Credit Card Reconsideration: Don’t Give Up!

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We’ve all been turned down for credit cards before. Many people give up when they get the rejection letter, but the key is to get your application reconsidered for approval. Of my dozens of currently active credit cards, I’ve probably had to call reconsideration on nearly half of them to get them approved, but I rarely ever fail to get a card approved after that.

AMEX: 866-314-0237 (Application reconsideration)
Membership Rewards: 800-297-3276

Citi: 866-606-2787 (Account Analyst)
Citi: 888-201-4523 (New App Approval Status)
Citi App Status: 800-645-7240, 800-288-4653, 800-750-7453
Citi: 800-444-2568 (Retention Dept.)
Citi: 800-763-9795 (Credit Dept.)
Citi Credit Bureau Dispute Fax: 866-713-5028

Many people have also had better luck writing to the office of the President for reconsideration on Citi cards:
Mr. Ken Stork
Office of the President
PO Box 6000
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
The Chase reconsideration department is second to none. They can approve rejections, they can close an old card of your choice and move its credit line onto a new card, or they can take part of the credit line of an old card to get a new card approved.

Last week I was talking to Chase reconsideration. The agent wanted to know why exactly I had opened 13 Chase cards in the past year. So I told her I do a ton of traveling and talked about the benefits that each of my active cards gets me. Free bags and upgrades on award tickets with my United Explorer and Continental OnePass Plus card.  Flexible elite qualifying miles on my Continental Presidential Plus. BOGO award tickets on BA. Suites, upgrades, free internet, elite status, and a free night every year with Hyatt. 1.07 or 2.14 miles per dollar spent and no foreign exchange fees with Sapphire Preferred. Business purchases that I put on Ink Bold that can transfer into miles. 10 miles per transaction with 10% bonus points and rotating 5% categories with Freedom and a checking account, etc, and why I wanted to have the Southwest card and about their free companion pass offer even when flying for free…

-If you have you Application ID (when you apply for your card view your browser’s page source and search for APPID) you can call reconsideration right away. Otherwise it’s probably best to just wait the up to 30 days that it can take to get a decision by mail and then call with the reference number.

-Be proactive about offering to have credit lines shifted around or cards closed to get new cards approved.

-Don’t wait too long, the rule of thumb is that reconsideration can only help you within 30 days of the date of the denial letter.

-When applying for multiple cards with a 3 browser method always call about 1 card at a time.

-AsherO’s sage advice on the forum is to let them know if you are a long time customer, a banking customer, if you pay on time and in full, if you spend a lot on your card, if you keep a low utilization ratio, if you have a good credit score, if you have a high income-to-debt ratio, etc.  Play your strengths, lets them know you’re a good customer, and have valid reasons to want the card you are applying for and you shouldn’t have any problems.

-Have a good reason ready for wanting the card besides for the sweet signup offer. Every card has nice perks that are unique to it, which one attracts you to that card? Stay cool under pressure and explain why you want that card.

-With Citi the best luck seems to come by writing to them.  However if Citi rejects you for “first-time cardholders only” then throw in the towel.  With Chase and AMEX just give them a call.

-With Chase your local banker can write a recommendation for approval letter or even make phone calls that can also help you get approved for a card. Many bankers need to see at least $10,000 in your checking account to help you with banker reconsideration to push through an application approval.

-If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Have your own hint? Hit the comments!

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“Have your local banker write a letter…”. Is this reffering to a local Chase bank only or any specific bank that I deal with? I do have some flaws on my credit history but I have a fantastic relationship with my local bank (Capital One). Can a letter help me from the branch manager at Capital One Bank?


Is there a time limit to reconsider a card? Until how long after is one able to call reconsideration?


Can I use these numbers if I got declined for an increase in my credit line? I have a credit score over 700!


Dan, I love these kind of posts. They’re loaded with great info. Thanx.


Thanks Dan, great post. I am in the same situation I need to call chase for reconsideratin, if they will offer me to close my OnePassPlus card that I just got on May with 50k bonus miles shuold I go for it or its a risk for me that they will take my bonus miles back from Continental?


citibank what happpens when u fill out the 4506t form and it dosent match the annual income what you wrote in the application? will they deny you? will they cancel you other accounts and lower you limits?


