, travel agencies, public transportation, boat rentals, taxis, tolls, parking, etc. Entertainment includes sporting events, amusement parks, tourist attractions, theater, concerts, movies, etc.  There are no foreign transaction fees and the $95 annual fee is waived for the first year.  More info in this post.




-The Citi Prestige card offers 50K ThankYou points for spending $3,000 in 3 months for a limited time only.  The points are transferrable to airlines/hotels or 50K points can be used for a $500 gift card,  $665 of airline purchases, or $800 of travel on American or USAirways. More info in this post.

The Prestige card offers 3 points per dollar on airfare, hotels, and travel agencies, and double points on dining and entertainment.  Note that the less expensive Premier card actually has better bonus categories.

There is a $450 annual fee. However the Prestige card comes packed with awesome benefits:

1. $250 annual air travel credit. No need to pick an airline. No need to buy a gift card. Just a straight credit for up to $250 of whatever you spend from any airline including tickets, bag fees, seat fees, etc. In your first cardmembership year you can get $250 back in 2015 and $250 back in 2016, which more than covers the annual fee.

2. Free American Admirals Club lounge access for you and your family or you and 2 guests when flying American.

3. Priority Pass lounge membership with free guest access for your family or 2 guests when flying any airline. Additional Prestige cardmembers are just $50 and they also get their own Priority Club lounge membership with free guest privileges. The Priority pass membership that comes with the AMEX Platinum card doesn’t include free guests access, so that’s a nice perk of this membership. Click here to search for lounges in airports across the world.

4. Global Entry or Pre-Check reimbursement. A 5 year Global Entry membership is normally $100 but will be free when paid with the Prestige card. Skip the lines when returning to the US and get Pre-Check included as well. Pre-Check allows you to keep your shoes and jacket on, skip the nude-o-scope, and leave your laptop in the bag.  It makes traveling a whole lot easier.

5. A 4th night free on all paid hotel stays. When you make a hotel reservation of 4 or more nights just call 561-922-0158 to make the reservation and you’ll get the 4th night of the reservation rebated back to your for free. The rates will be the same as on the hotel website and the rates do qualify for hotel elite status and points. Note that the 4th night of the stay will be the rebated night. In some cases the 4th night may cost significantly more or less than the rest of the nights, so always check to see the actual rate for each night. There is no limit to how many times you can take advantage of this offer. You need to use your Prestige card, but you get triple points for hotel spending, so that’s not a bad thing.

6. 3 free rounds of golf per calendar year. You can search for courses here and make reservations here. That’s 6 free rounds of golf in your first cardmembership year.

CitiGold benefits:

Several folks who have CitiGold accounts have gotten notices that their annual fee on the Prestige account has been adjusted down from $450 to just $350. CitiGold customers also get 15% bonus points on the Prestige card. Citigold checking is free for 2 months after which point you can downgrade to a free checking account or keep $50K in it, but benefits typically stay even after your downgrade. CitiGold customers can also signup for the card in-branch with the $350 fee, but the in-branch offer requires $15,000 in spending.  If you have a CitiBusiness Preferred checking account you can get a personal CitiGold account for free.  CitiBusiness Preferred requires you to maintain $15K in the account to waive the fees.



The advantage of having both the Premier and the Prestige cards:

When you have a Prestige card you can also redeem ThankYou points for 1.33 cents towards airfare or 1.6 cents towards airfare on American or USAirways. That means you can book $800 of free travel (and earn miles for the flights) with the 50K signup bonus if you would rather go down that route as opposed to transferring points into miles.

If you have both the Prestige and Premier cards all of your points will be able to be used at the 1.6 cents per point value towards American or USAirways airfare.  From just the signup bonuses alone that’s at least $1,600 in free travel from the points plus $500 in free travel from the Prestige airline credit in your first cardmembership year.

The cheaper Premier card actually has better bonus categories including triple points on all travel expenses and on gas, but the Prestige card makes all of your ThankYou points worth more.



Getting more than one Citi card and repeat bonuses:

Citibank doesn’t generally allow 2BMs anymore, though some people have reported success. You can apply for one card, wait 8 days, and then apply for another Citi card. You would have to wait 60 days from the date of your first card application before you can apply for a 3rd Citi card and 60 days from the date of your second card application before you can apply for a 4th Citi card.

Most Citi card applications now require an 18 month waiting period from when you last had that exact card before you can get the signup bonus again.

Citi phone reconsideration (888-201-4523) can be tough if denied, but many people (myself included) have had great luck reconsidering via snail mail! Just write a short letter explaining why you want the card to: Mr. Ken Stork, Office of the President, PO Box 6000, Sioux Falls, SD 57117

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That means three browsers won’t get you three cards instant approved


Thanx for the reminder! What do u value HHONORS points at Dan? (Think it’s worthwhile to mention too that setting your 1-click method on Amazon to a citi card gets you a $10 Amazon gc)

Tom Brady

Yes, though some people have had success with one personal and one business – including myself (though the business wasn’t instant).


I use my credit card to pay for sports season tix. Will those purchase count as ‘entertainment’ for the prestige card and qualify for double points?
Do they offer the prestige card for businesses?
Can I change my citi AAdvantage card into the prestige?


Does Citi allow to transfer available credit line from 1 business card to another?


I have to pay 40,000 on a cc in the next few months. I have the citi Hilton card and enjoyed the 2 night free at hotel. Which card do u suggest we use to get the most for our money in terms of points?


