Final Gasp For USAirways Credit Card: 50,000 Mile Signup Bonus For Spending $1!


Update: Offer expired!

The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard® is being discontinued.  The exact date is still unknown, but with American finalizing their merger process it will disappear any day now.  People who have the card will be able to keep it, but it will close for new applicants, so now is a good time to apply for one before the card is gone forever.

Barclaycard is making a final push to get as many customers as they can before they have to stop offering the card and they are now offering a record-setting 50K signup bonus for the card.

If you applied for a previous offer you can call up Barclaycard at 866-419-0881 and ask to be matched to the new 50K offer!  You may need to ask for a supervisor to get matched.

Even if you have gotten the bonus on the card in the past you can still get the bonus again and best of all, you just need to spend $1 on it to pickup 50,000 miles.  You can earn the signup bonus as often as you are approved for the card.

There is an $89 annual fee, though that’s dwarfed by the value of 50,000 miles.

The card is issued by Barclaycard. They typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state.  If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclaycards.  If you are denied you can call reconsideration at 866-408-4064.

USAirways miles will combine with your AAdvantage miles next year.

Cardholders get free baggage on USAirways, a companion pass good for $99 round-trip tickets for up to 2 companions, priority boarding/checking, 25% off in-flight purchases, and a free club pass.

Cardholders also get a 5K discount when redeeming for USAirways flights, though that benefit is slated to be discontinued and be replaced with a 10% rebate on flight redemptions sometime next year.

USAirways has a very generous award chart:

-A flight within the US49 and Canada on USAirways flights is just 20K miles round-trip for cardholders thanks to the 5K mile discount.

-A flight to Hawaii is just 35K miles round-trip for cardholders thanks to the 5K mile discount.

-Off-peak coach awards to the Caribbean for cardholders are just 20,000 miles round-trip and to Europe are just 30,000 miles round-trip if you fly on USAirways. Off peak First Class/Envoy awards to the Caribbean are just 45,000 miles round-trip if you fly on USAirways.

-Round-trip coach to Israel is 80K, business to Israel is 120K, and first class to Israel is 180K. With the card USAirways flights to Israel are 75K in coach and 115K in business. USAirways flies nonstop to Israel from Philadelphia (and you can tag on a flight from anywhere in the US for the same rate).  Plus odds are that American will start nonstop service from JFK and/or Miami to Tel Aviv in the near future.

-A first class ticket on Cathay Pacific to Asia with no fuel surcharges normally costs $28,000. It can also be had for just 120K USAirways miles.

Plus with USAirways miles you’ll also get a free stopover. People have booked tickets to Hong Kong with a stopover in Tel Aviv in first class for 120K miles.

Or you can try booking a 40K award to Israel and South Africa like this (and other) DD readers have done.  Or fly in first class to South America for 60K like DDF member jaywhy…

A business class ticket to Australia or New Zealand is 110,000 USAirways miles and a first class ticket is 140,000 USAirways miles. Plus you can stopover pretty much anywhere in the world on the way there for as long as you want.

Links for your reference:
USAirways Award Chart
USAirways OneWorld Award Chart
USAirways Other Partner Award Chart
USAirways Award Fees
USAirways OneWorld and Non-Alliance Partners

Of course those rates will change in the 2nd quarter of next year when American merger their mileage program with USAirways.

A nice added benefit is that Barclaycard holders can view their FICO 08 score for free via this link:












Despite hundreds and hundreds of credit cards, a top-tier FICO score. You can too, just follow the FAQs!

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I just applied for the us airways card a few weeks ago and made a purchase but that bonus was only 40,000 miles. Is there any way that I can get this promotion of 50,000 miles?


any way to avoid the annual fee?


@Dan , would a 50,000 american airlines credit card from citibank be just as good , especially considering no fee first year ?


People have been having success calling up to get matched to 50K!

You can call and ask but you’ll probably have to close the card to get that back.

Good card, but not nearly as good or time-critical.