It can’t hurt!

30 days from the date of the denial letter is the rule of thumb.

They don’t take back signup bonus miles.

When companies want your tax returns that don’t need to see a match to what you wrote, they just want to know that you are making an income.


Can talking to a local Chase banker help with getting a promo matched on a card?


How do you view the page source on Safari to get AppID?


Has anyone been successful in getting reconsidered when declined due to insufficient credit history? if yes, what did you say?


Keep in mind that it’s possible for there to be a few people at one address filing taxes separately. The amount you write as annual income is for the entire household.


I found on the forums stories of people getting reconsidered in such cases by convincing them that you have to start building credit somehow (

It works

Just got approved for a citi and chase card after calling reconsideration and moving credit from other cards.

System works. Thanks for your help Dan!


@It works:
Congrats! Which cards did you get?


Dan, I applied for chase marriot,sapphire and Hyatt at one time. I got turned down for marriot bec i already have one and the other two got turned down because of “to many applications and request for credit with chase”. I called the reconsideration dept. and they agreed to allow me to choose only one card (of the other two not the marriot) that they will aprove me (I chose Hyatt). Any advise on getting the other 2 cards??
PS i called back a second time but rep told me same story.
Please help!!
I applied from different computers and they somehow knew right away that i applied for 3 cards at one time.


Dan is there an advantage in having so many credit cards? besides for the intial points and perks arent you paying annual fees on most of them?


i did it a week ago to move credit line from a chase freedom to a sapphire to get the opening 50k offer
thanks dan for all your help


Thanks so much for your information & encouragement. I was denied Southwest credit cards, cause I opened up 2 other credit cards. So I just aked them to take off some of the credit from the Sapphire card and give me $5,000 credit on a southwest credit card. Done~!!!!!! Nw I’ll have 2 free tickets 2 fly to Chicago Or wherever!!!!!!!


Try calling another department. Both Chase Reconsideration and credit analysts can approve denied cards. Always just mention the one card you want to get approved.

Most cards are free for a year and it’s not hard to get them free in future years with retentions…
And many cards do have benefits that make it worth keeping open. continental, United, Hyatt, Southwest all are worth having open even without using them and Sapphire Preferred with Freedom is the best non-AMEX combo out there for spending.

Well done.

Congrats and enjoy the free flights!
The Sapphire Preferred is a wonderful card!


I found that keeping Citi cards open with a retention was no problem. Chase refuses to budge and will not relent on the annual fee so I end up closing Chase accounts at the end of the year.

It works

Citi AA card
Chase Southwest


I just received a chase united cc and was denied the sapphire preferred. I called reconsideration and they shifted credit from the united and opened the sapphire preferred! I separately applied for the continental card (I know, I should have applied for all three at once 🙁 ) and was rejected. When I called reconsideration, I was told by a manager that I cannot be approved for three cards in one month, but if I call back 30 days from when the first 2 cards were approved (which is less than 30 days from when I applied for the new card), that I would be approved, or at least credit would be moved around so that I can qualify for the signup bonus!

Thanks Dan!


Thanks Dan, I did that and it worked!! anyway I can get them to reconsider me for the new marriot (50k bonus)if i already have a marriot. (THEY DENIED ME BEC I ALREADY HAVE THE MARRIOT CARD)


no they wont take it back, to be safe make sure the miles has been posted in your one pass account


However if Citi rejects you for “first-time cardholders only” then throw in the towel.

I previously had the Citi AA Business, but cancel that..I still have the Citi AA personal…

I got rejected for the Citi AA AMEX….

any work-around for reconsideration…?


I have received a denial on the Citi AAdvantage card because:
“You have submitted multiple applications for credit”
Have you ever head of that denial being reconsidered? and if so what is the best type of approach?

