Return Protection: AMEX Starwood Vs. Chase Sapphire.

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One of my favorite fringe benefits of the AMEX Starwood card is the return protection.  Sure the Starpoints are amazing and other fringe benefits like warranty coverage are extremely useful, but the return protection is incredible.

It works like this, if you buy something under $300 and the store won’t take it back then you can return it to AMEX as long as you file a return within 90 days of purchase and send it back to AMEX within 30 days of filing for a return.

Plus it can all be done online and it is a fairly painless process.

It’s great for stores that don’t accept returns or have a short return policy. Or for buyer’s remorse for paying too much for a pair of designer sunglasses or clothes that can’t be returned to the store.

I recently picked up the Chase Sapphire card to transfer the bonus miles over to Continental and noticed that it too has return protection, but with even more generous terms.  Plus the card has no annual fee!

Some of the items not eligible for returns by either card:
-Anything that’s not “personal property”
-Defective, damaged, or non-working items (These must be returned to the store or refunded via a chargeback)
-Items purchased outside the U.S.
-Items that are still within the return policy from the store of purchase
-Items upon which alteractions were made.
-Animals and living plants.
-Antiques and artwork
-Rare and precious coins
-Computer software
-Motorized vehicles
-Formal Attire (Gowns, Tuxedos, etc.)
-Medical Equipment.

Items excluded for return to Starwood AMEX, but not excluded by Chase Sapphire:
-Refurbished items
-Cellular phones
-Compact discs, digital video discs, video console games.
-Tickets of any kind.

Items excluded for return to Chase Sapphire, but not excluded by Starwood AMEX:
-Rechargeable batteries.
-Seasonal/Holiday items.

AMEX Starwood return terms: File a claim online within 90 days of purchase.  Return an item within 30 days of the claim up to $300 in value.  Limit of $1,000 of returns in a calendar year.

Chase Sapphire return terms: File a claim over the phone within 90 days of purchase.  Return an item within 30 days of the claim up to $500 in value.  Limit of $1,000 of returns in a calendar year.
Chase Sapphire Benefit Phone Number: 888-320-9961.

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can an airline ticket be “returned”??


Dan is this the same card as the chase sapphire which gave 25k sign up and they lowered it or is it a different card ? And does that one have the same coverage ? Thanx a mill for all ur work


where does it say that you can transfer the points to continental?


is that only starwood? I thought every amex comes with that?

David Z.

Does that meand that the chase card would cover any kind of tickets? Such as airline tickets?


I doubt it, is an e-ticket considered personaly property?
No idea if a sporting event ticket could be returned or not.
Try calling the benefit number and see what they say.

That card was a Sapphire preferred which has a $95 annual fee.
The annual fee gets you:
-Point transfers to Continental
-25% bonus on Chase award flights.
-10,000 bonus points after spending $50K in a year.

Chase told me that will let you upgrade or downgrade to/from preferred.

Many AMEX cards don’t have return protection. Offhand I know for sure that Delta and Costco AMEX cards don’t come with it.
All of the expensive charge cards (Green/Gold/Plat/Black) do come with it though.


Whats the transfer between the sapphire points to miles ? And which is worth more $250 or to transfer them to miles ?


I would value 25K Continental miles higher than $250.


are you sure it can be transferred to continental?


also is it worth it for only 10k points?


So basically u mean to say it transfers as one to one ?


I once bought a coat for $200 and the second time wearing it, it cant paint all over it. I had the starwood card and amex refunded the 200 bucks and never even asked for the coat back.


Dan, I have the Sapphire card which does not say preferred (it does say signature) and I am able to transfer 1:1 to CO. I got the 25,000 signup bonus and I don’t think there is an annual fee. Am I wrong?


i have used amex, return protection.

They are amazingly fast and easy to deal with.

You can file an online claim.

I have used there purchase prot. & exted. warr. too, no questions asked money back on the amex.

Once even within 24 hours.

only for the best

who pays the shipping


Does the Starwood reurn policy also apply to the starwwod business card?—Thanks


Was this updated recently? I think I recall an updated post on this topic but only came up with this one?

yeshiva bachur

overall which card do you advise the sapphire or starwood


Tried to return a watch via sapphire and was rejected.


Thanks for the info. I have a Delta Gold AMEX- is the return protection the same? Until which amount?
Any advice?


I also had a watch I attempted via Chase Freedom and was rejected. Its considered “Jewelry” even though other institutions (Citi, Amex, Discover) do not consider it as much, and generally will honor the claim.

Rule of thumb: Avoid Chase for benefits