Chase Ink Unboldened

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I have a couple Chase Ink Bold cards currently.

One is from the old Exclusives program that went away in 2011. It’s an awesome card that earns up to 1.675 points per dollar everywhere. And I’ve been able to nab annual retention bonuses to keep that card going as well.

Another is for another business that I got last year before the Bold card was completely discontinued. That card earns 5 points per dollar on office supplies/telecom and 2 points per dollar on gas and hotels. Essentially it’s identical to the Ink Plus (and similar to my Ink Classic and Ink Cash cards) that I also have, except that it’s a charge card. That means that the credit line is flexible and able to be easily adjusted as needed and that you can’t carry a balance on the card (not that you should even carry a balance with interest on a card). It was unique in the Chase portfolio as was intended to compete with the AMEX stranglehold on the charge card market.

However effective 08/31 my Bold cards are being “unboldended.” Meaning that they will be converted to regular credit card with a credit line. Everyone who has a Bold card will receive a letter in the mail and a secure message with the details of their new hard credit line.

It’s unfortunate to lose that flexible spending line. But on the other hand, the additional hard credit line will be able to used as leverage to get approved for other cards. Essentially the cards become Ink Plus cards.

The best news is that there was no word on any changes to the old Exclusives rewards program, which is surprising given that on 12/31/15 the Chase Freedom card is losing its Exclusives benefits and Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is losing its 7% dividend program then as well. Here’s hoping that no news is good news…

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You mean “unbolded”


Was going for the opposite of emboldened. It’s not a word, I know. Hence the quotations in the post 🙂


I stil have the old bold card thanks to Dan. However how do you get 1.675 Per dollar? I only get 20% bonus thats 1.2 per dollar.


Long-time listener, first time caller 😉

Threshold bonuses:


@Dan: So, how about “unemboldened”? That gives you what you’re going for, and it has the added benefit of being a word! 😀


Lol, because I was wanted to stress the Bold aspect of it and using unemboldened doesn’t stress the undoing of the Bold.

Besides, it’s more fun to see people get in a tizzy over my inventing of a new hybrid word 😀


How are charge cards factored into your credit score regarding credit utilization? Meaning if I have one card with a 5k credit line and a charge card,and I spend 5k one month is that considered using 100% of your credit line?


Spending on business cards from AMEX and Chase doesn’t show up on your personal credit report.


What department at Chase do you speak to in order to get retention bonuses to offset the annual fee?


Number on the back of your card or secure message.


I don’t understand are you saying from one day to the next on 8/31 my existing bold is no longer a bold card ? If it is turning into a regular card what about the 5% at staples?


Your current rewards program isn’t changing.


what type Exclusives benefits is the Chase Freedom card losing soon?


Dan What was that last.paragraph about chase freedom loosing benefits please elaborate thanks


Has Chase been more selective about giving Ink Plus cards, similar to Sapphire Preferred? Have an Ink bold now. Was thinking about applying for a plus for another business.


@Dan, any comments on the reported tightening of approvals at least for Ultimate Rewards earning cards? Supposedly, Chase is no longer allowing the swapping of credit lines as in the past.


I called Chase last night, and they said I can apply for the Ink plus before 8/31 and get the sign on bonus. Those who has the bold and not the plus should apply prior to change.


Would they waive Af now due to change ?
Do u suggest open ink plus n close this?
Objective no AF


@Dan: What about the personal charge cards amex offers?


What exactly is changing with the Chase Freedom and Sapphire cards? Just cancelled my BA card last night due to the reduced points per dollar spent and the high annual fee to keep it as a regular card…


I have an Ink Bold. If I try to change it to the Ink Plus to get the signup bonus will I get a hard hit on my credit or will they just convert it?

If they do a hard inquiry what else could I ask for from the retention department?


I received the bonus for the Ink Plus on 5 Oct 13 and subsequently cancelled the card. I received the bonus for the Ink Bold on 7 Nov 14. If I keep the Bold past 31 Aug, will that effectively change my Bold to a Plus and reset the start date for my 24 month bonus waiting period to 7 Nov 14?


There is no waiting period. Just sheep.


From Ink Plus Signup – A Fakeout? “Earn 50,000 Bonus Points This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this business credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this business credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this business credit card within the last 24 months”