My credit is great and I have followed the guidelines on Flyertalk in my applications.

danny K

I have a similar situation, I applied last night with two browsers for the cit aa visa, and citi aa amex, unfortunatly I didn’t hit submit quick enough for both of them to be submitted at once, maybe about 8 second apart. They approved me on the spot for the citi aa amex (75K spend 4K within 6 months), but denied me for the citi aa visa, too many inquiries within short period of time. What is the best away, or if their is any way at all to get this card approved, I want the bonus of 75K points if you spend 1,500 within 6 months. Any ideas???? Does citi bank operate like chase and let you close down old cards or shift around credit limits to get new cards approved?? Help Dan!!


You’re right! Yay!! Chase approved me!! after i called a second time!!!

i applied for two at the same time and they told me i have a duplicate…


Dan, I wanted to close my Chase British Airways Card in order to get approved for the Continental/United Credit Cards, and they told me that i would lose the 100,000 miles, or whatever amount is left in that account! I called a Few times and that was the response i got, any clue?
Thanks Dan


@danny K:

Write to them.

Scare tactic. They don’t take back signup miles that already posted to the airline.


Hi Dan,

Here’s the deal. I have 2 credit cards right now. one is citi aa advantage that i have only because i got miles upon signup (it now costs me $85 yr) and i get zero benefits. plus i have a chase slate credit card that i no longer use (bc of the no benefits thing as well).

I don’t spend more than 2k a month on my cc’s, and it’s not on traveling.

I don’t know much about cc’s so please tell me, what i should do with my current cc’s and how many should i have, and what cc would u advise me to get (please be definitive).

Thank you


Just got the sappirho approved after reconsideration. When is the best time to call again to get the unites approved too. Now or wait few days? Thanks


Dan, what does that mean?
They tell me a lie?
I am referring to the British Airways Chase Card that offered 100,000 i used some of them and now have above 50,000 left. u say they can’t take it away? How can i assure that?

Thanks for your Advice, Much appreciated!


Dan, I have a personal Amex and applied for a business Amex and got declined because of a tax lien(was on for 2 months and Satisfied already last year). Would the reconsideration # work for this? Would it run my credit again?


I received a denial for the Sapphire card due to having been approved for two Chase cards in the past three months. The first rep I spoke to wasn’t very helpful. The second rep I spoke to was kind enough to move over half the credit line from my BA credit line. Considering that BA was a one time hit for me (100,000 sign-up bonus), I’ll probably end up consolidating the other half of the BA to the Sapphire.


Thx Dan!! The first time i called chase the agent said there’s nothing he can do. i called again today and got approved!!

thx again!


Hey Dan,

I have very poor credit due to running into a foreclosure and subsequently settling with various CC’s. I still have one or two that need to be settled.

Do you have any advice for me? I immediately get turned down for credit based on my report. Will reconsideration help in my case or it’s a waste of time.


thanks so much dan


I got declined for 2 out of 3 Citi AA cards (visa and business). I called and got the denial from rep and manager. any reason to keep calling back and trying to get it approved again? thanks


What kind of reson could i say y i want to move my credit from a united card to get the contenental card? they have the same benefits. How do i get them 2 give me 50k for the united/contenental cards?


United is Visa, Continental is MC.

Sam’s Club only takes MC.
Dollar Tree only takes Visa.



Amazing information you publish!

I have been trying for a Sapphire Preferred card for at least 6 months now. I applied back in March or so and was denied, but didnt know about the reconsideration. I applied again last night, and got the remark that a decision would be mailed to me.

Called the number you provided, and spoke with probably the most helpful person I have ever spoke with at chase. First he said that it had been denied, which I expected, because I have been applying for many cards the last few months as we are preparing to travel half way around the world in the spring.

To my surprise though he said it was because of little history with chase checking, and I had a checking account overdrawn. This shocked me, first I have been a customer of chase for years, but I never overdraw my accounts! Turns out it was an account that had been closed, and I did not even remember, because of issues while I was still active service a few years ago.

He figured out where that account was, told me how to take care of it, and then proceeded to reopen my application. He came back and asked a bunch of questions about my income, and high balances on my cards, which all have been paid off except for one which has a 0% interest, but since its in the middle of the period, it hasnt been reported to the credit Bureau’s.

