Capital One Cracks Down On The Venture X Travel Credit

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The consumer Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card X Rewards Credit Card and the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card X Business Card are 2 of the easiest to justify premium cards to carry.

That’s because of their relatively low annual fee of $395 compared to $550 for Chase Sapphire Reserve® or $695 for the AMEX Business Platinum Card and the AMEX Consumer Platinum card.

More importantly, the Venture cards offer a $300 annual statement credit for travel booked via Capital One and 10,000 anniversary points, which combine to be worth more than the card’s annual fee.

Alas, the $300 annual statement credit for travel is now a $300 travel credit available in the Capital One Travel portal and is no longer available as a statement credit. You can use the credit in one or more purchases until it’s fully used. That effectively closes the loophole of triggering the $300 refund with a refundable booking. It also means you won’t earn points for the $300 purchase and it won’t count towards meeting the signup bonus spend threshold.


Of course, you can still use the credit to book flights, hotels, rentals cars, and more. The Capital One portal also offers basic economy fares and offers price drop protection. Plus, you can still book non-basic economy flights and retain the travel as a future credit without a change fee. You can even deposit it into your travel bank with some airlines should you need to cancel that travel, or just use up the credit before it expires at the end of the Venture cardmembership year.

The $300 discount will be applied during the checkout process:


The Capital One $300 travel credit is still easier to use than the $200 AMEX Platinum credit, which can only be used for fees on one airline, but both trail the Chase Sapphire Reserve® $300 statement credit’s ease of use by a long shot.

Will this change affect your decision on whether to keep your Venture X card open for another year?

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No problem using the credit organically, although the loss of point earn hurts…


same here, most people go to a hotel or rent a car at least once a year, and with capital one price match this is a no brainer, the points loss is $6, not a big deal for me


Problem with using the credit organically is that the pricing on their travel portal is really not competitive on hotels and cars. I tried this summer for multiple hotel stays any they were usually significantly more expensive. Same for car rentals. Airfare is fine but if you are trying to use airline credits or miles that won’t help.


they price match


I have had problems with this. Called them up. Spent 20 minutes giving details about the better price I had found. Was told that my better price was approved and I would be given a credit. Perfect!

Then, no credit ever arrived.


Just book fairmont in Quebec and the capital one price was $100 less per night than fairmont direct and Amex. Not saying this is the norm….


Still easy.
Book a cancelable hotel through Cap One travel portal and cancel it once you get the refund.
Worked for me…


You don’t earn points on the $300 CSR credit either, but it’s super easy to use – I’ve even reloaded uber cash for $300 and gotten the credit.


How did you do that even before they made this change, uber was not on the platform?


I was going to apply for the X the next couple of days, so this is timely…. Not going to go through with it now. I’m just going to stick with my regular Venture I guess. Oh well

Car Rental

Does this effect credit card car rental insurance when the entire rental is covered by the credit?


I was declined for the Venture X with a score of 830 for having too many accounts. CapitalOne can keep it.


When does this go into effect ?


I think I wont renew

nsx at FlyerTalk

A family member needed a Spirit Air nonstop, which was not refundable. Perfect use of the VX credit with no price penalty over direct booking. But not the type of us one would plan.


Can I use the travel credit to pay my EZPASS toll bills?


No because it’s not available on capital one travel

David P

I booked the fully refundable flight on September 6th and canceled it on September 7th.
Am I going to get my travel credit?


I think that it got easier that you don’t have to wait for the credit to post.
sometimes it took very long to get the credit
it was still better that you were able to get 5X-10X for using a credit

Hirsch M.

I have the x. It’s not worth it for me to keep now. Are you able to downgrade or I’d have to close the account?


Jetblue Travel Bank expires 1 Year from when you purchase the original ticket. What about United and the other airline.


As I neared the end of my VX year before Pesach I quickly booked a Hertz rental for Sukkos, Now I don’t need it anymore. Will I get refunded if I cancel, Or will they remove the statement credit as well?


What airlines allow to convert to travel bank that can be used for anyone? (Not future flight credit)


I didn’t know this when it was relevant to me, but CapOne has a much better lounge program than sapphire reserve.

For example, in JFK T4, you get access to the excellent virgin clubhouse that you do not get on Sapphire.

I know chase is slowly building up their lounge network, but if you use jfk T4 (all delta and elal flights, among others), it’s a big deal. Apparently that lounge also has kosher meals too.


Will impact my renewal..

And I just got the business x in addition to personal

Making bespoke $300 plans through their portal is a pain. Only works for me for hotels

I get better rental deals with my corp cos
Book most of my flights with points

It was an easy free $300.. now it’s work

venture x

I made a refundable hotel reservation on 9/11 and this went into effect on 9/12. called capone and they said I should get the credit as i made the charge before this was implamented. Still worth keeping IMO as the transfer options are great as well as lounge access.


I use it to get priority pass for my older kids who travel alone but are still on my payroll as well as one more precheck/global entry credit and the fee justifies itself. I do need to consolidate though. I have the following paid cards plus lots of no fee cards. This coming year bli neder I will clean up and cut the fat.

2 Amex biz platinum(need two for work purposes)
1 sapphire reserve for my wife
1 sapphire for me – will likely downgrade
1 venturex for me
1 ink for me got recent bonus, card getting downgraded.


I only just noticed this a couple of months ago when I wasn’t seeing any credits. I really don’t like the CapOne travel portal and only used it to use up my credits…

I find the pricing to be more then other portals and with less options. I know you can call within 24 hours if you find a better price elsewhere, but it can be a real PITA to go through that process due to the restrictions.