1. That card is always 50K, this card never is.
2. That card has a much higher spend hurdle, this is just $1.
3. That card is much harder to churn.
4. That card isn’t being discontinued very shortly like this one is, so there’s no particular rush.
5. That card pulls from Experian instead of Transunion.


Hey Dan,

I got the Arrival Plus on September 26 (first Barclaycard).

How long would you recommend to wait until I apply for the US Airways? Is applying now (<3 months) too soon?


I signed up a few days ago for the 40k bonus. If I call do you think they will give me the extra 10k?


I signed up on Sunday and got denied because I had the card 4 months ago .


T&C say only available to “first-time cardmembers”. FWIW…


Will these mile transfer and become AAdvantage miles after the merger is complete?


Grrrrr… I just signed up 2 days ago…guess I’ll try to SM after I get card and make an account.


Can these points be exchanged for cash? What kind of points are they?


I did a 3BM from Barclays 3 months ago. Is it worthwhile/”safe” to apply for this now? My score (that they showed me) is currently 731.


Very disappointing and the app dept said that just bec u had the card before shouldn’t affect you from getting approved again but apparently the credit department had a different feeling!

with eli

I’m with eli any wag to avoid the annual fee ?


You should be able to get it now, but YMMV as always and be prepared to Recon.

People have been reporting success.

Call Recon?

Not enforced, trust me.


Speak to a supervisor if needed.

A broker would give you cash if that’s what you want.

Why wouldn’t it be safe?

@with eli:
See what I told him.


@with eli: when you speak with them they will make it clear that this af pays for all the benefits that come with the card just wait to points hit and af hits and then cancel .



Do you recommend signing up for the Offer with 10K anniversary? It says you need Preferred status? Is that necessary?


Can we do a 3BM on this?


Can I use the card to get the miles then cancel before they charge me the annual fee. And still keep the miles?


What’s the signup bonus?

Tough with Barclays, but you can try.

You never lose miles that are already in an airline account just for closing a card.

dans the man

what other cards should i do a 2bm or 3bm?


I just got accepted for 40k yesterday. What should I do?


Can we do 3bm with this? If so would it be worth other Barclay. Cards or any mix.?

Deal Guy

I got the US Airways card a year ago with 30K.

Can I sign up again and get the bonus with a new card?


will that work? you think i have a case? because credit is excellent.


@dans the man:
Another USAirways?


Barclays is tough to MBM.

@Deal Guy:

Of course.
I always Recon to get my cards approved.
Read the FAQs:


Assuming you won’t use these points until they merge with AA, are there still any good uses for them?
I thought the best way to fly AA shorthauls is Avios and longer trips with AS miles. Are actual AA miles good for anything?



are you able to do this application twice at the same time using only internet explorer, will it work with 2 separate tabs or 2 windows? or does this only work if you are using 2 different browsers?


Other Dan

I currently have this card (haven’t canceled it); can I now apply for another one? And/or can I close the earlier card and immediately apply for another?


What other barclay cards do u recomend for a multibrowser applications


btw dan since last February i just hit a half a million (points/miles plus cash)!! thanks!


what do you mean tag on a flight?


just got approved


Of course they are!

BA is only good for domestic short-haul. BA is awful for most flights to Europe and the middle-east while AA is great.

Different browsers, same time.

Still Barclays and Citi are both tough with 2BMs.
AMEX and Chase are easier.

@Other Dan:
You can try either way, YMMV.
If you’re approved you’ll get the miles.

See comments above.

Not familiar with that offer, are you preferred?


As a free stopover.



can you book one way award flights?


Is the AA award chart to us49/Europe/Israel the same as usairways ? Or should these miles be used ASAP ?


Dan who do I call to be matched ?
Chase or us airways


I’m sorry Barclays or us airways


Re: I mean is it worthwhile to apply now, with the short time since my last 3BM and my current score, or will I prob get denied and end up hurting my score?



Do I have to use the miles before the card is being discontinued or the miles will be automatically transferred to aadvantage account?


You will be able to Q2 2015.

They are not the same.

Barclays, number on the back of your card.

