Happy 4th Anniversary And Signup Bonus Reset To The Chase Sapphire Reserve®!

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Chase took the credit card and mileage world by storm on August 22nd, 2016 when they introduced the Sapphire Reserve.

The card revolutionized what a premium credit card should look like. It had a hefty annual fee, but it also had hefty benefits to show for it. More critically, it allowed consumers to turn all of their Chase points into hybrid points where they had the option of redeeming points for airline miles/hotel points or redeeming points for paid travel at a value 1.5 cents per point. No longer would consumers be held hostage by airlines devaluing their miles.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Sapphire Reserve signup bonus state that you can only earn a signup bonus once every 48 months for any Sapphire cards. My wife and I were able to get the intro 100K bonus 4 times thanks to both of us getting the Chase and JPMorgan versions of the card. But in the coming months, the first people will be able to get the signup bonus for a 2nd time on Sapphire Reserve.

Then again, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offers 60K signup bonus points versus 50K on Sapphire Reserve, so getting the bonus on the lower end card may make more sense.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t be able to get approved for a Sapphire card if you currently hold a Sapphire card. However you can downgrade a current Sapphire card to Freedom or Freedom Unlimited.

You can call or send a secure message to Chase to learn when you last received a signup bonus on your card.

When does your 48 month Sapphire bonus lockout come to an end?

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Unfortunately, they threw me out for charging (legitimately) paying off and then charging (legitimately) and paying off in the same month where total charges combined exceeded my credit balance. A year has passed and have tried applying for a Chair card (credit report is 835) and have been denied because Chase closed my account previously! Now much harder to earn United miles!


Don’t get what you did “wrong”


How long do I need to wait between downgrading my current CSP to Freedom and applying for CSR?


Read the article?


I read the article twice I can’t see where it says how long to wait after downgrading why am I missing it?


If I had a Sapphire Preferred within the last 4 years, am I eligible for the Reserve?


What’s the difference between the Chase and JPMorgan editions?


Can you in more than one Freedom card?


How are you able to get a second sing up
Bonus? I currently own the sapphire reserved? ( opened March 2017)


Does the 48 months count from the date the bonus posted? Or from date of account opening?


Dan same question.


Never knew there are 2 versions of the card ! Jp Morgan? How can I get that one??


Is it from the last sapphire sign up bonus you received? I’m confused.

Got bonus in July of 2016 for the sapphire preferred. Closed the card in 2017 after i got the reserve in nov of 2016 and still have it.

I should be able to get the preferred sign up bonus now if i downgrade my reserve? Or do I have to wait til nov to downgrade my reserve to get the preferred sign up bonus?


If you have a sapphire reserve card would you get approved for a sapphire preferred?


No, it’s all part of the sapphire family.


do you have to close the card and reapply or you could ask chase for the signup bonus


If I have a chase freedom can I get the signup bonus for a freedom unlimited ?


If I have a regular freedom card so I have to wait 48 months to get the signup bonus for the freedom unlimited or it’s considered a different card?


What if I got a bonus for the Ink card? Does that restart my 48 months?


Getting your Ink card bonus only started the 48 months for getting another bonus on that card. It’s completely unrelated to the Sapphire cards.


Thank you


@dan my wife got her sapphire reserve back in 2017 and then downgraded it to a freeedom last year, does that mean she would still qualify for the bonus for a sapphire sometime next year


Yes. It’ll be 4 years from the date in 2017 on which her Reserve bonus posted.


Dan, i am confused here. If I have the CSR from 4 years ago I would have to downgrade to a freedom and apply again in order to get the bonus? or is there another way?


Nope, you have to downgrade before reapplying. Also, remember that if you got the Sapphire Preferred at any time in the last 4 years, that resets the clock so you would need to wait 4 years from then to get another bonus on either card.


i downgraded my preferred to a freedom 4 years ago when i got the CSR. so what do i need to do in order to get the new bonus for CSR?


Thanks for all this great information Dan. If we got a card in July 4 years ago and received the bonus in October (and no longer have the card) assuming we get a new card now but only reach the spend for the bonus after October, would we be eligible for it?


Dan, or whoever is answering all of these comments, you are busy, lol!! Just want to say, that I am glad I found your website. This is a great site, where I have learned a lot of new info. Thank you. I will be visiting the site more in the future. Keep up the great work.


So for those of us who managed to triple dip on the travel credit, still gotta wait a few months …


Hi Dan,
I got the reserve card 4 years ago. I just called chase and they said that I qualify for the bonus again but that would mean reaplying for a new card and shutting down my existing card. Does this make sense?


You may downgrade to a freedom and then apply in a few days.


Hey Dan, great post.

I had the preffered 5 years. I got the reserve 3 years and earned a bonus. It’s closed now.

Am I ineligible for sapphire preffered bonus now?

Its not clear from your post.

Thank you.


I earned the 100K bonus in Fall 2016 but will be 5/24 until about February/March 2021 when my Freedom Unlimited and Bonvoy Boundless both hit 24 months. So no decision to be made until then. PYB + grandfathered annual fee for another year definitely helps.

Levi Liberow


If I have the Reserve, can I downgrade and then get the Prefered bonus even though I got the bonus points on the Reserve less than 48 months ago? (i.e. is the 48-month wait for the specific card of sapphire in general)

Confused in Kalahari

Do you lose all your chase UR points if u have neither sapphire card active? How do I close/downgrade my reserve to apply for new one with another bonus without losing my existing UR points?