Last Chance: Earn 50,000 Miles For Spending $3,000 On The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard!

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Update: Offer expired!

Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® Application Link

For a limited time, the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is offering a 50K signup bonus for spending $3,000 in 3 months.

That’s 25% higher than the previous 40K bonus, and it’s likely to revert to that bonus after this offer ends.

Note that there are reports that if you have been approved for 6 or more consumer cards in the past 24 months that it may be tough to get approved for this card.

You can earn this bonus even if you have earned it in the past, though you won’t be able to get the card if you currently have one open.

The $89 annual fee is waived for the first year.

The card gives 2 “miles” for every dollar you spend on net purchases plus a 5% refund when you redeem miles so that you effectively earn 2.11 “miles” per dollar spent.  The 5% refund means that the 50,000 points signup bonus is really more valuable as you’ll get 2,500 of those points back after you redeem the points for a cash refund.  Of course when you redeem those points you’ll also get a refund, etc. The 5% refund posts within 1-2 weeks of making a redemption.

Miles is a misnomer, really they just mean cents with each mile being worth 1 cent. These miles aren’t transferable to any airlines. The way it works is you book travel via any booking site and then you can just go online to your Barclaycard account and request that the purchase be refunded using your points. You can refund any purchase that is categorized as “Airlines, Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Cruise Lines, Passenger Railways and Car Rental Agencies.”

The nice thing about these points is that you can book travel on any site and can decide later what you want to get refunded with your points. There’s no need to book with a specific booking portal.

After spending $3,000 on a new card you’ll have 56,000 points. If you then spend $560 on a plane ticket you can redeem points to have the full purchase price refunded and you’ll also get back 2,800 points.

There are no foreign transaction fees.

Even better, it has a true chip and pin system, so you can use it at automated kiosks in Europe that don’t accept most US chip and signature cards.

This card will only require 1 hard pull as opposed to cards from Capital One which cost 3 hard pulls. Best of all Barclaycard will typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state.  If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclaycards. 

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Moj Deh

Do I lose the miles after I close the card?


Don’t close this card at all. Instead, downgrade it to a Rewards card. It has no Annual Fee and best of all, your points simply convert over to Rewards points. This is excellent, because Rewards points are EASIER to cash out than Arrival points, since they can be redeemed for 1 cent each via electronic deposit into any bank account, instead of having to redeem them for travel. You lose the 5% bonus, but that might be worth it for ease of redemption. But if you want the 5%, then as Dan said- you have a year to use them up 🙂 Either way, everyone is going to have points left at the end because of the 5% rebate that posts back later- so the best way to deal with those, in any event, is to convert to Rewards and redeem for 1 cent each/


So if I currently have one which I opened approximately 6 months ago, i can call to close it today, and then open a new one tomorrow, and I will still receive the bonus again?


Don’t try that with Barclays. Based on my own experience, you’ll get denied for doing shtick.



do you own this card?


prob. not, cuz a first class ticket which can cost $10k-$15k means that u will need 1,000,000- 1,500,000 miles!!!!


Can the miles be redeemed for cash at 1:1 ratio?


No, it’s 50% off face value for cash back, so for each 10,000 miles, you’ll get just $50.


Yes, just buy a refundable ticket on an airline like Southwest, then use points to pay for the ticket and then refund the ticket with Southwest.
No issues.


well. technically u can do it , but not so ethical i think


Is there a minimum that needs to be redeemed? I assume the travel purchase will need to be made on the Barclay card? If yes, then I wouldn’t use for car rental.


Redemtion starts from 10K towards a $100 travel purchase


what other card or two should I apply for to do a 2/3BM? I already have AA and LH from them


Do you know if e-pass toll charges are considered a travel charge like they are on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card?


I closed this account a while ago (re-opening now), but I’m almost positive at the time that EZ pass counted as travel


Is airbnb categorized as hotels/motels to get the refund?




I opened this card a few years ago and subsequently downgraded to the no Annual Fee version which I still have open. Am I eligible for the bonus if I still have the downgraded version? Am I able to have both cards open?


Interesingly they regard the no AF version as the same product so beware you may be denied even if you only currently have the no AF version


I got US Airways card from them, now it’s AAdventure Aviator. Having both cards could I combine the “miles”?

g manush

Can you transfer points to airline miles accounts like you can with american express?


read the post


no, you can not

g manush

@ lovesfreetravel what does it say in the post? You need to read it again. It mentions nothing about my question


“Miles is a misnomer, really they just mean cents with each mile being worth 1 cent” he could’ve written it more clearly though

HaRabbi Mi-Ooto

The post says “These miles aren’t transferable to any airlines.” Does that answer your question, or did you mean something else?

Mo K

Will applying for this card count towards 5/24?


I applied and chose the express option and got a ‘your application requires further review, which can take up to 10 days’

‘We will notify you in writing in no more than 30 days (often sooner)’

I called recon and they had to transfer me to the security department which told me that I have to mail in copies of the front and back of my drivers liscense, of my social and a bank statement or utility bill.

Is there any other way of getting the application through?

Is it safe to send these things via mail?



I got the same letter but thought it could be fraud. I have never in my life, been asked to send in my social security card before. Seems super sketchy…


i just applied and was approved
dan between this card and the saphire reserve reserve which one would you use for car rental in israel? im renting in a week and half. ive already recieved the 300 benifit for travel on the reserve.

David Sperber

Hi @Dan – do you have to spend the $3000 by the 18th? Or just own the card?



We used to have a credit problem due to a bad advice mistake we once made. Couldn’t get a card at all. My son, who has excellent credit, opened the Barclay’s World Elite card and listed my husband snd myself as authorized users. He does not use the card at all. We have the card for 23 months, and have paid the entire balance on time all 23 months. We never carry over a balance.
In addition, we have repaired our credit. My husband’s is excellent, and mine is very good (no idea why they’re not the same).
Can we apply for the card, since neither of us is the cardholder now, even if we are listed as authorized users?




I just applied for the Arrival+ this morning and its in review. Should i call recon? If so what is the #?


866-408-4064 open till midnight


Dan wish you could post more details about this card’s unofficial 5/24 policy and the fact they are getting strict about downgrading this card and some other strictures being imposed . In my mind this would be much more relevant to most of us than the last 747 United flight


Agreed – not informing your readers of Barclays newly tightened approval criteria for the Arrival + makes me question a few things.


Anybody know where they pull from in illinois? as well as amex and chase?? TIA




if I had this card in the past 4 months can I still get approved if I cancel it now?


Dan how does application for a card work if you have a credit freeze on? E.g., what do you need to do as the consumer / applicant, do you need to coordinate the temporary lifting of the freeze, etc.? Any thoughts? Thanks.

Isaac K.

Applied and instantly denied. Called recon and was told explicitly the reason was that I had 6/24.


What is 6/24?


Also wondering about getting the sign up bonus after sending in.. especially since they already did a hard pull it seems. I already have two of their cards so it kind of sounds like a B.S. stall tactic. Never have I ever had to produce such information in this manner to “prove” my identity.


Hey, I applied for the American Airline Card got declined so i called the reconsideration line, they told me to mail in copy of Driver License, SS, and bank statement, from what i have read is that people were not successful even after sending it in, should i even bother and is it at all safe to send in my info?
Anyone ever experience this?
Thanks for the advice.


@Dan its The Barclaycard