After explaining everthing, he put me on hold and came back a minute later and said that he would be able to Approve me, and I should receive my card with in 2 weeks!

I used all the advice you have give, thanks for all the help!


Hey can anyone help me? Chase said that it takes about two years to accumulate credit in order to apply for a card. I called up reconsideration and no dice… I applied for my first CC in June 11 anything i can say to speed up the process???


i have old united mileage plus visa cards and would like to get the united explorer signup and also the free luggage and priority boarding. what is the best way to go about it?apply for new card and see what happens then call them and move credit line over? or some other way? please advise. thanks.


I got rejected for a amex spg and I got a online letter saying they would like to see my tax-form is there any way to get around this?


i applied for the chase sapphire card and they gave me some story about there being a 5000 credit line min. and for that they would not give me.


after my third call i got approved for SP


i was approved for amex mercedez benz card, then i closed it because of the annual fee. that was last month. now i applied for the same card again and was denied. is there a way the can approve me again for it or no?


just got approved for the chase saphire preffered!! it’s my first “CREDIT CARD”. i have a AMEX PRG but thats a CHARGE CARD! and although i only had it 1 yr since my brother had me on his amex account as an additional user since 2010 they said they see i have been with amex 2yrs! and they had no clue that i was just an added user! the first time i called they said i was rejected b/c of too many requests, and not enought history. as my charge card doesnt report how much they let me spend. i kept on begging and quoting how i have no delinquencies 2yrs of good record but nancy (application reconsideration) said she couldnt give me the 5k or even 1k for the continental card. b/c i dont have any history!
i called again this time to the analyst number above, and a spoke to a black guy, i explained that i have an amex prg and spent 105k on it between me and my additional cardholders this yr but since they no longer allow transfers to continental and i fly CO often i decided it was worthwhile to move to chase UR points.. he put me on hold asked me some questions about my “job” and put me on hold again and then told me i’m approved and the card will be arrive within 14 days! awesome!!!!
btw the first lady said that once she closes it she cant reopen it, i asked to speak to her supervisor and she said her supervisor may be able to help but she repeated the same b.s as the first c.s… anyway credit analysts kick! now to get the CO approved..


Hi, I applied for an Amex card about a month ago, and did not get approved in the spot, and I did not recieve anything in the mail..should I re apply again? I don’t really have such a great credit, I have one credit card which is capitol one but that’s there a way they would accept me? Because I really want it.. Also which card is easier and better for someone thats starting there credit Amex or chase sappaire?
Thank you!


Call reconsideration.


They told me I have no credit score..what’s the best way to build my credit? I have a credit card for like 6 months.. Would any credit card company accept me that would be good to get for points?


Try opening a store card, like from Gap, Target, or Macy’s, to build up your score.


I’ve had great experiences with Chase reconsideration department…
This time they will not give into the United Club card… Tried all the tricks! Called more than once… Even if I close cards I have aleady they won’t do it because I don’t have the 8K in credit with them and that is the minimum on the card…

Any new ideas?


Thanks Dan
I just got approved for Chase Freedom after initial rejection! they just asked me a few basic questions and we laughed it off and voila- approved!


Dan THANK YOU!!! I applied for three cards at once and got denied. So I called reconsideration and pulled some credit from my freedom to open the United. Then I called chase credit analyst and pulled from my Ink Bold to open a southwest. Thanks for the help. Next im trying to pull credit from a few cards to open a sapphire


I called for reconsideration to have credit line shifted to get approved and after accepting the idea and putting me on hold to put it through the rep said that they will not approve it even with a transfer of my line of credit. Can someone make sense of this ? What could be their motive for that ?


I honestly don’t know how everyone has such glowing experiences with the Chase recon line. In a nutshell, my credit is great. 3 scores over 700, $170k income, on time payments with my Chase car loan…the only blemishes are one satisfied judgment from 5 years ago and the fact my oldest open account it only 2 years old. (I left credit cards alone after my judgment, didnt get a new card til 2010)
My reps were rude and cold, never asking a single question to help them make a decision, they simply repeated the reasons they could not approve me. They denied me for the standard sapphire and the slate because “too short of credit history”…However my wife who immigrated here from Europe with no credit history and much lower income was instantly approved by them for $6000. I mentioned this to reps, they don’t care. It’s just kinda random and nonsensical really.