Dan, only showing Earn 40,000 Hilton HHonors with the Citi Hilton HHonors card .


Yes, that should get double points.

There is no prestige for business.

Call and ask?

When you apply they can shift lines around.

What category?

Shows 75K for me via the link found at the top of this post.


@Dan – I don’t see the Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard with your link.


Just applied for the Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard and was immediately approved. Great, right? But my dear wife is not happy because of the $450. Any advice for shalom bayit? (I guess I could cancel within the 37 days.) Many thanks, chodesh tov, and good Shabbos.


Did you click on Citi?

It’s 37 days from when they actually bill you. How quick can you manufacture $7.5K in spend 😀

Even after 37 days, $450 for 2 round-trip tickets to Europe or Hawaii is still a great deal, no?


Thanks, I signed up via your link.If i am not mistaken you become Silver status if you own a Amex Gold card. correct me if im wrong.


I can spend the $7.5K, not a problem.
Thanks, Dan, for the perspective…warm beach in Hawaii in February for $450. Priceless.

HHonors Citi

Where do you see that you get 2 free nights on the CITI® HILTON HHONORS™ VISA SIGNATURE® CARD? or are you valueing the 75K points as 2 nights?



@HHonors Citi:
There are 2 Citi Hilton cards.

The no annual fee card has a 75K bonus.
The Reserve card with a $95 fee gives 2 free nights at any Hilton brand hotel.


Random question. For those of us who don’t play golf. Is it possible to resell the round of golf to somebody else?

HHonors Citi

are the 2 free nights, strictly, Friday, Saturday and Sunday?


I currently have the Citi Hilton HHonor card. Can I apply for the Citi Hiton Reserve card ?


Not officially transferable, though people have reported being able to.

@HHonors Citi:
I used one of mine on a Monday…



@Dan, yes. I’m not seeing it!


Had problems signing up with aa business for second time with same ss number but different business name they did not except bec it had the same ss number?? You said it should be fine. I called executive office and they did a manual review which got denied??


Is it safe to fly to aman?
67.5 k aa to Israel business?


It’s there, try another browser.

When did I say that would be fine?

Which card?
Most Citi cards say 18 months now.

Yes. Though there are other routes.


So if I had a aa gold card for a year and canceled but before I applied for platinum but got denied based off the fact I had gold card already and got bonus and told I have to wait to apply -to get approved for plat aa card- how long do I have to wait to reapply in order to get bonus??


@Dan: a few times actually, but the last was prob w in the last few months I have come down w the whole cc game when chase started denying my apps based on me opening up too many accounts and the whole credit to salary ratio


@Dan: the citi exec card -thus card?


@Dan: so that wasn’t fine? Well now I know but I had accounts of other people doing just that and getting approval no problem so when u said its fine I thought it wouldn’t be an issue-although if maybe I got a nicer agent at the exec office I would have got approved
Btw I got approved by an agent someone else butted in and she canceled account manually


my dream trip with AA:
HNL-LAX (or nyc)-LHR-VCE in F for 62.5k
HKG-USA F 67.5k

Sam the man

Hi,in how long after u get hilton 2 free weekend nights do u gave 2 use them ?


Can you get to Israel with 75,000 AA miles? How?


@Sam the man:
1 year.

80K to fly to Israel via Europe between October-May with a free stopover in Europe if you want.


you mentioned 37 days for the AA executive card to get full refund
what about other citi cards also 37?


Hi Dan, First question, long time follower. I have great credit but want the best bang for my buck, whether business or consumer cards. I’m looking for $0 annual fee (incl. year 2 and beyond), points or cash back is ok. Apply w/wife as a joint acct.? Suggestions? Which cards? Thanks!


@Dan, Found it on desktop site, it’s not on their mobile site,.


@Dan the “20K to South America during off-peak times” seems to have disappeared, at least to Argentina for March/April 2016. I had been checking for the last two months and nothing. Have you heard anything about AA saaver availability dissapearing?


Citi Double Cash
AMEX Everyday
Chase Freedom
Chase Ink Cash

It’s way too early to book awards for then.


@Dan: Thank you, Dan!


How can I get from NY to Israel in July using AA. Do I have to get to Philadelphia somehow (driving or using additional/separate mileage)? And is there only the 90,000 mile option during peak season?


Which is the better card between The Citi Hilton HHonors and the Citi Hilton Reserve?


are HHONORS points transferable to anywhere?


@Dan Which is better to get 75K sign up bonus or the 2 free nights?


No, you can fly NYC-PHL-TLV.

The 80K is only off-peak via Europe. Otherwise it’s 90K.

The 2 nights expire 1 year after they’re earned. The 75K won’t expire with activity.
So it depends on your travel plans.


Seems like the Citi Hilton Reserve card 2 free nights is only for weekends
Is this correct?


I was able to use them on weekdays. YMMV.


I spend lots on sports tickets. Is the Citi premier/prestige the only cards that offer 2 points for entertainment?


Dan, Are you sure about the Global Entry / TSA Precheck benefit on the Citi Prestige Card? Just went to page to apply for it and didn’t see it anywhere. Thanks!




Is the Waldorf breakfast still free with gold elite status? I can’t find it anywhere and Hilton says no please advise thx


Hi dan, would it be a good idea to apply for the chase freedom and the chase freedom unlimited at the same time using two tabs? Or will it lower my chances?