Goodbye To AMEX Open Savings And Discover Card Protections; Which Credit Card Benefit Will Be The Next To Go?

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Effective 6/1 AMEX is ending OPEN Savings.

The program gives 5% cash back at Fedex, Hertz, HP, and 1800Flowers on top of regular points for spending on all AMEX business cards.

It’s not the biggest loss, but it still hurts to keep seeing benefits being chipped away. I’m still mourning the loss of the 50% points rebate on the Business Platinum AMEX.

Other credit card companies are chopping benefits as well. For example, effective 3/1 Discover has eliminated rental car insurance, extended warranty, return protection, purchase protection, and more. Will other banks follow their lead in ending generous credit card protections?

Last year Citibank neutered their $450/year Prestige card by eliminating AA club access, increased points values for paid AA flights, free rounds of golf, and more. I just hope that Chase Sapphire Reserve® stays exactly as it is now.

For now, Mastercard still operates Easy Savings and Visa operates Savings Edge for business cards. For example Mastercard offers 5% back at Avis/Budget, 2% at Rakuten, and 1% on select gas stations. Visa offers 5% off at B&H, Lenovo, and Wyndham, 4% off at Alamo/National, 3% at Newegg, and 2% at Chevron. Hopefully those offer stick around…

What credit card benefit do you think will the next to be eliminated?

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David Reich

Are the Discover benefits ending for new customers, or are existing customers having those benefits stripped as well?


Dan wake up already, crypto is bucking credit product trash – have you seen Chase’s report to the SEC?


Why use Discover, when they ended protecting my purchases. ADIOS


Is the simply cash AMEX card still giving the 5% cashback on office supplies ?


AMEX is not in a position to water down their core offerings, since then they’d hardly have a place in the world.


discover told me the reason is becouse nobody used it.

Dave S

I used it twice and both times they paid.


Bad PR for Discover but their protection was so mediocre in practice anyway. All my attempts to recover money from final sale items that couldn’t be returned failed. AmEx would’ve taken care of it immediately.


City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite

4 Authorized user $250 per Calendar year and 4 Global Entry, Priority Pass 50,000 points with $400 Annual fee waived First year.

I will keep paying $400 until they take away $250 Airline Credit per AU and not Account


are you sure its per AU and not per account?


I did it 4 times in September 2017 and 4 times Jan 2018 – $250 AA Gift card.

Primary and 3 AU

I did 2 GE Primary and AU


thanks for confirming. did you apply at a location or is it possible to apply via phone?


I applied at the Bank as that is the only way – Painful – very manual and details with the Banker.


do gift cards work for the airline credit


I personally did 6 X $250 virtual and $150 and $ 100.

Thursday a Flyer talk thread about it don’t have link but u can find if u Google.

I remember it saying Delta no credit


open savings was great! :(:(:(
i spend 50K a month in open saving!!!
I have 5 amex business cards between mine and my partner’s
so i was racking up 5% for 100K worth of Fedex spending!
oh well….


There goes the Fedex method


That hurts. I really liked the FedEx savings.


can you book the 4th night free under someone elses name who is not a cardholder?

Earny and Paribus are nice... but...

Purchase price protection/matching will eventually be history… or severely neutered. With Earny and Paribus automating the process, banks (and whoever they turn to for insurance) will find it too great an expense/liability to offer.