If you are a good talker though the sky is the limit with Recon.

They will be automatically merged with AA miles by Q2 2015.


Tried, and i got approved on the second so the other 2 came up the i have already submitted an application


What’s usairways & AA rules regarding combining accounts from spouses ? If I want to do 1 booking using all the miles.


Can try for another card, but MBM is tough.

You can’t combine like that, but why do you need to?


Can i also make a credit card on my 1 year old baby?


Hi dan,
Would they let u cancel the card within 30 days so u don’t have to pay the annual fee and keep the signup bonus?


My husband and I were both just approved – thanks, Dan!


But wouldn’t it be less miles to use AS to book a trip to Europe/Middle East than AA?



Can you combine secondary and primary card members and dividend accounts? In other words, if my wife has aadvantage with 60,000 citi gold bonus points, and I have this card with 50,000 bonus points (we’re both secondary users for each other), can we combine the miles? Thanks!


Hey Dan,

I’m not preferred. Check ou fm’s CC page


When next year will they officially combine the AA miles with the US miles? will it show up all in one account?


All banks give at least 30 days from when the fee is billed to cancel and not pay a fee.


No, in fact AA charges much less for many routes, depends for what though.

All miles are accumulated in the primary cardholders mileage account.
Your AA and USAir miles will combine, but spouses miles don’t combine.

AA allows for one-way awards anyway, so why would you need to combine anyway?

I have no experience with that, sorry!

Sometimes between March and June.


If I close the card after getting the bonus, will they refund my annual fee?


If you spend the $1 right away then you’ll get the 50K on your first statement.

All banks allow 30 days from when you are billed for the annual fee to cancel and get back the fee.

But if you don’t have the card you’ll lose the perks like free bags and the 5K award discount or 10% award rebate.

Cindy S.

Just applied, and so did hubby, we both got it!
Thanks Dan!


What about the companion certificate after the merge? would AA honor it?
Also is it worth to apply for the companion certificate plus 99$ for a ticket to israel or taxes fees.. Are expensive?


If I’m booking for my whole family. Do they let use 2 mileage accounts for 1 booking or am I supposed to do 2 separate bookings ?


instant approval!


@Cindy S.:

It says it’s valid until 12/31/15, so they should honor it.
But it’s only for US48+Canada.

Either is fine.



Just got approved for the 40k offer 2 days ago. After speaking to a supervisor they gave me another 10k.


Well done!



I guess to be able to use 110,000 miles in one shot. I gotta come to one of your seminars when you get to the DC Metro area one day (hopeful) to understand the best way to use all the miles we have.


Should I wait to call and ask for extra 10k miles after getting the card or call now?


Hi-the companion tickets are $99 for anywhere in the world?


Lol guess I’ll try calling now ;)


How long to think this offer will be around? Can I wait until next week? That’s when my 3 month anniversary from last Barclays application is.

Thank you for all your help and responses.



If I currently have a US Airways card can I still apply for this?


Pardon the long post.
I just got matched to this offer so I have 10k pending miles to be posted on the statement closing date 12/11
If I downgrade now to the lower US card (so I can get another 50k) will I fortify my pending miles or it’ll still post since it’s still a US card.


Is there any way I can avoid the annual fee without canceling the card?


called recon got approved! thanks. it was for 40k though spoke with CS they said since i did app online and now there is an offer for 50k they are going to honor it and he gave me a case number and said a letter should be sent 7-10 days.


Does this card work with serve?


If I got this card a year ago and still have it…. can I sign up for a new card and if yes do I use the same ffn or make a new one? Thanks.


Can you make a stopover each way?

For example can I go JFK -> LAX -> HNL and back stopping either in LA again or some other city like Las Vegas?


can I combine my and my wife’s bonus? is it a good or bad idea to open on my kids cards to built their credit, while they are still young??


i know this was sort of asked before, but is there anyway to get approved for a 2nd card. also, if you cancel the card would they take away the miles. or how do you ensure the miles stay in your account… Just learning this in the last couple months sorry


I understand that the banks allow 30 days to cancel and not pay the annual fee, however it does state specifically that you get rewarded after first purchase and “after paying annual fee”. So how can we still get the miles without paying?


