Earn Up To 100,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points For Adding No-Fee Additional Users On AMEX Business Green, Gold, Or Platinum Cards

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You can add no-fee Employee Business Expense Cards via the links above onto your AMEX Business Platinum Card or AMEX Business Gold Card and earn bonus points. You’ll earn 20,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 within 6 months on each card, on up to 5 additional cards per primary Business Platinum or Business Gold card. That’s a total of 100,000 potential bonus points per primary card.

Employee Card Members can be added at different times but must be added by 12/31/2023 at 11:59 ET to be eligible for this offer. American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke offer at any time.

While the page says that it will take 8-12 weeks for the bonus points to post, I tested this offer out and the bonus points posted within a few days of completing the spend on each additional user card.

Plus, no-fee Employee Business Expense Cards on AMEX Platinum cards even qualify for free Global Entry/Pre-Check reimbursement!

Learn more about the Business Platinum card’s 120,000 point welcome bonus and card benefits here.

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Dan, where do you spend all this CC $ at!?


If I sign up for a card would I be elegible for this promo?

Dov Kokis

If I sign up for business platinum can I do the spending on the additional users to get the sign up bonus


Can I add children under 18 as employee and get the promotion?




Yes you can I have done it


Yes you can I have done it just add a few years to the date of birth if they give you a problem


That’s illegal. Lying on a legal document


Do the no-fee employee cards count towards the minimum spend for the signup bonus? I have a 150K targeted offer I got in the mail, and with this that’s 250K potential bonus points…


Does it trigger a credit check?


Can under 18 be added as employee for the promotion


Are you sure not targeted?
All need to add is add an additional user or only via the link?


Just to understand, I have to spend $4K to get 20K points
Meaning I have to spend $20K to get the hundred thousand points?


Yes, BUT you can stagger when you add each card, so that you get extra time. So if you add one now, complete the spend, then add the other etc it’s much more manageable. If the last one is added on the last day, 12/31, you’ll have until 6/30/24, meaning more than 9 months to spend that $20k, which is significantly longer than a normal sign up bonus.


how long after adding do they appear online?


Do Amex Business and employee cards go on your credit report?


And does each employee expense card get the global entry credit?


if you charge over 5k one charge on the additional cards do you get the 1.5 points like it was charged to the main card ? Also do the cards have to stay active after you get the 20k bonus?


Another question, Can I sign up for a new card and add an additional and spend only on the additional cards to hit both bonuses (Sign up + this offer) with only one time spending?


I wonder if employee no fee business platinum card also enjoy return protection, purchase protection on their own card.


I guess it doesn’t hurt or cost anything to try


Can you add yourself as an employee?


How do they check the identity of these 5 people? Could they be people that look very similar to myself and have very similar names?


You’ll need to verify their DOB an SS#


I happen to have 8 cards for my business. Can I add 5 employees for each card? That would get me 800,000 points?


Do you have to put their social ?


How serious is AMEX about this?

“In order to use the Employee Card to make purchases, you or your employee will need to provide the employee’s Residential Address, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth when confirming the Employee Card. If this information is not provided within 60 days of Card issuance, your Employee Card will be canceled.”


Very serious. Mine have gotten cancelled in the past.


Employee American Express Business Gold Card:
Pay a $50 annual fee for the first Employee Card and no annual fee for other Employee Cards up to 99 Cards.


Is it 5 gold 5 platinum or 5 total?


THis has been around for awhile. Also works on business green cards


The employee basic cards also get 4 points for travel on gold?


It didn’t ask for any social or DOB. I added myself 5 times.


You’ll need to verify the DOB and social after you get the cards.


Did all above but the agree and submit is not letting me click trien incognito as well


I have more then one platinum can I add on each 4 additional cards?


Yes. 5*


I see I didnt push add employee first its working Thank you!


Anyone knows if we can add 5 AUs to multiple platinum cards if i have and receive 20k for each?




I have multiple platinum cards can I add to each 4 additional?


Will an Employee card for Amex Platinum Business show up on the employees’s credit report? Would it affect their Chase 5/24?


Anyone tried this on the blue business cards?


I went thru link above and says $350 for additional business platinum card but for platinum business expense card that is free. Not sure what the expense card is but definitely charging for platinum card. How do I get it for free, is there a different link? Thanks.


Sorry, I missed that it is an expense card. What is the difference?


When going to the page through the link it says I will get charged $50 for the first AU and the rest will be free. is there a way around this? or do they not charge the $50?


does the employee card have all benefits as main card ? dell, lounge, phone bill credit, etc… ??


I have the blue business card, and when I click on the link while I am logged in it prompts me to the application, Will I get the bonus though?


When clicking through the link in the post, the landing page does not indicate that there is any bonus. Will I still be eligible for the bonus, as long as I add it via the link even though the verbiage is missing?


Cancelling the main card after a year, but less than a year after adding these users, will amex pull back the points?


Any RAT risk with this probably targeted offer?


Will I get this bonus points if I apply for additional card the same time when signing up for it or you have to be approved before?

David s

Does it ruin the employees credit if I take them off after I get the bonus?


Does the free employee card get lounge access?


Can I use the 4k spending on employee card by purchasing amex gift card?


Dan, I tried different browsers, still cannot submit employee cards by click “submit”. Any idea? Thanks


same problem here.


Had same issue. Switches to mobile version and it worked. It’s a browser issue.


Try one at a time


I got this message while trying to add:

The Employee Business Gold Card is no longer an option to add to your account


is this dead?
cant submit


it looks like it’s dead


Just spoke with amex. They said they this isn’t for international cards and she’s not sure why it’s showing up for us cardholders


Hi Dan. I got the employee cards but it’s requiring a social security number to activate the cards?


Is there any way around this?


Still working?


used link. it says add employee to platnium, pay $350 AF for employee card, have employee spend 4k in 6 months, earn 20,000 points for my platnium. so to earn 5 x 20,000 employees, you pay $350 x 5 AF, and spend………………… did i understand correctly earn 100k extra for AU?

ys Bat

Can I add 5 no-fee Employee Business Expense Cards on AMEX Platinum card to get the extra 100k MR Points?


Anyone sees this message after clicking the add card button and then logging in? –We’re sorry. There’s been an unexpected error and the page you’re trying to reach is temporarily down.


Me. Is this dead?

Tzvi Shpindler

hey dan

i added AU but not through this link.
would i still be able to get the promotion?


Is the link still working? Some reason when I click add employee card it gives me an error that page isn’t available. I tried 5 browsers.


Getting same error




Plat dead but call for targeted offers


Link seems to work. Anyone able to confirm with amex?


*Confirm with amex offer applied to their employee card


We’re having trouble finding the page you’re looking for.




Is there a way I can still add AUs? (very important)


seems they have removed this offer as links do not work anymore