Is This The End Of The Line For Ink Bold?

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DDF user yakov116 first reported a few weeks ago that the Chase Ink Bold card was being discontinued based on what a manager in a Chase bank branch told him.

The card was still available in branches after that, but I just called around to a few branches that have Sunday hours in various cities and they all confirmed that the Ink Bold card is being phased out and is no longer available in-branch.

The Ink Plus card offers nearly identical incredible benefits and will continued to be offered.

But if you want to get an Ink Bold card this may be your last chance to get while it’s still being offered online.  The difference between Ink Plus and Ink Bold is that the Plus card is a credit card and the Bold card is a charge card.

Being a charge card, the Ink Bold offers a flexible spend limit that adjusts based on your usage.  You can also exceed that flexible line by a lot and still not have an issue running a charge through.

Sad to see another option go, but it seems like this may be the last chance to get a charge card from Chase.

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Just tried to cancel my BOLD. Was offered 10kUR if I spend $5000 in 90 days.


Hmm interesting… I just received a targeted offer on the Ink Bold for 70K UR after $5K in spend within three months (annual fee not waived for the first year).


You sure that it wasn’t for Ink Plus?


And even worse, what ever happened to the no annual fee Sapphire? When my first year free of the paid version ends, I was hoping to switch to it and then reapply after 6 months. It’s not on the Chase website. Is the no annual fee version truly gone? What should I do between cards, other than having the Freedom card and perhaps tranferring my uR there until i get the new card? Does one have to wait 24 months to get the Sapphires 40K bonus again like other Chase cards?


How can I get a Ink Bold without a Corporation ? What do I enter for Tax ID ?


Im nervous about applying. I dont have a business, it says you can only use it for work expenses, and what do i write by legal name and revenue (taxes)?


You can still downgrade a Sapphire Preferred to the free version or better yet, to Freedom.

No need to wait 24 months for UR cards.

All of that info can be found at the end of this post:


how do i know i have a bold or plus?
i always make payment in full so it doesnt really make a difference to me, but im curious


If not 24 months how long do I have to wait from canceling my sapphire preferred card to reapply


Bold card will say bold on it.

If you are approved for a Sapphire or Ink you will get the points.

Ink lover

Will they be canceling existing cards or just not issuing new ones?


I wonder if it’s because they never could get their dynamic spending limit formulas to work right. I have two Ink Bolds, one with a dynamic spending limit of $30k and the other with a limit of $32.5k. Whenever I exceeded that limit on either, it would let charge go through, but reduce the dynamic spending limit to about half of it for the next month! I’d have to call in and credit analyst rep would raise limit and express frustration at bad formula.


@Ink lover:
When cards are discontinued you can keep the old one for as long as you want, you just can’t apply for a new one.

At least that’s how it’s been with other Chase cards in the past.


I’ve had the old Master Card version, which I cancelled a few months ago when the annual fee came due. Is the VISA version considered by Chase a different product?

I’d like to get another Bold before it disappears.


Dan: My Chase Sappite preferred is almost one year old. I got my points, I’m good to go, I no longer need the card, I have an Ink bold card, and the Sapphire seems pointless to me so I don’t want to pay the yearly fee. I want the Freedom now so I get the next quarter’s bonus (I spend a lot of money online). What to do now?
1- downgrade to non-preferred sapphire?
2- downgrade to Freedom?
3- close the card and open a Freedom so I get the signup bonus.


Are you aware that the Barclays US Airways card will be phasing out its free lounge visit as of new applicants applying after September 30th? After secure messaging them, they confirmed it. BTW, I also found out that as opposed to the regular US Airways $50 lounge day pass, this one will let in 2 adults or 1 adult plus 2 children under 18, the latter like the regular lounge pass. Does applying for 3 cards 3 browsers work with any bank other than Chase to get the one hit?


Dan: I am in same situation as Thenewguy (post #14) with same questions that he asked. I’ve received a few offers in the mail for Freedom with $200 bonus. When I call in to downgrade my Sapphire Preferred, should I tell the rep about this offer and see if they can give me the same bonus, or should I just apply for it separately? TIA!

Amex Small Business

Slightly off topic. If I don’t have any Amex cards yet and looking to get. Should I start with a 2bm of the Starwood preferred and everyday preferred?


thx . is the bold better than the sapphire preferred? if yes why?


It is a new product. Not that that even matters.

There’s no wrong method there.

Was only 1 visit anyway.

You don’t get points for downgrading.

@Amex Small Business:
Makes sense.



I’m considering downgrading to Sapphire non-Preferred. Are the benefits on the regular Sapphire (trip insurance, cancellation, purchase/return proctetion, etc) just as good as the Sapphire Preferred?


My Ink doesn’t say BOLD or PLUS, just says Chase Business, Ink, Visa Signature. How do you know bold or plus?


Check your last statement for minimum payment due. If it’s Bold, the entire balance will be due, If Plus, it will be less than your balance


Tex, I have the Bold MC, and the Plus Visa. The Bold says “Business Bold” on it, and the other just “Business.” Also the Bold is a sold sapphire blue while the Plus has a gradient fade.

I’m interested to know if anyone successfully opened a Bold Visa while holding a Bold MC. I figure Chase will say my 2 Ink cards are enough already.


Thanks for the heads up Dan! Just was approved for a 2nd Ink Bold after a 20 min call to explain my “business” in detail … they gave me the card after reducing another Chase airline card and cancelling my non used Sapphire. This business is different from my other business … SCORE!