Is ‘Barclay cards’ and ‘Barclay US online banking’ connected?

rebate 10% to last?

1. 10% rebate sounds great, will it stay 2015 after merge?
2. had 4 chase cc, closed one, downgraded another. now have 3 personal cards. ok to close one yr from open (af)- what would be the impact?
better to downgrade again?
how churnable is chase?


I applied while I still have the card and got “reviewing your app” they said they will let me know in 10 days. Is it too late to cancel the other card now? Should I just wait and see what happens?




I heard from a freind that have downgraded his card an they gave Him back the annual fee an let him stay with the points


Do transunion credit pulls not affect your score as much as experian pulls? Or what is the benefit that this pulls from transunion?


Once it goes to one-ways you’ll be able to.


No clue, sorry.

You can.

Dunno, ask them?

Ask for it to be waived or ask to downgrade the card.

Recon is an essential tool.

Same FFN is fine.

You can only stopover more than 24 hours once.

Can’t combine with spouse, but you can book for each other.

You don’t lose miles that are in an airline account just for closing a card.

Not enforced, miles post on the first statement if you spend $1.

@rebate 10% to last?:
1. It will come with the merge.
2. Downgrade and apply again?

Call Recon and ask for it to be bumped to 50K.


Because other banks don’t check it often, so it won’t affect getting other cards and won’t be affected if you have applied for other cards.

first time cc

Hi, can someone please explain what this means:
“If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclays cards”


Currently we are unable to offer you a credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. Details on why we could not make you a credit offer will be mailed to you.

—anyway to get around this to get the offer? Or bring up credit before trying again—


Hey Dan how bad will my credit hit if I apply for this card after getting the chase ink and freedom less than 2 months ago? is it worth it?


@first time cc:
It means it won’t affect your ability to get other cards at all.

Call Recon.

I have dozens of pulls, hard pull made up a very small amount of your score.
Read the FAQs:


the link says 40k plus af?


on round 2. so far no match. the best I got so far was 5000 additional points when I spend 1k.


Dan, do you have some reliable insider information about the card going away “any day now” or is this just an assumption? Some sites warn it might go away by December 31 or before, while others suggest it will be sometime later in the first quarter of 2015. Do you think someone who has recently been declined for the card (a second one) due to already having one US Air card (but has since canceled it to qualify again) can qualify for this or not likely due to the recent declined application not due to poor credit but instead for already having the card?

I am just curious if you are hearing that affiliate links to the offer from bloggers are going away on X date in 2014 and that is why you think the card will be pulled after that date and thus the immediate urgency to apply RIGHT NOW. Any further insight would be appreciated. Thanks.


Is there a way to get approved for a second card after you got approved the first time

rebate 10% to last?

1. what makes you certain aa will honor US perks after merge?
2. how soon can apply again? if downgraded, would not become an issue when re apply? best options to downgrade to? (currently ahs one freedom, best second freedom or any better UR choice?
is there still sapphire no fee version available?


Says 50K for me.

I’ve heard that the card will be pulled in 2014, but I don’t have insider info.

Nor do I know when any affiliate links will end, sorry.

When were you aprproved?

@rebate 10% to last?:
1. The 10% is an AA perk and will only start Q2 next year
2. What does Chase have to do with this post? Anyway if you downgrade Sapphire Preferred to Freedom or non-preferred you can apply right away again.

high end hobo

thanks dan, i finally got around to getting this card. (and its 50k miles)
enjoy the referral bonus


I applied for 2bm and it says for this car they are “Reviewing my app” and other got accepted.
Should i call recon now or wait until they make a decision?


@high end hobo:
Enjoy the 50K!

Call now.


@Dan: what is the number for recon


woo hoo. Got a supervisor this time and he put in a 10k adjustment. I wonder if the 5k after spending 1000 is still there?


If I currently have the card and apply will I get the bonus? What can I do to get the bonus again? Thnx