Well, this sucks. When I was 18 I had credit limits up to $20,000 with Chase. I went out of the country for a month and a half and did not have my bill information forwarded- my fault I know. Out of the three year relationship where everything was paid on time, full balance, they will not grant me credit. I closed my checking accounts with them that had a nice sum n there because of it. I’m drooling to have an account with them, their cash back is the best. My credit score is great, I have less than $1,500 of debt and bring in $70,000 a year. What is the issue here? Is it worse for my credit to continue to apply for cards? I spend so much money for work, it’s depressing not to get any rewards. Please help!


I applied for the south west card, I have the freedom 5000.00 never late nevr maxed and all other cards never late never maxed I have to many inquires due to some sort of credit fraud “shot gunned” my credit as I was told… If I put a fraud alert on my credit my attorney said it is going to do more harm then good to just wait the 2 years (28) inquires… flawlees credit an att&t account opend 10/12 fraud and a 500$ collection which is mine from 2007.. any advice on getting approved for the south west

David R

My AmEx application was not approved because I “currently have the maximum number and type of American Express Card accounts that we allow”. When I called reconsideration, I offered that they could close one of my other accounts in order to get the new one approved. They said I have to call customer service to close the account, then call back reconsideration who will be able to submit my application to be reviewed again, but with no guarantee that it will be approved. Is this your experience with AmEx? Or were you able to have the same person close the old account and approve the application?


@David R:
Call them back until you get a better rep.

amex reconsideration

Dan, I applied for 3 business cards with the 3bm I go approved for the gold Card but declined for the statwood and delta because of too much of my credit being used. I want to call reconsideration, I just want to know if all else fails, can I ask them to move some of the $9200 credit line from my personal spg, or will that not work on amex? And if not is there a better method to try and get approved with amex?


I applied for two chase cards with the 2bm method – they told me that since the business was new they needed to establish a spending and payment history before they could approve the second card. I got this answer from two reps.
Is there anything to do at this stage?


i would like to know if there is a credit reconsideration number for bank of america credit card ?


my credit history is 6.5yrs old had a few charge offs 5yrs ago,(including a chase acct). I had a capital one card straight through with a credit limit of 3500,I havent applied for a new card since, till six mnths ago i app for chase ba, and called recon, they told me “we see your clean now, but no one gave you credit since ur charge offs, first get a card from a diff lender and apply back in 6 months. I got a citi diamond with 1700 limit a macys and target card 400 limit. its now six months later and would like to try for a chase card.
Any advice??? I would love a biz card, not sure if that would be asking for too much, wanna do a 2bm, not sure if thats smart either.
basically, any one have experience calling reconsideration, in similar situation??? thanks




Just another tip. If chase asks you why you have so many recent inquiries, tell them that you are trying out a few different rewards programs to see which one is best, and which one suits your needs. just got of the phone with recon and she practically put this idea in my mouth.


I am trying to get some points on a $95 renewal of citibank platinum MasterCard that I have had since 1995. Called and best offer is 2500 points for 500 spend.
Spent 50k last year but all in first half


what is the number for chase reconsideration?

thank you.


888-270-2127 (Consumer reconsideration)
800-453-9719 (Business reconsideration)


can someone tell me please what info to have prepared for chase when I call about my ink bold and classic application? I do small Business sell on ebay ect… not that much revenue. What Should I tell them about my business? Or can someone lead me to a link where it says about this Thank you


I don’t have any cc or any form of credit and just got rejected by chase(chase freedom card)
I HUCA’d twice and the 2nd rep told me tht she says I keep calling bak recon
And tht u shuld stop cuz it’s pointless cuz I have no credit
Shuld I still keep calling?


Does it look bad to keep getting denied by various cc?
Shuld I wait a littke before applying again?